Arsenal told that Tierney will not be treated differently

Arsenal has been warned that Kieran Tierney will not be treated as a special case as the Gunners look to bring him back to London.

The Scottish left-back has been forced to self-isolate after he came in contact with someone who later tested positive for Covid-19.

He will be mandated to spend 14 days in isolation, which means he will miss Arsenal’s next Premier League game against Manchester City.

The former Celtic man has already had three negative tests and the Gunners are keen to find a way to get him back to London.

Arsenal is adamant that he doesn’t have the virus after he told them that he observed social distancing while playing the video game with Stuart Armstrong who later tested positive for the virus, but the Scottish authorities remain determined to ensure that Tierney goes through the process that every other citizen will go through in this instance.

Scotland health boss Jason Leitch told Radio Clyde via Sun Sports: “I cannot intervene. That’s exactly how the process should work.

“The health protection team treats footballers the way it treats workers in call centres or you or me.

“We phone up the positive case, we ask the positive case their history, where they’ve been for two days prior to their symptoms beginning.

“That’s sometimes very straightforward — but sometimes, particularly in football, more complex.”

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    1. I really hope so cause I can’t stand seeing kola defending against an angry Manchester city side

  1. I suggest we have plan b, ditch the 343 formation, play 5 man deffense like leicester did … Gebby holding luir as central, bellerin and niles as wing backs …

  2. So now people are forced into isolation, even if they haven’t had a positive test? And I’m the “wacky conspiracy theorist” for calling out this scaredemic!

    So to clarify, even if your’e perfectly healthy, and have no positive test, you are forced to isolate. More and more people are waking up to this nonsense which is great to see. Also, 95% or more of tests come back with a false positive.

    1. Its a joke, all the critics are talking about herd immunity ie having the COVID19 antibody, now we have a case where an Arsenal player has the Antibody in his system, Herd immunity doesnt work ?? i dont get it either their is herd immunity or not. Seems their isnt !! Even though the player has had three tests to see whether he has got the Virus and all coming back negative… Tierney even stresses he kept to social distancing rules whilst near the person with covid19. This just proves their is no evidence of herd immunity and if so then all the critics need to shut up talking about it.. Seems the scottish health are making it up as they go along and prove that they indeed havent got a clue in what they are saying let alone doing !!

    2. you can only blame the scottish SNP and the Scottish health. This proves they havent got a clue. But as for your comment about 95% more come back with false positive tests, you are talking total and utter rubbish. There is no facts to back up your statement, none at all. It is total nonsense and all you are doing is making up stuff in your own head. The facts are this, tests are 85% to 95% accurate. Not any where has it been said they give a 95% false positive !! why go around making stuff up ?? it only makes you looks stupid !!

      1. Depends who you talk to, but many doctors are saying as high as 98% are false positives. Then you have the complete lies over deaths. Remember that people already on their death beds with terminal illnesses, are being recorded as a Covid death. That is a fact!

        Working in the health industry, I’m very aware with what’s going on, and not one doctor/nurse I have come across has said it’s any worse than the seasonal flu.

        As I always say time and time again, don’t believe. Go out their and do your own research. Just don’t follow the mainstream media, because the narrative is, that we must panic, it’s a deadly virus that’s kills all before it, and we must allow our governments to take our freedoms away, and utterly destroy the economy. If you believe that then you really are one of the sheep!

        Next you’ll be telling me that America occupying Afganistan for almost 20 years, is absolutely fine, no agenda, because they’re keeping us safe from the terrorists! Hahaha!

        1. I have had Covid 19. 3 of my friends died of Covid 19. My sister in law working as a nurse has contracted covid 19.

          You say you work in the health industry and have the audacity to make lite of this pandamic.

          1. I knew far more that died from the flu last time around, so what’s your point? Covid is the only thing killing us apparently!

            I do not take it likely, as I’ve worked in aged care for years, and have had to deal with the flu.

  3. It will be sad not to see him and Aubameyang play against City, they will surely be missed.

    But we do have adequate cover to replace them and have good performance.

    This will be my line up without Tierney and Aubameyang.

    Willian, Lacazette, Saka,

    Niles, Ceballos, Partey, Bellerin,

    Gabriel, Luiz, Holding,


    1. Abua is playing where did you get he isnt ??? seems so much misinformation around. Abua will be playing as many others that have been away on international duty will be or are you saying anyone that has played outside the uk will not be able to play ??? if so i havent seen anything saying they wont be able to !! If that is the case and there is information out there saying this then every team will be lacking many players after the international break including CITY UTD Chelsea Spuds Liverpool etc etc etc etc etc etc etc !!

      1. Lol..
        Seems you just like typing without having information..
        Auba pulled out of the internationals with a sprained ankle..
        May likely not be fit for the city game.. All we can do is hope.

  4. ONE last thing isn’t it a bit rich for the Scottish health to say Tierney who has had 3 different tests showing a negative result and who has the covid19 antibodies ie herd immunity cannot play but a SNP MP can be tested positive and also have symptoms with no herd immunity but still travel on public transport on the train to London and sit and speech in the houses of parliament???

    1. Thank you! See what I mean. I’m not talking rubbish, and there is an agenda. You’ve just backed up my points.

      Here’s another one, some/all gyms had to shut in America, whilst government gyms stayed open. Do as we say, not as we do! By by freedom!

  5. Tierney’s absence will be greatly felt but I hope we get it adequately covered by playing 343 system with Holding/Louis/Gabriel in defence and Bellerin and Nyles playing as full backs cum wing backs and Partey and Ceballos in the centre of the park. We have to be careful against City because they will be coming all out.

  6. So the one time we actually have a midfielder who can pass the ball through defenders to a running forward we actually might not have a running forward playing in said such midfielders first game? Only at Arsenal

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