Arsenal told they can sign summer target for just £10 million in four months

Frank McAvennie believes Douglas Luiz could leave Aston Villa for a cut-price fee in the January transfer window after Arsenal failed to sign him in the summer.

The Gunners tabled three bids on deadline day, the last of which was £25 million.

However, Villa was serious about keeping him, and they turned them all down.

The Brazilian has a deal that expires at the end of the term, and it doesn’t seem he would sign an extension, but the Villans stood firm.

He could now walk away as a free agent in the summer, but Villa might try to recoup some money by selling him in January.

McAvennie believes that would make them accept an offer more than 50% less than what Arsenal wanted to pay earlier at £10 million.

He tells Football Insider:

“If he wants to leave in January, Steven Gerrard will have to tell him they’re dropping the price to £10million or £15m and if he says yes he’ll leave and if he says no he’ll stay until the summer.

“I don’t think players need to money nowadays the way they used to. So Gerrard can talk to him and ask him if he wants to see out his contract or get a bit of money for the club. If he’s got any decency he’ll get some money for the club.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Luiz wanted to join us, and he will unlikely sign an extension at Villa Park.

Because other clubs also want to sign him, it is probably smart for us to move for him in January before a rival does.

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  1. Looks like other teams are also interested, eg, Liverpool, Chelsea and two or three big clubs in Europe. If one of these clubs really want Luiz, they will probably pay a lot more than £10M to secure a deal.

  2. “if he’s got some decency”?
    He could have fetched them 25m in September, he did not show decency then right? If the foolishly rejected 25m then only to collect 10m in January, it’s left to them. I expect him to leave for free next summer

    1. There will be an abundance of players in this position come January, the Tielemans, Kante’s etc..

      Villa keeping him while turning down £25 mil, didn’t make much sense IMO.

      But if we can maintain this position in the table until January, our chances of winning the league will be second to none with our priorities this clear.

      1. Except that we don’t want/ need him.There’s far,far better players available.I.e Danilo for example.He’s barely a starter for Villa.Bullet dodged.

    2. They frustrated him, I would also leave for free why would I help fetch for club money when they didn’t show me decency . That’s scrap,

  3. arsenal should stood firm by nt bidding 4 him come January. Aston villa is a very stupid and wicked team. When they needed our own GK Martinez, we sold to them even at a lower fee. Now we are desperately in need of their own player, they turn us down

  4. There must be better options out there for us, ANM
    does as good as D. Luiz imo ? Not an exciting player.
    Hope Elneny is back in jan!! We must take a good look at
    G.Xhaka muscles to figure out why he never get injured
    and is always ready to play and perform !!

    1. it is amazing how xhaka maintains his fitness . he plays like every match. maritnelli too has maintained fitness.

  5. Timing ,often even a quite brief period of time, usually much alters perceptions and intentions.

    I think it more likely than not that come JANUARY we will be looking for a better quality of player than the nevertheless useful Luiz.

    I base this view on the likelihood that by January we will have firmly proved to all in foootball our much improved quality this season , which by Aug 31 we had not had the time to have proved to ALL.
    It is and has been clear for a long time already, that MA is looking to only sign the very best quality signings and is keen to get ALL the existing few non top quality players we still have, gone.

    Luiz, IMO, was and still is in the category of being a decent player but not one who would markedly improve us.

    THAT is why I feel it unlikely that come JANUARY, we will be still interested in buying Luiz at all, whatever the price. Just my take!

  6. Yes, Jon Fox, you are correct. For, Douglas Luiz might have missed his chance to join the iconic Arsenal footbal club on transfer deadline day last summer window. As well as to link up with his fellow Brazilian players at the club. No thanks to Aston Villa stubbornness in turning down Arsenal 3 moves to sign their Luiz who wants to join us.
    In truth, Arsenal might move for another different DMF target next Jan window if they seriously need to sign one. But whose quality they consider it to be higher that which Luiz brings to the game.
    So therefore, Luiz maybe left with no option in January but to extend with Villa. Or join another club on transfer next Jan or leave on the free next simmer. All of which are no brainers.

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