Top 4 looks good for Arsenal with Man City AND Liverpool in sight

Just a few days ago it looked as though any hopes of Arsenal getting another top four finish in the Premier League were slipping away and that the only realistic hope we had was to beat Man City on the Emirates pitch and then during the end of the season run-in.

We only managed to rescue a point of course and City may still be the team for Arsenal to beat to get into the Champions League, but not necessarily. All of a sudden the position of Liverpool is looking precarious and in some ways they might be an easier target for the Gunners to aim at.

Yes Man City lost away to Chelsea but they played very well and were unlucky, whereas Klopp’s team were not so good and their defensive frailties were on show again as Bournemouth pinched two soft goals to earn a point at Anfield. If I was a Liverpool fan I would be very worried about the Sane injury as they have not won an EPL game without him all season and he could miss the rest of it.

The next two games see Liverpool travel to Stoke and West Brom which are not easy games, while we have injury ravaged Crystal Palace and struggling Middlesborough. We also have two games in hand on the scousers and are just six points worse off, so do Arsenal now have both Man City and Liverpool within reach?

Sam P.


  1. bran99 says:

    this was expected, the race for 4th. every season same story. now we anxiously waiting for Wenger to announce his contract extension, 2 or 3 years is just all fine

    1. Disturbance says:

      The number of thumb downs you get highlights a major problem with Arsenal fans. Their opinion changes as soon as we beat a terrible club like West Ham. Had we drawn or lose, you’d have like 50 likes so far, but once we won and you said the truth that Wenger needs to go, you’re suddenly all wrong. I have no problem with fans wanting Wenger In, I just wished they sticked to their opinion. I want him gone, because I think he can’t take us further than the top 4, and my ambition is bigger than this. If you want him in, please stick to it every game, even when we lose. Otherwise it’s just not serious!

      1. khangunners says:

        Exactly. One gud result and all is well. The victory was crucial but for top four the battle has just began. Still wenger out even if we win all our games till end of season. The football director needs a new manager to deal with

  2. Break-on-through says:

    We have a decent shout but are running out of games fast. It’ll be tough but we have to win those games in hand, they are what keeps us in it, and we still have some tough fixtures in there while the others have less games to play. It’ll be sad that there looks to be no St. Totteringham’s day this season but we can make up for that by winning the FA Cup along with a cementing a CL place. It’ll mean a better season all the same.

    1. muda says:

      I don’t like the so called toteringham day it makes some of our fans think we are the champions of england while we were actually a failure. shine your eyes guys. aim something reasonable.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        No-one believes they are champions of England, it’s about bossing nth London. I was raised to despise that lot, whereas I hated other teams for different reasons.

  3. gotanidea says:

    It is better to have a major change in Arsenal’s system, rather than getting the 4th position and repeat the same story next season. I’m tired to see the same boring so-called “achievements” every year.

    Chelsea and Leicester City got a very bad season before they got the Premiere League titles. A real great club should be able to do something like that.

    Arsenal board can be afraid of a major change, but the fans should not be afraid. Where is the fun of watching ugly football every season? Arsenal has to show entertaining and flowing football, not become pragmatic and chasing the Champions League qualification every year.

    1. Jansen says:

      I agree 100% that change is needed and more important than keeping this 4th place cycle going. Reaching 4th would likely only reinforce the owner and board’s false believe that this should be our goal.

      Having said that, although we have not played very well this season and not up to our usual standards, calling our football ugly is a bit over the top, uneffective yes, ugly no.

      I don’t think 4th is reasonable for us to expect. Given our weak mental state it seems hard for this squad to show up for more than 3 games in a row, let alone the remainder of this season’s games which would be required.

  4. Jansen says:

    We have seen Arsenal struggle all season, we have not won 3 PL games in a row this year, we beat a struggling West Ham and we do the math on how 4th is within reach??? Sometimes I wonder…

    Palace just beat Chelsea, not an easy game
    Stoke, always a potential banana peel
    Man U, when did Wenger last beat Mourinho in the PL?
    Leicester, are on fire
    Everton, even with all their injuries they still almost beat Man U
    Spurs, can we really expect to beat them? Would be a great surprise if do beat them but they are playing better football at the moment.

    For now, it is better to keep our feet on the ground rather than to plan for 4th. Let’s wait till we have won our next 5 PL games including Spurs before we get carried carried away.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Sounds tough when put like that.

  5. davidnz says:

    What ever happens Arsenal is
    a million miles off winning
    the Premier League.
    The closest we got these past 7 years since Kroenke took over
    was when no hopers Leicester won a very weak league.
    This seasons league is just as diabolically poor yet many
    Arsenal fans are in the grip of 4th place fever.
    The Messiah is delivering us from Thursday night football
    into the chasm of Champions league ignominy where the most
    recent edition saw Arsenal slaughtered 10-2 in the first knock out round.
    For this miracle the Master accepts a small tithe of only 8 mill quid per annum
    It’s not about me it’s about the club….my club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Us and Liv were the only teams that beat Leicester, I feel we would have had a better shot if the other big teams hadn’t of played so poorly. Because when they faced us we barely noticed the difference.

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    There are still teams in ‘arsenals’ UCL qualification spot. If they do their business and we can’t do ours (or even if we do) we will miss out.

    I personally don’t mind if we do as it brings nothing to the club except players who demand to play in it (but not necessarily win it) as part of there transfer and some extra finances for the board and owner. Then as we know based on history, the same failings will come to re-surface once again as they have year after year.

    If we fail to reach this goal, more pressure will be put on the board to change and then perhaps a new man with new ideas and impetus can help begin to change the on field fortunes of the club.

    Sometimes like in chess and warfare you have to concede in battle to win the war. It’s called ‘sacrifice’ for the greater good which is something we are in desperate need of.

  7. dboy says:

    It’s only Westham for goodness sake. There is no need to start getting excited. Same old same old boring season. We will not make top four this season. And Wenger has to leave.


  8. Koss the Boss says:

    Yes Top 4 is on the cards but what is it worth bar money in Arsenals accounts? Wenger stays then its same ol same ol no matter what overhaul he does in the summer… same tactics everyone worldwide knws now & still continue to be the laughn stock pf europe for so long now!

    I hope we do get top 4 no matter what as it attracts better players, it is the only reason why i feel that way as Arsenal will not spend massive amounts if not in top4 & who would want to come to Arsenal in these circumstances around the club! Only problem Arsene more than likely stays.

    We do need an overhaul from top to bottom no doubt in my mind. Kronke/Gazidas need to leave aswell as Arsene/Bould. All 4 are letting the club down… Stan doesnt care about Arsenal just profits, Ivan is no Dean & a liar, Wenger is stale & outdated and tbh Bould hasnt done a damn thing as our defending has been shambolic mosta the season. Its good to see some fans protesting trying to get theor voices heard as change is needed all around the club. Il let use decide who fits the bill for these guys replacements?

    We need to get certain players tied down to new deals no matter what they want a week asap in Ozil, Alexis & Chambo.

    Now on to players who need to leave;
    Ospina, Per, Nacho, Ramsey, Giroud, J Campbell & maybe Wilshere!

    New additions is a big one for us so would like to hear all your opinions? There is gonna be alota changes this summer so Arsenal need to step up to the plate now & deliver with great players.

  9. ger burke says:

    the treble is on guys !!!!, i feels it in me bones.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I read that Allegri is intending on staying with Juventus. If Arsene was going I think he’d have kept his options open, I believe almost every other manager around would love to test himself against all these coaches in England. Just being picked would be saying that he’s in the category of the best coaches in the world, as that’s what seems to be happening in England.

  11. AndersS says:

    I seriously doubt, we will reach top 4, as we have much tougher opponents left compared to City and Liverpool.
    But even if we were somehow sneak in top 4, would it be a success. Not in my book.
    We are miles behind Chelsea and Tottenham. We are possibly the worst team playing the other top teams in the league (again). We are a joke compares to Europes best.
    No, we need morte ambition, especially a new manager, to take us to not only the top in England but also in Europe. Wenger can’t do it!

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Whether we reach 4th place or not we are now only the third ranked team in London. Wenger has taken us that far to date. Give him time he will take us lower!

  12. Rare Admirall says:

    My stand won’t change as long as Wenger is here.Even if we won the rest of the games and the FA Cup and he diabolically signs on,he has to get the Stepping still. I am sure many of us have our tanks at the empty at the minute and beyond. I dread the misery that follows us like the darkness follows light whenever we are on a good run. I had had it after the 8-2 thumping though that thought is more haunting now more than ever before.

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