Arsenal told they will enjoy their transfer target for the next seven years

Former Aston Villa defender, Alan Hutton says Arsenal would be getting a good deal when they finally complete the signing of Ben White.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for the Brighton defender for much of this summer.

The London club has been in talks with the Seagulls over completing the transfer for around £50million, according to Football Insider.

That fee is huge for a player who is yet to break into the England national team or even play in a European club competition before now.

However, Hutton is convinced that he is worth the fee and he would help Arsenal fix a part of their squad that has struggled for years now.

He admits that top English talent could be overpriced, but he remains convinced that White is a player who can lead Arsenal’s defence for the next seven years.

“There’s always that additional fee to pay for a young English talent,” Hutton told Football Insider.

“He was outstanding at Leeds and went back to Brighton, from what I’ve been told, they refused to sell him back to Leeds.

“He’s versatile, we’ve actually seen him go into midfield and do a job as well.

“It’s an area where Arsenal need to improve. I always thought they had that mistake in them.

“Whether it be David Luiz or whoever, they always had that issue. White can play, he doesn’t want to just kick it and head it.

White is expected to complete the move when he returns from Euro 2020 with the England squad.

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  1. Sky are reporting as of an hour ago that Arsenal are going back in with a third bid so once again this talk of done deals are jumping the gun and fans should take these rumours with a pinch of salt .

    1. Who said it was a done deal? All we know is that talks are on going. with the player in the Euros, i doubt it will be a done until the end of the competition .

      1. “Who said..?” GAB, you cannot be a regular reader of JA posts or you would not ask that question!

    2. Just to remind those fans you are talking about Dan, that NO deal is ever done until contract is finally signed.
      I’d also like to remind JA article writers who constantly jump the gun on merely rumoured deals and claim they are done when they are NOT!

  2. White is a good player, but not who we really need the most. What will happen to our midfield? We are a week away from pre-season Just over a month from Brentford in the PL on the 13th August, and we need at least 4 (good) players. At least four players! At the moment our midfield is Elneny, Partey and Willock and that is it. We seem to be going backwards not forwards.

    1. Sean, every man and his dog can see where Arsenal’s shortcomings are. The management priorities are a real concern, especially when two CB’s have been loaned out.

      1. Arsenal play book has one page and three rules only.

        1. Without possession of the ball, all 10 out-field players MUST station themselves in the defensive third of the pitch.
        2. The team MUST have equal number of left-footed and right-footed player in the line-up, excluding the goal-keeper who can be any-footed or no-footed.
        3. When the ball is regained, it MUST be passed back to the GK and all attack MUST start by playing out from the back.


          1. Those are the hard to swallow “truth” pills, jon fox.

            For the duration of the entire season, Arsenal played with 11 men behind the ball when not in possession, unless otherwise we were a man down or had a man down at the final third clutching his ankle. And three consistent phrase that came out from the manager all season long were “play out from the back”, “….left-footed blah blah blah” and “need huge investment to overhaul the squad”.

            If you didn’t notice those last season, may be you need to pay more attention the coming season.

  3. I think his actual price is northwards of £60M and I would gladly with we pay it.

    Slightly below Maguire.

    That’s how high I rate this guy.

    His signing will be the foundation to becoming a great team again.

    Please Arsenal, am begging you to sign White to save us from the current crop of substandard defenders at the club.

  4. I cant understand what MA and Edu are upto. We loan out 2 promising defenders, are trying to go in for a expensive defender when we must focus on the midfield. So many good midfielders are available and if we spend 50 m pound on White, where will be the funds for the midfield reinforcements?

    1. Don’t let your hopes down, mate.

      Everything is covered. MA and Edu are sailing in the same boat as our naive fans in the hope that each of the HOMEGROWN REJECTS in our current squad (AMN, Nelson, Nketiak, Willock) are going to fetch 20-30 million quids each.

  5. We don’t have any cover for our present midfield. If Elneny, Partey or Willock get injured, we do not have a midfield to put out.

    1. I disagree with you, Sean.

      Why do you thing Arsenal have Edu and Mikel Arteta on-board? Just to cover for these kind of situation.

      On a serious note, Calum Chambers can play in the middle of the park. So can AMN, which I think the majority of our fans will disagree to try.

    2. Ben White’s signing will massively address our weakness at right centre back where Rob Holding have failed to live upto the billing, Ben white is quick and a ball playing center back and his partnership with Gabriel will be very effective.

      Everybody knows that we have to bring a partner for Partey in the center of the pack as well as a number 10,Arteta,Edu and the Arsenal board are very much alive to the need of improving the midfield and i believe the fact that they have started with putting big money in a right center back in Ben White does not mean they will leave the midfield unaddressed by the end of the transfer window, let’s wait and see how the events unfold.

  6. Like we are going to ENJOY Willian for the next two seasons after just having ENJOYED his first season. COYG!!!

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