Arsenal told to pay DOUBLE for defender target

Hysaj’s agent speaks out about Arsenal move!

Arsenal are reportedly on the hunt for a new defender, as part of a possible replacement for Per Mertesacker or Calum Chambers, with the latter looking likely to head out on loan. Arsenal have had a few targets mentioned in the past few days, over a possible transfer to the club, one of which is Napoli defender Elseid Hysaj.

It was reported a few days ago how Hysaj had risen to the attention of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, and despite not being overly impressive in Albania’s opening match against Switzerland at Euro 2016, he has had a very impressive last twelve months with his club side. Predominately playing for the Italian club at right back, Hysaj doesn’t really fit into what Arsenal need at the moment. Hector Bellerin has the right back position nailed down, so perhaps Wenger feels at 22 years old, Hysaj could have a future career set at centre back instead.

If Wenger truly is interested in making a move for the Albanian international, then he won’t be happy with the player’s agent in his recent comments. Hysaj’s agent Mario Giuffredi, was quick to have digs at Arsenal upon hearing about the interest the BPL based club have in his client.

Giuffredi told Italian radio station Radio Crc: “I consider Arsenal to be on the same level as Napoli, certainly not better. Napoli have become one of the most important clubs in Europe. He has to remain at Napoli for at least another year, as the Champions League enables you to become a complete player. Obviously if in a year or so an offer arrives worth €30m [£23.8m], then at those figures a player is generally sold.”

Arsenal had previously been linked with a £15 million move, which I personally think may be a little steep for Wenger’s liking. Therefore I highly doubt that he is going to go all the way up to €30 million for a defender who has only really risen to impressive heights in the last year. Giuffredi continued to comment in a way which can only be explained as trying to get his player a new contract at Napoli, rather than make a move to the Gunners.

“For now the player should be locked down and made happy to remain at Napoli, because then he brings benefits to the team too. We are not asking for anything, as he is grateful to Aurelio De Laurentiis [Napoli President], but certain things need to be re-evaluated because his value has changed. He needs to be put on a par with his teammates on an economic level. We are not interested in stirring up trouble over a contract renewal, as he’ll have it at the opportune moment.”

Giuffredi’s comments are those of a typical agent in football, simply trying to secure the best possible deal for his player. I’m not sure if Arsenal are even really that interested in Hysaj or whether Giuffredi and co are simply making up stories, in order to get the Albanian a new contract. I don’t know too much on Hysaj but from what I’ve seen, he certainly isn’t what arsenal currently need in my opinion, nor do I think Wenger would be willing to budge on the price tag.


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  1. In other words, his agent is only after more money at Napoli.

    Next! ?

    According to Portuguese outlet Noticias ao Minuto, Arsenal have seen an opening £20m (€25.3m) offer for striker Islam Slimani rejected by Sporting Lisbon.

    This striker is 27 and scored 31 goals in all competitions, last season, his release clause is said to be £24 million, which ends in July and is expected to be risen.

    Liverpool have also had a bid rejected for this player and also Leicester City have been linked with this Striker, as a replacement for Vardy.

    It seems as if Wenger doesn’t want to spend more than £20 million on a striker, Or shall we say “a cover for the injured Welbeck” instead. ?

    1. Wenger doesn’t want to spend more than £20mil on a COVER for Welbroke?
      Sounds like Wenger wanted Arsenal to buy him and Wenger has big things planned for him.
      Webeck was never in Wengers long term plans until the board gave him Welbeck, Wenger only wanted to loan him for 12 months, that was the season we had spent close to £100 mil in total, sounds like Wenger wanted to save the money so we could buy a world class CF in the next window…

      Let every Arsenal fan ignore the TRUTH and go with this fat turd.

      “Oh look a RUMOR saying Arsenals 1st bid for a player was £20 mil, this must mean Wenger doesn’t want to pay anymore than £20 mil as he likes Welbroke.

      That is what you sound like this time, you have ignored all truth to say what… a few lines which you put in a leading way so you can throw insults at Wenger.

  2. The first man I would like to be replaced is OG,
    remember we had Chamak who played the
    same style with OG though Chamak was even
    more accurate with his header than this guy,
    very unfortunate Chamak was sorounded with
    more mediocry players than OG.
    Arsenal is not used to play long balls and
    headers not our traditional. So for me the first
    thing I want to see in this team is affloading
    If he is that better with his header and hold up
    play let him join Stoke City. Hope he will make
    them world better because it is a team who has
    playing style that suit OG

  3. I made a comment on a previous post about not signing too much African players and got thumbs down.. I stick by what I said though, until the folks who ran african football consider moving their championship from to winter to the summer, we shouldn’t put too much of our eggs in that basket.

  4. I do not believe this rumor, we get linked to a lot of players.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name on a list somewhere but prob more for scouting and less for transfer.

    My Reasoning:
    Arsenal do not have unlimited funds, they need to spend wisely still.
    Arsenal have a great LB and RB atm, we only need cover for RB and a future prospect for LB who may be able to perform straight away, not a all in one.
    To save money Arsenal could bring back Jenks as backup RB, who is also HG. Bellerin is a fit player and will not miss much unless he gets injured, Jenks will most likely be a cup player.
    Rodriguez will cost about £5mil more and he has a lot more experience in ummm…. better football shall we say? He could also help Xhaka settle in London… and vise versa, Xhaka could help RR settle in London.
    Wenger likes the team to be close and like a family, this would support RR over EH.

  5. What would be the point? Since we’re already talking to Napoli why go straight for the absolute tank that is Koulibaly. He’s going to the be the best defender in the world in a year or two, and based on history, Wenger will be talking about how we almost signed him. Why not make this one of the times where we actually sign the fecking player.

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