Arsenal told to add a specific clause to Saka’s new contract

Noel Whelan insists Bukayo Saka will not sign a new contract at Arsenal this summer, but if he does, he expects to see a release clause included in it.

Saka has become one of the Premier League’s best players and arguably Arsenal’s most important.

The attacker has been delivering some very fine performances for the Gunners and the England national team in the last few campaigns.

He keeps getting better, but his contract at the Emirates expires at the end of the 2023/2024 season.

With just over a year left, Arsenal is relaxed about his future and they are confident he will extend his stay.

However, Whelan believes the Euro 2020 finalist will want a return to the top four before committing his long-term future to the Gunners.

He then says a release clause must be included in the deal if he eventually agrees to stay.

“I’d be very surprised if he signs a new contract this summer,” he told Football Insider.

“If he does, there’s got to be a release clause in that deal – and it will be for a hefty sum of money.

“You’re probably looking at the £90-100million mark for a player of Saka’s ability and age – he’s so important. Not just to Arsenal, but to the England side too.

“There’s got to be something in place if Arsenal don’t qualify again for the Champions League.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is arguably our most important player now, and it makes little sense to think he will not be with us in this campaign or next.

The club has invested heavily in the playing squad and we need to also offer him a lucrative deal that he will struggle to reject.

His future has to be sorted before the end of this campaign.

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  1. Seems I got this one right too!!!!

    What I wanted to know was whether the the clause had a certain period before the release clause was activated, say three season…..

    The other thing I had heard was that Saka would not sign a new deal until after the World Cup.

  2. If he hesitates to sign the contract he does’nt trust the process built around him as one of the main cogs then,if that’s the case then we sell if one crazy offer around 75 and above comes in.

    1. Do not mention Saka and 75 in the same sentence. You should be mentioning figures like £100m. And if he had three or four years on his deal, then bidding should start at £150m. Declan Rice is priced at 150

  3. Jesus christ why does this site pay attention to what Noel Whelan has to say the man’s deluded. Saying shit like this to get clicks, Saka is Arsenal through and through. He will sign a new contract and so will Saliba at least then all this Bull shit will die of until again their in the final 2 years of their contract.

    Even though important getting these lads to sign new deals is after we’ve sealed the deal on needed additions.

    Stop panicking for gods sake

    1. Well he nearly did t sign the last contract in 2019 if I remember rightly ,he was flirting then when his stock wasn’t high ,now it is maybe he’s looking at what’s happened the last few seasons with false promises and doing what he believes is what’s best for him in a footballing sense .
      If he signs great but I would imagine he will be looking to get the best out of whatever contract Arsenal throw at him ,he’s on 30k a week ATM ,been our POTS two years in a row ,2 years left on contract he holds all the cards .
      If Eddie is as just got 100k a week and Jesus double that then I would imagine he will be our new highest earner if he signs

  4. English media always like speculating unnecessary future transfer for young arsenal players forcing the player to feels they are important and this affect their performance for the club. Saka at this stage of his career should still be loyal to arsenal and no one should even consider or talk a transfer away from away about him yet. I noticed this only happen to AFC and not other clubs, they always want to create a saga for young players till they become disloyal to the club… this is I don’t know why arsenal will always fall for this kind of scheme … nobody even notice this

  5. I just hope we get 4 players signed to new deals in Saka, Gabriel, Partey & Saliba.

    Saka has been our star player & the team is being built around him. If Eddie got £100k a week then Saka has to be closer to the Jesus kind of money, £160-£180k a week but there shouldn’t be anything in the deal apart from a gentleman’s agreement that if we don’t get back to UCL I’m 2 seasons we will accept any bid over £150m.
    **Grealish 100m & Rice 150m;
    Saka is younger…

    Saliba has just come back from being young player of the year from France and is a special player. He walks into that CB role to start the season with a new deal showing his worth. What’s he on a week? At least £80k a week for him possibly £100k depending on performances.

    Gabriel is the leader of the back and I am sure he would sign a new deal no problem with the club along with Partey who just needs an extra 2yr deal on top of what he has already got. Injured alot and owes us that much.

    Getting these 4 on new deals plus all the new arrivals with maybe a couple more in positions like CDM & LW filled, we may have out project ready to go this season…

  6. Saka has got lots of choice, plenty of time and its all down to him what he wants to do. He isnt in any hurry and he want to be treated correctly and paid in accordance to his standing in the team.

  7. This period of time between seasons with no actual football to talk about – just transfers and soap opera stuff – is a kind of panto season for football.

    “Klopp is gonna join Man Utd”
    “No he isn’t”
    “Ohhhh yes he is”

    “Noel Wotsit said so”
    “Noel who?”
    “Dunno, but he’s an expert on football”

    I guess there will be a lot more of this until the window closes. 🙁

  8. Absolutely no benefit to Arsenal to include a release clause. Utterly pointless comment. Saka will sign when he signs, he’s here until 2024 with the club having an option on 2025. He’ll want a decent amount of money and if we start the season well he’ll be signed up by September, i expect for 6 years.

    1. Well first of all he has one year remaining, with a option of Arsenal extending to two, so he will not be here until 2025, it will be 2024 at the latest when he would be a free agent and worth nothing to Arsenal. What people dont realise is, this decision is important to Saka for more than one reason, that is why he isn’t in a rush. It has nothing to do with Arsenal being smart and getting him signed up, he holds the cards, when and how.

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