Arsenal told to go big or forget signing La Liga star

Arsenal have had some real success in recent transfer windows by looking to Spain’s La Liga for new players. Although Arsene Wenger is still waiting to get value for money from the performances and consistency of the club record signing Mesut Ozil, you really cannot argue with the others.

Alexis Sanchez, Nacho Monreal and Santi Cazorla together did not cost all that much more than we paid Real Madrid for the German, and most of that money was the reported fee of around £35 million for the Chilean striker. So apart from the big two of Barcelona and Madrid, the other clubs in La Liga have struggled financially and generally been unable to fend off transfer interest from the Premier League.

But that is apparently not the case anymore with Sevilla, whose Polish midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak is being linked with a move to Arsenal this summer. So the Spanish football expert Graham Hunter has told Sky Sports that Wenger will not find it easy to sign the player unless he goes in with a really big transfer bid.

He said, “First of all it is news to Sevilla that Arsenal have looked at Krychowiak.

“You could accept that Sevilla are Europe’s great selling club – with Porto they are probably the shrewdest at buying short and selling long and making huge profits.

“It’s not unheard of that with Krychowiak, who has been there a season, they might double or treble their money after 12 months.

“But, they have sold a huge amount of players in the last few seasons to make them an immense amount of money.

“They are guaranteed in the Champions League, their revenue streams have increased beyond all recognition and, because of that, they will not want to sell. They will no longer be the cash and carry for bigger clubs to come in with heavy budgets.

“If Arsenal decide that this fierce, tough-tackling, clever, goal-scoring central-midfielder – who meets the criteria of what critics of Wenger have been saying Arsenal have needed for three four or five seasons – then yes, he would suit them.

“However, if they are to get him they will have to ram-raid Sevilla to convince them to part with him ahead of what is a Champions League season for the Andalusians.

“He’s the right player, but late timing coupled with a Sevilla side who are cash rich [could see him stay].”

While Wenger has been willing to spend decent amounts of money for the Gunners in recent years, do you think that he will be willing to do so this time to get Krychowiak? If the boss was really keen to get this player then he would surely have made his move before now don’t you think?

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      1. If Wenger doesn’t pay 20mil because he thinks he’ll find a better player for 10m I will personally send a letter to the board asking that he be reinstated to a psychiatrist. His spending habits are borderline OCD.

  1. He has a release clause which is reported to be around 22M, triggering the clause renders sevilla’s financially sturdiness irrelevant.

    1. That’s why I love la liga. Pay the fee and the club can’t say no.

      I hope this rumor actually happens cause this guy is not cover for Le Coq, he’d replace him.

    2. But Wenger will probably say no and attempt to go for Bender who costs 15m, but then Leverkeusen will ask for 25 because they know we are desperate and have the money. As a result, he’ll stay in his corner and lie to himself that the squad is good enough when it clearly isn’t good enough to last more than a month without injury curse striking us.

  2. Maybe someone could sellotape a picture of Aaron Ramsey to kryckowiak to confuss wenger for long enough to activate the release clause

      1. Na not me mate I like Ramsey but u never see him on the bench , it’s always us that seem to struggle to get any deals done Everton aswell mayb just seems like our team never changes personal I no it obviously does just doesn’t feel like it where we drag transfers out and u can guarantee 9/11 starting players every week

        1. But as long as we get what we Need I’ll be happy but it’s starting to worry me a little bit now I must admit

  3. Any body in this planet can see Arsenal problems – there is a reason why one of those Director came out and said we have 200mln plus to spend – Arsenal needs very simple solutions reinforcement but the only thing Wenger sees is “philosophy” i will never feel bad at all if he leaves even now or tomorrow he has been a big jock since past 10 years.

  4. And there is no any good reason to wait till last minute and bring in players and thats a huge gamble everybody loves money but our Manager goes beyond that!!

  5. We are being told all the time if he finds “exceptional players” and i see that as an excuse not to bring in new players and believe in what we have which are not good enough if we are talking about winning EPL – we have few players who were not supposed to be around if we are serious in competing – Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini just few to name.

    1. I agree on Flamini.
      But Rosicky and Arteta are squad players. They serve a specific role off the bench that I really don’t understand how fans can fail to comprehend them.
      Rosicky lifts the tempo, fights and brings energy late in games. He has a very unique style of play and not the last season, but the few seasons prior he’s played that role to perfection when we needed him most. When we were fighting for fourth we wouldn’t have got there without his very important roles late in the season. It’s easy to look back and go, blah we shouldn’t have been fighting for fourth anyway and yes, I agree, but we were, and if we’d failed we wouldn’t have Ozil, Cech and Sanchez in our much improved squad and core pieces like Koscielny, Cazorla and Ramsey may have been a lot more hesitant in sticking around.
      Arteta will come on late in games when we’re absorbing pressure. Against counter-attacking teams he’s a liability. But when it comes to keeping shape, remaining defensively organized and not making errors in dangerous positions he’s actually really good. He’s mature, professional and will do the job when called upon.

      Don’t get me wrong, Coquelin needs competition. And if we can move Flamini on and bring in Krychowiak I will be absolutely ecstatic. Another ball-winner who will physically dominate and give zero f@#ks about it? yes please!
      But Arteta is not in the squad to compete with Coquelin, they play very, very different roles. Arteta’s role may seem insignificant, and though it’s not the most glamorous, i’m still glad we’ve got him around.

  6. 50mln wont be a fair price for someone who is 28 yrs plus that too much! we dont need world class, what we need is a quality striker.

    1. it is fair deal and a bargain for 50m……

      Players like Sterling already gone for 49m….

      and not to mention Ronaldo and Messi cost 100 and 120m each respectively

    2. Gunner2 do u get any satisfaction out of following football ? Maybe you should switch to tennis and support Djokovic

  7. Real never gonna sell Benzema until they get replacement. Benitez have d idea of playing Ronaldo or Bale upfront. But I don’t think they into the season without recognized striker. N we are gonna pay heavily to change their mind.

    In cavani case, Zaltan future is not decided yet. Cavani ll stay if he leaves.

    So, basically our transfers will be dragged till d end of transfer window.

    1. Nah man, Cavani can leave regardless of Zlatan’s future. He doesn’t like knowing the fact he was always 2nd choice. And his attitude would disrupt PSGif the force him to stay.

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