Arsenal told to pay £50m for Premier League ace

Noel Whelan has urged Arsenal to pay the £50m valuation of Jarrod Bowen because the Englishman is worth it.

Bowen has emerged as one of the best players in England in recent seasons after he moved from Hull City to West Ham.

The Hammers have become one of the European campaigners in England because of the impact he has made on their team.

Reports have linked the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool with a move for him, and the Hammers are prepared to allow him to leave them.

However, they value him at around £50m, a fee that seems to make him overrated.

However, former Leeds United man, Whelan, believes he is well worth the price and there is more to come from the new England international.

He tells Football Insider: “I think he’d fit into any side with the way he’s been playing.

“He’s a really good, exciting player. 25 years old but it feels like he’s been around for a lifetime – and still has those prime years ahead of him.

“£50m wouldn’t be a price tag you would sniff at. He’s very much worth that with what he gives you. He’s got work rate, assists, goals, running off the ball – and he’d fit right in at Arsenal.”

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Bowen has been in stunning form in the Premier League and we need players like him in our squad to improve our performances.

The winger knows where the goal is, and he also thrives on providing assists for others.


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  1. Now this would be an excellent addition to some of Mikel’s already brilliant summer signings.
    Not sure about the fee, but if Stanley Kronkie keeps backing MA up as he has been, that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Sadly, I can’t see it happening – hope I’m proved wrong.

  2. Sorry to disagree but £50 mil is beyond stupid. If we can only get £8 mill for a German top level goalie and £7 mill for a world cup midfeilder plus £7 mill for a spoilt French middfielder and worse still £20 mill for a £72 mill international how the hell can we justify any more than £25 mill?? He is a good worker and good teamman but ahs to improve a lot. Id rather AFC top Chelskis bid for the Villa boy!!!

    1. Can’t disagree with you on our transfers out policies gunnerpete, I’ve been going on about it since Mikel arrived.
      However, that won’t stop other clubs asking for what they deem a realistic price for one of their players will it?
      As I said, not sure that it’s a correct valuation, but the player fits Mikel’s idea of what a player needs to do throughout a game.

      1. No Ken, of course it wont stop them asking. Anyone can ask HOWEVER MUCH THEY WANT, for a playr, a house a car etc etc . Only today, whan I was playing bowls at another club from my own , I saw some for sale items on the wall, by a person asking at least three times as much as she was ever going to get.
        The bowlers with me also saw it and all said in effect(to put it politely) that she was out of touch with current prices and had not a hope in hell of obtaining those sums.

        So it is with West Ham and Bowen. Now, I agree with you and most Gooners that AFC has the opposite problem , by massively UNDERVALUING OUR for sale players.

        But that is a different matter that I will be writing about T on JA quite soon.

        In this post Covid market, Bowen, a decent enough player but hardly a superstar, is plainly never going to fetch anywhere near £50mill and all normal fans know that anD some have said so. OTHERS WILL SIMPLY STAY QUIET, BUT THINK IT.
        I think it should be plain enough by now , to all AFC observers, fans or not fans, that THOSE NOW INCHARGE OF TRANSFERS, are never going to behelf to ransom for player s unles they have a real desire to buy whichever player And plainly there is NO such desire to buy Bowen.

        Even RAPHINA and MARTINEZ, players we DID chase, did not tempt us to pay more than they were worth to us.

        Seems to me KEN, THAT AFTER MANY YEARS , A DOSE OF NORMALITY IS FINALLY RETURNING TO THE FEES WE ARE PREPARED TO PAY FOR INCOMING PLAYERS. No more ridiculous £35millions for such as Musttafi and the Greek wrestler, about which the phrase “good riddance” took a damned long time to come about!
        Sadly, as yet, I cannot say the same about our OUTGOING PLAYERS.

  3. I’m afraid that it is not up to the Gooners to say what he’s worth, but it is West Ham that set the fee and if you want him that bad then you pay it, but why on earth we would consider selling to a direct rival is beyond me.

  4. Can Noel Whelan actually read? West Ham have said the boy is valued at around £75m, not £50m, though they have no intention of letting him go. He’s not interested in a sideways move anyway, so the story is a complete non-event (as Arsenal have themselves recognised). Time for pundits like Whelan to make their embarrassingly inaccurate pronouncements elsewhere.

    1. if you think west ham have the same pull as arsenal you are deluded mate 😉

      Rice will probably leave next summer and I dont see Bowen staying either if a CL club is knocking on his door, which is fair.

  5. This guy is nothing more than a poacher and to make it worse he is 5’9″.. so not a plan be for AFC as they already have 2 strikers of similar height.

  6. Crazy! JB will have disappeared in 12 months. Sadly he is just one of those flash in the pan type players. We would be crazy to even consider it m.

    1. Yeah I kind of agree he is okay but I don’t trust he goal scoring ability, I think he is in great form for westham but Saka has far more ability IMO. And do they play in the same sort of position?

      If he came for £30m to us then definitely, just on he’s work rate he is better than pepe (more effective) but personally I’m not sold on him. And as Harry Redknapp says “if you not sure then don’t take the bet) 🤔 I think he said that….

    2. statistics have him primed to flop this season, as he was vastly over-performing. We’ll see though. Not worth taking a 50mill risk on if this is true. I do think he lacks some attributes to play for us, but not a bad player. Would rather go for somone like Neto from Wolves if we are looking at EPL options though.

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