Arsenal told to raise bids for TWO transfer targets

If the Arsenal transfer rumours about us having already made offers for these two players then it is at least a sign that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board are serious about adding more strength to the squad and that they are not just sitting on their hands and waiting as some of us have suspected in the past.

However, it also looks as though the transfer bids reportedly made for Alexandre Lacazette and Pedro Neto have not been large enough to get either of them to north London, so it will be interesting to see what the boss does now.

The Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas revealed last week that Arsenal had a made what he called a nice offer for their Frence international forward, but now it seems it was not nice enough because The Mirror reports that he is now talking about needing a bid of around £57 million to consider selling.

Aulas told the French media, “It will have to be at least that.

“Everyone knows that Atletico’s offer was €53million plus €12m in bonuses. That makes €65million (£57m). As the Arsenal directors well know, it will be in that range.

“The price for a player who scores 25-30 goals every year – sometimes more than 30 – is at least that.

“But frankly, I haven’t yet thought about Arsenal for now because I thought that Alexandre was going to stay because the deal with Atletico fell through.”

The other transfer bid allegedly made by Arsenal that has fallen short of the mark is for the Portuguese wonderkid Pedro Neto from Braga who is also interesting the likes of Man United and FC Barcelona. The 17-year old forward is said to be set for a stellar career and so his current club will not listen to any transfer offer below the £17.5 million release clause in his contract.

The Gunners have bid £13 million according to The Mirror so it is not too far away. Watch this space to see if Wenger goes back with a better bid for one or both of these transfer targets.



  1. This is just going to go on all summer.
    Until other teams sign our targets and we sign our usual pointless panic buys.
    Why did Arsenal offer him another deal?
    Its the same mistakes played over and over again by someone who should have left years ago…

    1. I reckon we sign Lacazette, Thomas lemar and Goretzka. Weekends av become boring without Premiere league matches

    2. “Why did Arsenal offer him another deal?
      Its the same mistakes played over and over again by someone who should have left years ago…”

      Was there a better manager available to replace him at the time of his contract extension? You’ll probably find that all of the fantasy managers that you would have preferred will still be managing the same teams next season that they were managing when the gullible were convinced by paper talk that they were either available to replace Wenger or were unhappy at their current clubs. Just saying!

      1. AKBs…and who told you that these coaches who you say were not available won’t like to join a club with vision and ambition…money has always been the major factor when it comes to issues like this…Diego Simeone, Luis Enrique, Max Allegri (before agreeing a new deal only after Wenger signed the two year deal) would love to join a top club like Arsenak only that the board members are just happy staying in their comfort zone.

  2. Even though Atletico Madrid has placed a bigger bid, it is better if Lyon sells him to another club before the season starts. Lacazette would not be able to focus on Lyon if the Atletico Madrid’s deal is uncertain.

    Lyon’s president is just bluffing to get more money and Arsenal should have a stance. The asked price is similar to what Barcelona paid for Neymar and Suarez, and I consider Lacazette is not as good as them.

    For that obscene amount of money, Arsenal had better chase Aubameyang or Lewandowski. For the “wonderkid”, it depends on Arsenal staffs’ judgement, because we have never seen him play.

  3. If Wenger was manager at Chelsea or ManU or ManCity,would he have offered a contract extension without a league win for 10 yrs?

  4. I think AFC coaches retirement age should be pegged at 60. The older they grow, the more stupid they become. AW is. equivalent of first set of post 2nd work war analogue computer.

    1. I think there should be a maximum tenure..maybe 2 terms of 4 years each…cause now it appears almost impossible to remove Wenger from power.

  5. We will wait and see how this transfer window pans out, If it ends up another Wenger transfer window, Then it will be time to really put pressure on Kronke, At the end of the day we can all point the finger at Wenger but Kronke gave him the contract.

  6. This Aulas guy is starting to annoy me! Always up on the press talking smack, acting like Lacazette is staying ?? he knows full well that he’s gone, so he’s trying to squeeze every penny out of the deal. If it was a CFC or MUFC after Laca then this deal would’ve been completed by now! AFC always on a long ting!

    If we are serious about getting him, then give them the age,, seethe extra 4.5m and get that Neto kid in before he joins the ‘nearly signed’ all star fantasy team lol

      1. Its not an extra 4.5M they want…they want the 44M we have offered to match the 57M Atletico “apparently” had offered before getting transfer banned. Not sure why they didn’t buy him then.

        1. I’m talking about the apparent Neto bid bro. The article said we bid 13m but they want 17.5m instead

          I agree with your comment tho, it’s true. Plus wasn’t just a verbal agreement they had and not an accepted bid? ?

  7. So f-ing typical to cheap out over 5 million pounds. If you really want him and believe he is a top talent, just pay the 18 million.

  8. Must Arsenal always underquote for a player. Why cant this club identify a player they really need and pay the price and get done with it. Should this charade go on for the rest of Wenger’s life? This is why players look at us as cheap and only worth considering when other clubs have rejected them (Mahrez anyone?) or think we are a stepping stone to greater things (a la Mbappe) and others just laugh when they hear that arsenal is interested in them. This is a big club and should begin to act as one. Please give this club some dignity.

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