Arsenal Top Four hopes ALIVE after Liverpool loss?

Okay so we do not want to go overboard or get too excited about Arsenal rescuing something from a disappointing season, just because the Gunners won a game and got through to the FA cup final at the expense of Man City. For one thing we could just as well have lost and are still off the pace in the top four race and need those above us to do Arsenal a favour.

An even bigger issue is whether the Gunners can carry on the upturn in form, but for a change it does feel good to be an Arsenal fan and we have plenty of reason to feel a bit more positive about qualifying for another crack at the Champions League.

Of course the FA Cup is still a big ask with Chelsea to face in the final but as we beat them earlier in the season the players and manager will surely be feeling at least hopeful and optimistic. The bigger effect from this Wembley semi-final should be the confidence to push on in the Premier League.

If Arsenal needed any more encouragement to keep pushing then we did not have to wait long, as Crystal Palace did to Liverpool what they did to us recently and claimed all three points. So now we are nine behind but with three games in hand and that feels better, especially if Arsenal are hitting some form.

Unfortunately Man United won at Burnley but they have tough games and a nightmare fixture list as well as an injury crisis added to by Ibrahimovic and Rojo being ruled out for the rest of the season. What do you think Gooners, has the FA cup and the Liverpool loss opened the top four door for Arsenal?

Sam P.


  1. Noel says:

    Klopp is one of the biggest frauds. Yes I said that. The arrogance the man possess every time he speaks is a joke. This is why I wanted to beat him but alas we lost.

    Top 4 is still a tough ask consider8ng united are finding some dangerous form. They are becoming hard to beat, not losing for 23 games is not a.mean feat. Full marks to jose but we have to beat them and also spurs to have a draft at top 4.

    1. #WENGEROUT says:

      I would take Klopp over Wenger anyday.

    2. AFC says:

      Considering how many finals he has lost, yes he is a big time fraudster hehe.Liverpool fans were screaming that they were going to win everything when they signed Klopp and this season when they had a strong starting and were top before the 1st international break Liverpool fans were shouting from the roof tops that they were going to do the treble lol.Scousers are more deluded than Wenger.

  2. Janssen says:

    Our top hopes died last year. Sad but true. If we want even the remotest of chances we need to win every remaining game and they are mostly difficult games, and we have to hope for City, Liverpool and Man U to collapse.

    Given that Wenger has not beaten Mourinho in the PL and we still play them, things continue to look bleak as far as a reasonable chance for a top 4 finish.

    Instead of focusing and talking about top 4, perhaps we should focus on our next game against Leicester. Wenger’s Arsenal has played countless good games over the past 10+ years only to stumble afterwards.

    If we beat Leicester, Spurs and Man U in our next three games, I will secretly have some hope.

  3. #WENGEROUT says:

    I think we will finish 5th or 6th. It would be better if we don’t play UCL next season because I’m tired of getting humiliated in UCL round of 16. Hopefully Wenger leaves but looks unlikey since he is too stubborn. We still need top class GK, CB, CM and ST. Its really frustrating that we still need those players despite spending over 100 m last season. Xhaka and Mustafi have been very average. Cech and Ozil have been in very poor form. Alexis needs more support.

    1. Janssen says:

      TBH if we don’t finish in the top 4 which is unlikely, I would prefer 7th place. It is better not to have European football and to be able to focus on the PL only. 7th is still very possible.

  4. RSH says:

    our schedule is hard, the games come fast, and the results will be unpredictable. Don’t see us getting top 4 still, when City and United are also ahead of us.

  5. paul35mm says:

    As of right now Arsenal, with three games in hand against Everton and Liverpool, are still in the race for top four. With the quality of competition, and my position has been for the last three years that Arsenal are not fumbling it, but that the Premier League is getting more and more competitive, top four will continnue to be a challenge, not only for Arsenal, but for all the other traditional top teams as well.

    That said, Arsenal have seven games to play with twenty-one points up for grabs. It would be a pretty picture if Arsenal could reasonably expect to take all 21 but the fixture list is daunting. We have top seven teams Tottenham, Everton, and Man U still to play as well as Leicester, Southampton, Stoke City, and Sunderland. A reasonable return would be 16 from 21. The might be enough, it might not.

    That said, our rivals will not win out either. Tottenham drew against Sunderland. Chelsea have shown they are fallible, and the beating we took at Crystal Palace looks a little less humiliating now that the Eagles beat Chelsea, us, and Liverpool at Anfield. Man City drew to Stoke, Everton drew to West Ham, and Man U drew to Hull, Everton, West Brom, and Bournemouth; all before they lost Rojo and Ibrahimovic to injury. Remember last season and all Tottenham had to do to for their first-ever runner up position in the Premier League era was to draw relegation fodder Newcastle, the Spurs got gobsmacked. In the Premier League any team can lose to any other team.

    Are Arsenal still in the top four fight? Absolutely! Are they favorites? No. We may have games in hand but you have to win them to collect he points and at this itme of year every point is precious. As an Arsenal supporter I have to believe it is possible until it is not, so with my bias fully declared, I predict:

    !. Chelsea
    2. Tottenham
    3. Man City
    4. Arsenal
    5. Liverpool
    6. Man U

    1. Danosky says:

      I think I agree with you and pray that it happens this way in the end.

  6. lord wafflebury says:

    And 4th place wont even matter if man u lift the europa cup ! Third place should be our aim but to be honest too unrealidtic.

  7. Janssen says:

    Very simple to me, if we want to dream about top 4 we need to win our next three games and crucially we have to beat Spurs and Man U.

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