Arsenal told to FORGET transfer of Wenger replacement

At the same time as most Arsenal fans have a different theory about the current manager and whether Arsene Wenger should stay on or for how long, we also have different ideas about who should be the man to replace the Frenchman when his long shift at the helm of the good ship Arsenal finally does come to an end.

One of the favourite candidates in recent years has been the former Argentina international midfield star Diego Simeone, and even though his Atletico Madrid side are not doing quite as well in Spain´s La Liga this season, he will still be a the top of a lot of Gooners’ managerial wish list after beating Barcelona and the Real Madrid to the title and reaching two Champions League finals as well as winning the Europa league, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup since taking the job in 2011.

According to a report in The Mirror, however, those wish lists may have to be changed after Simeone’s son Gio declared that not only is his father happy where he is for the moment, but that it is likely to be Inter Milan that he manages next.

Gio said, “Sooner or later will arrive the moment when Dad goes to Inter and I hope that this happens.

“Now he’s happy with Atletico and I see him as content, but if in the future he receives a call from Inter, why not? I would like this.”

Simeone is said to have very close ties with his fomer Serie A club and old friends of his that are still working there, but does this mean that Arsenal should forget about the Argentinean as a possible replacement for the prof?


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  1. Maverick12 says:

    he really isnt top of my wishlist to replace Wenger

  2. josh37 says:

    This was announced a while back

  3. Tatek Girma says:

    With respect to attractive football, his style of play doesn’t suit Arsenal. He is a warrior who likes to play a very intensive football through out the game and this is not the way Arsenal fans like. I personally feel discomfort when watching Atletico Madrid play against any team as the game is full of chaos and intensity instead of entertaining football fans. With respect to results and effectiveness, he is one of the best managers available in the world at the moment. Therefore, I don’t think he is the one who can replace Arsene Wenger to run the clubs style and his legacy. There are some result oriented managers who are following the same approach of Wenger and fit enough to Arsenal style of play. Let’s find them to not loose our total identity.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    Diego Simeone is the real successor of Jose Mourinho kinda football philosophy. Like many of us, I don’t like his football mind but I’m sure none of fans can disregard his trophies collection. The way he manages Atletico to ruin those Spanish giants, even quite amazing. As good as he can deal with other giants like Juventus, PSG (fresh to mind), Muenchen, or Dortmund. Simeone seems promising many trophies for us, but do we need to change or sacrifice our worldwide beautiful football trademark when we have other suitable options such as Loew, Klopp (?), or Koeman?

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      Why you all keep saying AM and Simeone play an unattractive football? He plays according to his players level and he is a successful manager … I see him far better than Wenger …

  5. Quophi says:

    I’ve got good news and bad news.
    Good news: Per is back in training
    Bad news: Per is back in training

    Don’t you just love the BFG!!!?

    1. Theophilus says:

      Wat figure of speech is dat?

  6. proffetic says:

    I don’t mind him being back in training. Worrying for me is when Wenger loses grip of his sanity and allows him to wear the first team kit. Surely he trails behind Mustaffi,Gabriel,Holding,Kos and even Chambers.This is when I worry about Wenger and his sense of reality.

  7. tissiam says:

    i hate it when people put down some of our players it’s time they realise that we need a full squad to win trophies and not just 11 players,as we have seen since the start of the season the benefits of being able to rotate players,our subs won/drew us few games,please support all 25 players!!

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