Arsenal’s top four chances predicted by Euro Club Index

Arsenal face an uphill battle for a Champions League place…

Arsenal have only been given a small chance of mounting a comeback and climbing into the Champions League qualification places by the end of this season – whenever that may be.

As reported by BBC Sport, the Euro Club Index have produced a model to predict the most likely final standings, with Arsenal looking more than likely to miss out on returning to Europe’s top club competition – even though this model assumes Manchester City’s potential ban from European competitions will be upheld.

The model gives us a 8.91% chance of making one of the four Champions League places, putting us behind Wolves and Tottenham, with the most likely top four tipped to be Liverpool, Leicester City, Chelsea and Manchester United.

In truth, most of us won’t care quite as much about things like this right now, as a return to any kind of football would be very warmly welcomed.

The latest from the Telegraph is that the Premier League aim to return to action by June 1st, and that would be a very positive development indeed as we could all do with the comforting distraction it provides, but only if it is safe and responsible to do so, of course.

Let’s hope we can see Arsenal back on the pitch in the next few months and that they can perhaps upset these odds and get back into the Champions League.

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