Arsenal told they need to sign a more rugged partner for Ben White

Former Arsenal defender, Lauren has told the Gunners that they will need to sign another centre-back to partner Ben White and he doesn’t have to be technically good.

White joined the Gunners in this transfer window from Brighton for £50million.

He is seen as the last piece of the jigsaw for an Arsenal defence that has struggled for years.

The Gunners spent that much on him because of his impressive stint at Leeds United and Brighton.

He is now set to become a mainstay in Mikel Arteta’s squad and his long-term partner could be Gabriel Magalhaes.

Both defenders are good with the ball at the feet and playing it out from the back.

White has been specifically praised for that and Arteta loves his defenders to have that trait.

However, invincible full-back, Lauren says it makes no sense to have two similar players in the same position and urged the Gunners to sign a more rugged partner for White.

He said, as quoted by The Sun: “You cannot have two centre-backs with the exact same characteristics in the same team.

“One has to ideally be much better on and around the ball, comfortable using it to play the diagonal balls through to the players upfront, and be aggressive in their approach with the ball.

“The other doesn’t have to necessarily be as technical but can be more aggressive and physical against long balls and set pieces.

“Ben White is a fantastic addition because he can come out with the ball from the back and move into those positions in the midfield.

“In today’s game you press high to win the ball, and having Ben White means you can come out from the back and play when under pressure.

“His partner will possibly have to be more aggressive and stronger on set pieces. If we can match those two qualities, Ben White will prove to be a fantastic addition in the future.”

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  1. Arteta only likes artistic players … very influenced by Wenger in that. He had rugged central defenders but got rid because they did not suit.

  2. Gabriel’s no shrinking violet. I’m a huge admirer of Lauren but he’s talking bollocks in this instance.

    1. I honestly don’t think he is, you need 2 CB’,s that brings different quality like Kos/Mert Ramos/Varane…if you watched Ben White at Brighton he was surrounded by massive CB’s who were/are aerial beast,they covered for him, as much as I like Gabriel he is no Dunk,Duffy…. that’s why White is finding hard at Arsenal right now.

    2. Actually he is spot on, look at all the title winning Arsenal’s squads of the past, they all had a solid defense and a no nonsense midfield, guys like Adam’s Bould, Winterburn, Dixon, Cole, Lauren and in midfield we had guys like Gilberto Vierra Petit, guys who didn’t give a inch, I find it strange that everyone is talking about our lack of leadership on the pitch but yet our current coach steers away from the aforementioned type of players, he wants all our players to be technically gifted which will probably work in Spain but definately not in the Premier league, if you want to be successful in the Premier League you need a balance between brawn and skill and currently our players do not have the required skill or brawn as illustrated in our first three games, So I agree with Lauren if your defence is very skillfull it’s a bonus but first and foremost they must be physically capable on the pitch and not be bullied

  3. I wouldn’t disagree that’s it’s a good idea to have complementary but different CBS, but the revisionism and bollocks in the article and comments is funny.

    Adams,Bould, Keown, Linighan.

    Name the ball player in that lot. I’ll wait.

    White has had one game, in a team missing 3-4 nailed on starters. To say he’s struggling is a bit unfair imo, to say the least. Give him a chance.

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