Arsenal told to pay as much as £32m for relegated star

The Times is reporting that Arsenal has had two bids for Aaron Ramsdale rejected because Sheffield United is demanding more money than what has been offered.

Arsenal wants a new goalkeeper this summer after putting up with a number of inconsistent performances from Bernd Leno last season.

They want to have quality players in every area of the squad in the upcoming campaign.

Ramsdale has been relegated in each of the last two Premier League seasons, firstly with Bournemouth and then Sheffield United.

However, he is one of the best shot-stoppers in England and even earned a call up to the Three Lions’ camp for Euro 2020.

Sheffield United wants to keep all their top players hoping to make an immediate return to the Premier League.

However, they will struggle to keep Ramsdale and want to at least make good money from his sale.

The report says they have now told Arsenal that they would have to pay as much as £32m before they can get their man.

That fee means the Blades are trying to make a decent profit from his sale after buying him for £18.5 million last summer.

It remains unclear how much Arsenal has bid for him, but the Gunners should baulk at that asking price.

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  1. I don’t believe this rumor one bit. It’s very obvious that it’s a joke . Ramsdale for 30m? Cmon ..
    Onana is available for 10m or less , Sam johnstone is available for 10m or less .

  2. We sell a BETTER goalkeeper for 20 mil and a year later we are offering 30 mil plus for someone not in the same class. Good business! Not!

  3. We seem to be linked to every goalkeeper from a club that got relegated last season. Is that really the sum of our ambitions….losers?
    We had one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League but chose Leno over him and Martinez has continued to improve at Villa. Here’s an idea… rather than waste £25 -30 million on losers offer Villa £30 million and Leno for Martinez!

    1. That’s a funny idea though impossible. LoL. I don’t know if that even happened in history. I don’t know what would think emi of a return. Would he see it as a revenge and take the challenge. emi knows that within a year or two, if he keeps going, he might end up in a bigger club like Barca or juve.

  4. if the stats that are being reported are correct, he not only had the 2nd most errors that led to goals in the top flight, he likewise had a very pedestrian 43.4% pass accuracy rating…with that said, let’s hope and pray that this story has no truthful basis…the two most predominant traits we should be looking for, when contemplating the future of our Keeper position, should be a commanding presence in and around the box and a high competency rate with the ball at his feet…hmm, those traits should very familiar

  5. Surely, we understand the need for a back up keeper, especially after the club bungled two consecutive goal keeper deals (Runnarson and Mat Ryan) last year; but 32M for Ramsdale over our own Bernd Leno, would be a calamity, plain and simple.
    I agree Leno was inconsistent last year but what would else would you expect from the keeper when the manager kept chopping and changing the starting back four or back three?
    Analysis paralysis, in full effect.

    1. lol @ Nickerless Bender. 32m pounds should be a joke. We should have made Ryan loan move a permanent one. We keep making bizzare decisions as a club.

      Why did we buy Runarsson?

  6. I can’t imagine any universe this is real. Espescially since we are only in one main competition this season. Either back Leno, or put him up for sale. Cant imagine why we’d need both Ramsdale and Leno. Espescially if we are going to overpay for Ramsdale who isn’t even worth close to that.

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