Arsenal told which four ‘bad apples’ need to be culled from squad

Craig Burley has named the four players that shouldn’t be at Arsenal FC, with David Luiz, Shkodran Mustafi, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil under the spotlight.

The Gunners were downed 3-0 last night, with one of the above strongly at fault for the loss, and with one player completely left out of the squad, despite being fit and despite being the highest paid player at the club…

Mikel Arteta confirmed that Ozil was left out for ‘tactical reasons’, while Luiz was also left out of the starting line-up, but had to be brought on following an injury to Pablo Mari after 24 minutes.

Craig Burley has now insisted that those four players should not even be at the club, and has urged Arsenal to ‘sort it out’ with too many ‘bad apples’ currently in the squad.

Burley told ESPN: ‘Let’s cut through the mustard here. David Luiz shouldn’t be at that football club right that’s the problem Mustafi shouldn’t be at that football club, there’s an argument to say Xhaka shouldn’t be at that football club. Not good enough.

‘Mesut Ozil shouldn’t be at that football club but some clown gave him a £350,000-a-week contract for a guy who has been a liability.

‘They’ve made bad signings, they’ve made bad decisions. That’s the bottom line. Now they’ve got a young, inexperienced manager who has been in the game a long time but not in management and he’s left with this. He’s going to be questioned and his reputation is going to be on the line.

‘What the hell was wrong with Lacazette, if it’s a fitness issue I get it, if it’s a knock I get it. But is he not a better option, as good as Nketiah is and he’s a youngster, is he not a better option to be played from the start. All these decisions at this football club need to be questioned.

‘And wait until you hear this. There was a story 24 hours ago this is incredible that Mikel Arteta wanted to give David Luiz a new contract seeing him as a role model and key part of helping young players.

‘I mean it’s just incredible the amount of bad wood and bad apples they have at this football club and until they sort it they are noting more than mid-table mediocrity.’

Do you agree that these four players have no place at Arsenal Football Club? Will the manager have the authority to offload those players he doesn’t deem key to his ideology moving forward?


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      1. Let it sink in that Arsenal after playing 29 league games has a Goal Difference of just 1

  1. I hope Arteta do not compound his problem by forcing Luiz to stay because it will seriously backfire. The 4 guys mentioned are not d only one.
    Miki, Elnely, AUBA, papa, AMN, probably Torreira, holding /chambers

  2. I agree that some just aren’t good enough for the Arsenal, but what’s the betting they’re replaced with even worse, bang average players?! Then we go through the cycle all over again!!
    We need to spend big! Huge! Obscene amounts on decent players to have some chance of getting back to where we used to be, all those years ago, until then.. nothing will change.. we’ll just slide further down the table!!

    1. This is where fans come in, we are too relax, we only moan when things are going. I think we need to get more involved, we need to ask d board to look at establish players in EPL, rather than some 1 season wonder in ligue 1, Brighton, wolves, Leicester, Everton, westharm, Newcastle, there are players we can buy from this clubs especially defensive players, even from burnley Sheffield Norwich, and those players wouldn’t cost more than 40 m, y not get 2 or 3. We buy like the rich clubs, even man city spending spree isn’t as bad, they hardly buy 70m player. But we, we bought 70, 25, 10, 8, why not buy, 40mx 3established player, that way the effects will show

      1. Look at all the goals Auba has scored for us and we still haven’t won anything!! All his good work has been undone time and time again by our rubbish defence! Did the board honestly think we’d challenge for the title with the likes of Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi???? Our midfield isn’t much better either… Willock, Xhaka, Guendouzi ain’t bringing the title home either! I do like them, but come on.. we need a spine!! Leno top notch, now he was a great buy! We need a decent CB.. whether that is Saliba remains to be seen… Partey is a must!!
        If Auba stays, that’s good… no more scrimping.. as you say, the talent is out there, we just have to show ambition and get our scouts (if there are any left) to Specsavers asap!!
        3 x 40m as you say, will be a great start and kick on from there, otherwise we’ll be battling to finish in the top half of the table for the foreseeable!!

  3. Mari not looking good apparently.. as for Xhaka, can’t see him making Saturday.
    It never rains but it pours…..

    1. luiz and Xhaka out for Saturday so 2 goals saved. Ozil and Mustafi will be in so we are 0-2 down before kick off, we definitely need Gabriel to play left and Pepe right with Auba in the middle. We need 3 goals desperately.

      1. What about the defence? Mari, Luiz and possibly Sokratis out… 3 or 4 at the back? Will we see Holding? He’ll be rusty…
        Agree about Auba…don’t like him out wide….we need not only 3 goals but a miracle 😂

    2. If it means Xhaka can’t play for us I’d call that a brilliant sunny day not a rainy one, Sue. Probably the most immobile player in the Prem today. No loss at all but blessed luck if he cannot play again this season. Or better still never again in our shirt!


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