Arsenal told to FORGET about defender transfer target!

There have already been many centre backs linked with a potential move to the Emirates in the January transfer window. One of the players that seems to be one of the favourites, at least according to a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours, is the young Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk.

But the Celtic star’s manager Ronny Deila has suggested that it would be a waste of time for Arsene Wenger to try signing van Dijk for Arsenal over the next month or so. As Sky Sports have reported, the Celtic boss has claimed that the 23-year old, who signed for the Scottish champions from Groningen last summer, is more than happy where he is.

Deila also seems to think that staying at Celtic, for now at least, is the best thing for the big defender’s football career, as he continues to learn and gain valuable experience north of the border. As well as trying to send a message to the Arsenal manager, I think Deila is talking to his player as well and trying to get his centre back to see the benefits of waiting a little bit longer to make the next step.

He said, “He’s very happy. I have spoken with him and we are very happy to keep him as well. He’s a top player.

“For me, Virgil’s developing now and taking steps all the time which is very important. I am so happy to have him. He is enjoying his football, playing well. That’s positive. He is such an important player for us.

“He has learned a lot from August. It’s not the first time a player has been affected. Others have been through these things as well. Stefan Johansen was the same.

“But Virgil learned from what happened in the summer and he knows that if he’s good enough things will happen. This is the way he wants to do it.

“He’s worth a lot of money but I am very calm. In my opinion he is a very good player now but he can be a world-class player.

“The next thing for him, even though he’s just 23, is to become a leader in defence who controls things. He’s starting to do that but there are still a lot things to work on.”

I still think, however, that a good offer from the Gunners might be too good for van Dijk or Celtic to turn down, but I think Deila might be right and that the youngster may be better to stay at Celtin until the end of the season, while Wenger would bo better to sign a more proven and experienced player, preferably from the Premier League.

What do you think Gooners?

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      1. When Wenger does this(Paying reasonable amount) you people will be all over him. When you say, everyone upvotes!!

  1. Get Van Dijk from Celtic and Carvalho from Sporting. Sometimes you just have to flex your muscles to get what you need and we NEED those 2…

  2. When it comes to buying defenders i always prefer those in England as d riskk involved is lesser than buyin a foreign defender.although i av no defender in mind i jus want a premier league experienced one

  3. If he’s not experienced and a leader at CB then i’m not interested. Besides don’t we already have Callum Chambers? Younger than van dijk, more versatile, and could become one of the top CB’s in the EPL in a few years.

    Question is then who we should go for at CB? Mats Hummels has had a diabolical season for Dortmund-even worse than Per right now. I just laugh whenever I hear the Sergio Ramos rumour. Nastasic would be great but why would city sell to us? Ashley Williams is old. Kouyate doesn’t have any EPL experience.

  4. Its as if CBs are getting hard to get these days even ManU couldnt get one in the summer and barca had to settle for injury prone verm

  5. Perrin from St. Etienne sounds a lot like a player Wenger would sign he’s French,unknown,Cheap and did I mention he’s French??let’s forget about Carvalho,Schneirdelin,Schar etc we all know who Arsene Wenger is unfortunately!

  6. Reid from Westham
    ticks all the boxes.
    Cheap. Wants to come.
    Lives in London.
    EPL proven, mid 20’s, tough

    1. David nz
      I agree with you but I can’t see wenger paying 20 million for him because that is the price big Sam said he would cost us.

  7. Anyone experienced out-of-contract defender available?? Admin, write an article about this. Ask us to choose an defender that Wenger would buy and give a prize whoever is correct..! It’s fun.:)

    1. If I’m not wrong Diego Lugano is out of contract and very experienced. However, he is very slow 🙁 We should aim for a faster and more aggressive centre back like Kos, Chambers is good to cover for Mertesacker.

      1. Defender like Kos is very difficult to get..that too in Jan window. Even if they are available, it will cost a lot for Wenger. Lugano is good choice and free especially. Wenger will love to have him.

  8. Vlaar is the best option for winter transfer, experienced in BPL, leadership, great mental, and cheap

  9. I think Celtic boss is right. In fact Wenger should not sign anyone and waste more money. He should resign at the end of the season. The bullrun has begun (top four) nothing new. #Wengerout!!

  10. If we do not sign at least 1top class central defender in hopefully early January it will lights out for top 4 qualification let alone the title.

  11. Wenger said (and I am quoting the “fool”) “I am looking for one (1) player who will bring more quality. A CB would be great, but it is difficult to find real quality on short notice and in a short time”

    As soon as Koscielny is up and running (as well as most the injured), he will not add anybody else…

    As long as he is standing on his f*cked up principles (which have brought nothing trophy wise and are just backward ideas and philosophies), nothing concrete will change.

    This is a guy who said “he did not need Fabregas” (just to show how insanely delusional he is) and gave the key of the team to the worse midfielder we got (Wilshere) by putting Ozil on the wing (madness!!).

    This is the guy who sold Vermealen and loaned Jenkinson and then flew his ass to Rome because his mate the pope asked him to contribute.

    Oh yeah, we got Welbeck… What a f*cking signing? … Not !

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