Arsenal told they can play hardball over selling Bellerin

Kevin Campbell has told Arsenal that they can play hardball over the transfer of Hector Bellerin because they hold all the aces.

The Gunners have been in talks with Inter Milan to sell the full-back in this transfer window.

However, both clubs are not on the same page in terms of how payments would be made.

The full-back wants to join the Italian club, but Inter wants to sign him on loan with the option of a permanent transfer.

Arsenal doesn’t want that arrangement and the Gunners would rather sell him outright or send him out on loan only with an obligation to buy.

It seems they might be stuck with him if they refuse to accept Inter’s offer even though he is the Italians’ first choice to replace Achraf Hakimi.

However, Campbell says they have the right to ask for what they want because they hold all the advantages in the transfer and should use it.

He told Football Insider: “Arsenal can play hard ball because they know Inter have got the Hakimi money. They need a wing-back.

“Inter Milan are league champions and the system they play would suit Bellerin so I’m sure he’s interested.

“But the price has to be right. Arsenal hold all of the cards here and if Inter want Bellerin, then stump up the money.

“There will be some wiggle room because all clubs are trying to balance their books after the Covid situation but the price has to be right.”

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  1. It is amazing how lazy and ignorant these pundits can be. Inter have huge debts and a condition of a loan extension (waiver of default) is that they must make a profit of 70 million Euros on their summer transfer business. So, no Mr Campbell, they do not have all that Hakimi money to spend.

    1. They should go shop somewhere else then. Arsenal need the money to invest somewhere else.
      Alternatively, they can include Barella in the deal. I’m sure we’d love that.
      These Italian clubs will always want to eat their cake and have it, icing and all, if you let them.

  2. Corporate and, I was going to agree with you until ” these Italian clubs…”
    All clubs do that, what about the over inflated value of English players ? 30 to 40 mil for the likes of Chiesa, then 70 to 80 for the likes of Grealish and Maddison ?

  3. These pundit don’t seem to realize that we are now in a buyers market, meaning buying clubs have the last say on prices. Regrettably our own club is not aware of this and continue to buy average players above the going market price. A simple test: how many players have we sold so far?

  4. Buyers’ market?
    For a decent player who isn’t in his final year; doesn’t seem to make sense!

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