Arsenal told to expect more spending from Stan Kroenke after Superbowl win

Stan Kroenke has spent some money on Arsenal since becoming the club’s majority shareholder, but has it been enough?

The American is one of the richest club owners in the world, but Arsenal fans believe he is not doing enough for their club.

He has teams in other sports and one of them is the NFL franchise, LA Rams.

It takes a lot of money to run an NFL club and to have a Super Bowl-winning side simply means the owners have invested an enormous sum of money in the franchise.

Kroenke’s Rams won Super Bowl LVI after a 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday and he was in a celebratory mood.

Would he now focus on spending more money on the Arsenal squad to win trophies?

That was the discussion on The Arsenal Way podcast.

Bailey Keogh and Umar Choudhry spoke with the CEO of Downtown Rams, Jake Ellenbogen about Kroenke.

He said as quoted by Football London: “If you win a Super Bowl, you have more funds so if the Rams win, all of a sudden the Rams are a well-oiled machine, as they won the prize from the Super Bowl.

“Kroenke seeing the money coming in after the winning the Super Bowl in the second season at this brand new facility, and then all of a sudden Kroenke has even more money, and he’ll have the opportunity to put more money into Arsenal.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Kroenke will know from the success of the LA Rams it takes money to run a successful club. Hopefully, that will see him put more funds into Arsenal.

The Gunners didn’t make signings in the January transfer window and it could be a sign that the club is looking to splash the cash in the summer.

It would be interesting to see how the next transfer window turns out for the Gunners.

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  1. I was so desperately hoping that the Bengals would win even though I have no interest in NFL whatsoever.
    I just wanted to see the disappointment on Kroenke’s face.
    Then he might get an idea of what it is like to be an Arsenal fan under his “leadership”.
    I speak for myself when I say the only thing I want from Kroenke is for him to sell up.
    Think of all that money he could use for his beloved Rams..

  2. Glad he won the super bowl, that was his target & dream when he moved the whole club from St.Louis to LA to a state of the art billion dollar stadium, so hats off to him.

    Maybe now he has accomplished that he will now focus a little bit more o Arsenal, we know Josh is raring to go, just need Stan to see what’s happened now with the Rams to do this in London for Arsenal.

    We have the staff & stadium, which I read we are going to expand or do work to which would be nice, so all we need is the players to match.

    After all the clearing out which should be completed In the summer it will all depend on who we can bring in if we get Top4. If we manage to get Champions League Football again I am confident Stan will splash the cash.

    Over to you Mikel…..

    1. that’s quite a sugar-coated account of his move from St. Louis to LA.

      as for any potential comparisons to Arsenal, it’s certainly not a total apples-to-apples situation, as the NFL has a salary cap, a yearly draft and no transfer fees

      that said, one can only hope that getting a taste of winning one of the greatest trophies in the sporting universe might actually encourage him to abandon the model he presently employs with the Avalanche, the Nuggets and at Arsenal and adopt a far more aggressive financial/team building model, like with the Rams

      now I’m certainly not holding my breath, but I must admit I was rather surprised that we spent the most funds ever in a singular window last summer, albeit I haven’t heard anything to suggest that the war chest in question actually included his own monies

      1. I think he spent in the Summer to avoid the constant spending every Summer.

        For example, aside from a backup RB, he won’t have to spend on another defender for years. If he sells one, spend less on a replacement, or recruit from the academy.

        Buying a young striker is the same, avoid big transfer fees every Summer by getting his players now.

        After this Summer to get the next few pieces, I would be surprised to see any big transfers over the next couple years.

        This short term spending and rebuilding ends the type of transfers we’ve seen in the past Summers.

        Just my opinion, but firs into his strategy.

        1. Oh, and forget the comparisons with his Rams.

          That franchise is worth triple what Arsenal is, check Forbes. Don’t expect the same attention they get, he’s a Rams owner and fan, Arsenal is the piggy bank.

          1. Durand, I would agree with the valuation, albeit that’s a rather distorted figure due to the 5B stadium and some exceedingly hopeful speculative projections, but if you think about it from a purely investment standpoint, that is money paid versus investment earned, his Arsenal experiment is far more lucrative and will be for quite some time

            I think that some heavy investment is on the horizon and not necessarily as a result of a changing business model but due to the fact that our wage bill will be almost cut in half come the summer, if the players we think are going, free or otherwise, actually leave the premises

            it’s almost impossible to address the Striker/CF position without digging deep within the coffers, but the bigger question will be if we will address our other obvious pressing needs, like ridding ourselves of the Swiss albatross and properly redressing our midfield

      2. Would be very surprised if the £150m came from his own pocket. They took out a bank loan last year which probably funded the summer window plus money we generate as a club. However if the rumoured war chest comes to fruition next summer then maybe it shows a change in approach.

        1. That loan that he took out last year was to pay off the bonds the club took out for the building of the Stadium.

  3. I’m not sure he sees the business model of NFL and football as being the same. He also, quite frankly, doesn’t;t care about football as much as he does about American sports.

    1. @JT
      He is an American after all and the NFL is a cash cow over there, sports wise.
      I just hope he gets the trophy bug rubs off on him and he channels it into funding AFC’s push for silverware…IJS

      1. NFL might be a cash cow in the US but what about outside?if you consider Arsenal support worldwide,it could be financially more rewarding for the owners.

        1. @Siamois
          It’s obviously a huge money spinner around the world as well, with games being played outside of the U.S. and a huge fan following to match.

          1. Really?I found it surprising but then again I’m not a big fan of AM,how millions of fans worldwide do the biggest franchises have NY Gunner?

  4. Kroenke bashing aside, which I don’t believe he deserves, what a stadium and what a spectacle that was, more so seeing Eminem, Dre, Snoop, 50c and MJB together was bloody amazing. Hip Hop heaven!

  5. Winning the Super Bowl will have nothing to do with how much the club spend in the summer transfer window imo, as Wiggy will carry on running the club the way it’s been run since Sir Henry Norris took over, ie, only spending what the club earns.

  6. The Kroenke spent around 550M to buy the franchise,then spent another 4 billions on the stadium,then you have the players,coaching staff…their revenues might increase but it’s gonna be a while until they make up all this money back,until then I wouldn’t expect them to heavily invest in players for Arsenal.

    1. Kronke spent over 700 million to get his shares, back in 2010 I think the year was.

      Rams are worth 4.8 billion according to Forbes, almost triple what Arsenal is worth.

      Rams generated 422 million in revenue last year.

      He’s already made back his purchasing cost years ago, and he’ll make back expenditures for the stadium shortly as well.

      I don’t like Stan as an owner of Arsenal,, but He is good at business and generating profits, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the sport franchise owning business.

      I detest the NFL, and I’m an American, but it makes money all over the world. They sellout tickets everytime they go to London, Mexico, or anywhere overseas.

      1. Impressive I have to say,4.8 Billions compared to when he purchased it. I’m guessing that’s making them one the most valuable franchises if not the top one??

        1. Rams are 4th with 4.8 billion valuation.

          Dallas Cowboys are #1 worth 6.5 billion, and haven’t won Jack in years now.

          In fact, 32 teams in the NFL, and the average valuation is 3.5 billion, basically double that of Arsenal.

          Worldwide branding and millions of fans all over the world. You don’t get that by just being an American sport.

          I detest the NFL, and how they force feed the sport over here. Player salaries are even worse; talking 40 million for a 16 game season type numbers.

          Google this stuff, unbelievable really. It’s all the sports here really, NFL, NBA (I don’t watch either), even MLB, though I do love baseball, 2nd to my Arsenal of course.

          I grew up playing futball and baseball, detested nfl football and basketball, though friends and coaches wanted me to play. I found both sports too boring really.

          1. Dallas Cowboys #1 in the world at 6.5 billion, then NY Yankees, NY Giants, LA Lakers, Golden State Worriors,

            Real Madrid is 6th, and Barcelona is 8th.

    2. @Siamois
      The city of L. A. as well as the state of California threw a bunch of tax payer cash at Stan for him to move the team there and build the stadium.

      1. not a thing NYG…btw he’s in Inglewood not LA proper…the other owners supplied upwards of 700M, as they desperately wanted the LA market back in play again, but this wasn’t a taxpayer initiative…that said, all business of this ilk will receive tax benefits, but this wasn’t the basis of the move as he already owned the parcel of land where the stadium stands…he did want the taxpayers at it’s previous location to pay for a new stadium, which they rejected, and this is what ultimately led to his weaselly campaign to pursue a more personally lucrative option elsewhere…he was sued for this and lost, which was settled last month, but it appears as if the other teams will share in the payment of that expense equally

          1. 790M, but the prevailing belief is that all the owners will share this financial burden as this was part of the original deal they made so that Big Stan would pull all the necessary strings to weasel out of St. Louis…of course, this will likely be a financial boon long-term, but it was difficult to watch another rather miserly rich guy remove a franchise, which just years earlier won a Super Bowl and was described as the “greatest team on turf”, be ripped from their home city because the taxpayer wouldn’t pay for a brand new stadium

  7. Was such a weird feeling watching Stan lifting the trophy and actually speaking! In terms of the question of this article I personally don’t think it will have any impact whatsoever. Why should it take for the Rams to be successful first for him to then repeat that success with us? BTW we won 4 fa Cups so technically it contradicts that notion. If my memory is correct the following seasons 2007-2008 2010-2011 2013-2014 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 when we was either first or second in the table around January, February time, where with the right amount of investment could have seen us get over the line and win the league. We were much closer to winning the big trophies back then but it was never his priority. So with us further away why would it be now?

  8. So his Lambs beat the Bungals in LA, and this article thinks that as a result Kroenke will spend big in the Summer.

    If that is true, it’s a pity they didn’t play Slurpy Bowl in December (before the January Window).

    Don’t forget KSE still have to pay for that $5bn Stadium!!!!

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