Arsenal Tour Squad confirmed – Ramsey and Perez in, Ospina out?

So we finally have confirmation of the 25-man Arsenal team to go to Singapore on Sunday for the International Champions Cup games against Atletico Madrid and Paris St Germain.

It certainly looks like Aaron Ramsey will be staying and signing a new contract as he is not being left behind to find a new team, and perhaps Lucas Perez will be staying as our elusive left-winger?

All of our defenders are going as well, including Mustafi, who was also thought to be going out the door although there is no official confirmation.

Interestingly Ospina and Macey are not travelling, so perhaps Martinez will be staying as our third-choice keeper this season.

And a great shout-out to Emery for taking Osei-Tutu, Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah out of our youngsters to give them a chance to impress.

Here is the full Arsenal squad….


  1. Innit says:

    No Campbell, Zelalem, Jenkinson, Akpom, Adelaide and Bielik too

    1. Naija Jollof says:

      Yeah I see his name there…
      IWOBI (all caps)


      Haters (Phil and co.) shove it up your a$$

      1. Phil says:

        Let’s just wait and see how many games he plays this season shall we?Do YOU seriously believe this MUG will get into the side?He MIGHT get a place on the bench during winter.Thats only because he can flap his arms up and down to keep the other substitutes warm.Other than that there is NO PLACE for this USELESS TWAT of a player that proved last season he is simply not good enough to play for ANY top flight side.He proved his value at the World Cup when he couldn’t even get into the worst African Team in history.

        1. Declan says:

          Don’t sit on the fence Phil, tell us what you really think?

        2. Phelyx says:

          Egypt is the worst

          1. Naija Jollof says:

            I’m sure Phil knows that but thanks anyway for pointing it out. Like they say “HATING IS ALLOWED” so Phil my dear, carry on ?

            Let’s wait till the season starts, I’m sure I’ll be seeing less of your comments by then when IWOBI starts performing week in week out.

          2. Phelyx says:

            Naija all the way

          3. Sue says:

            When Iwobi STARTS performing week in week out….. so you admit he’s crap too then ?

        3. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Agree with you Phil about Iwobi but help us out here . Where’s Monreal?

          1. Phil says:

            Hi Ken-I have no idea why Monreal isn’t travelling,He didn’t have to over exert himself in Russia so could only be because of a knock.There was talk of the Club receiving an offer for him but I can’t see us letting him go without a replacement.

          2. Hilary says:


          3. Phil says:

            @michael-if that comment was directed at me then please advise me why you wrote what you did.Im not Kev.I was only confirming that the club DID receive an offer for Monreal.

          4. Khadii says:

            World cup happened to monreal, despite d fact he didn’t play for spain, but unlike germany spain actually got past the group stage….meaning an extended break

        4. Sparkles says:

          You are just a hater. Firstly, that Nigerian team wasnt the worse team at the tournament, let alone the worse in history. Secondly, Iwobi was hugely mismanaged. He was played in many positions some of which he hadn’t played in all his life before last season. You are not smarter than the coach. He was kept in the team for a reason. Welbeck is about leaving but Iwobi is staying. That should tell you something. So stop hating because you will never be half the guy he is.

          1. Sparkles says:

            This is to Phil by the way.

          2. Naija Jollof says:

            E pain am o! ?????

          3. Phil says:

            See-you natives always go with the Bongo Bongo drum talk.We just don’t getvtaught that at our schools unfortunately so we cannot understand what you are trying to say.And to be honest I’m glad I can’t

          4. Arnoldhino says:

            Wow uncalled for and out of line. Way to go Phil good job show your true colors. Well done.

          5. Sparkles says:

            @Arnoldinho, did you just realise? We have always known Phil’s type. We know them when we see them.

            I’m not Iwobi’s biggest fan but I have noticed the way some guys especially Phil hates on the lad. He had a bad season and a bad world cup but so did most of the boys in the team. Why he picks on him particularly? What was El neny’s contribution last season? How many defenders in the top six teams in the EPL were as horrible as mustaphi? How many goalkeepers in the top six leagues in europe made more errors leading to goal than cech? We were bad all round. Don’t pick on a particular player. Cut the boy some slack pls… More over he’s just 22.

        5. Uchman says:

          The last time I checked iwobi is still an arsenal player,highly rated and of good value, but the last time I checked u r still here ranting, it’s just a pity, kip ranting bro while dude kips making name for himself

          1. Naija Jollof says:


            You couldn’t have said it any better bro… ??

        6. says:

          Should be released. Only dead wood left together with cech

        7. Bobby says:

          @Phil : Iwobi was not our worst player last season so tell us exactly what you have against him ?! maybe that will help us understand you better. And its so obvious you just hate this guy so much that you referred to our country as the worst African team at the WC when actually, we are the 2nd best after Senegal

  2. perfect says:

    I have always believed in the quality of Perez.
    iwobi should be allowed to get a new club

    1. Innit says:

      Me too. I prefer Perez to Iwobi
      Still hope we get Max Meyer as a free agent though

    2. Phil says:

      What on earth is that Mumbai Jumbo language your spouting out.They certainly didn’t teach me that during my Latin Classess at school.You hVent been smoking that gunka stuff again have you?

  3. Avenger says:

    I am glad Lucas Perez is back we need a potential left winger

    1. gotanidea says:

      He was good as a left winger, but lacked the mobility when playing as a right winger. Perhaps he needs more time there, if Emery plans to use him as an inverted winger, because Aubameyang plays very well on the left side

      About Ramsey, Perez and Mustafi transfer rumors, Chamberlain also took part in pre-season matches before he left. I think Arsenal are waiting for selling some of them, before purchasing new players

      Glad to see the youngsters are included, but I wished they also include Adelaide and Macey. This could mean Macey would be offloaded, since Arsenal already have many GKs

  4. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I have high hopes for this boy Smith Rowe.I so much hope he breaks out excellently & become our own latest revelation

    1. gotanidea says:

      Ramsey was also very skillful and quick when he was very young, but Ryan Shawcross’ brutal tackle seemed to have changed his mentality

      I hope what happened to Eduardo Costa and Ramsey will not happen to our wonderkids, because Arsenal need them in the future

  5. pires says:

    Good squad hope Emry can bring the best out of it

  6. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    I’m gutted for Adelaide

  7. Dudu says:

    Arsenal and Singapore all the time thought Wenger has gone

  8. Dory says:

    I’m glad that Perez is getting a chance too.

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  9. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Chuba Akpom permanent transfer to Sint-Truide for £2 million will be announced in the coming days.

    Might be looking too much into it, but Rambo’s picture is not on that squad announcement. He should have been one of the first players on there. Slightly worrying… Also gutted that Jeff missed out. I hope we send him on loan this season and he is in our long term plans.

    1. Sue says:

      Never rated Akpom

  10. SIRJOE says:


  11. Gifted says:

    Good to see OZil is back in the squad..I would like to know who most gooners would prefer as our no. 10 if it was down to choosing between Ozil and Mikhitaryan..Personally. I would take Mikhi with my eyes closed as he is an all rounded footballer…My opinion though

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      I’d take Mkhi too. he’s an all rounder .

      he’s technical
      has a good pass in him
      great shot
      can tackle
      runs around a lot .

      he’s better than Ozil in my opinion .

  12. Counsel says:

    OT: I collapsed when a client I was represented in a criminal was sentenced to death she was waiting the hangman ,but we put up a spirited defense to stay the implementation of orders pending appeal.This was my lowest moment as a lawyer.I was not able to follow the site for several weeks but yesterday I heard Coman is a done deal waiting announcement is that the case @ kev

    1. Counsel says:

      * criminal matter

      1. BenardoM says:

        Could you be representing Ruth Kamende?Coman deal is not yet done

        1. Counsel says:

          will it go through

          1. Phil says:

            @counsel-I’m not sure if you have much British TV where you are from.Im not even sure if you have electricity.But you describing your Legal experience immediately brought to mind an episode of Blackadder Goes Fourth.Basically George (Hugh Laurie)defends Captain Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) on the criminal charge of eating General Melchip’s prize pigeon (Speckled Jim).He lost the case and Blackadder was sentenced to death by firing squad.Somehow it all got sorted and he wasn’t shot.I don’t know why but I thought of this as you wrote of how you have got a stay of execution.Which is more than George got Blackadder so very well done.
            I must say that the programme will live forever in British Comedy Folklore.Probably the same as your case

        2. fluent says:

          Ruth Kamande…..this caught my eye…judge said that she is basically a psychopath. ..

  13. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    there are reports flying around that Jose Mourinho is asking for a change of rule so he can play 2 or 3 goal keepers at the same time. Mourinhos initial proposal was 5 goalkeepers with the bus behind ’em. Trimmed it down to 2 after that was rejected

  14. Sue says:

    Are any of these games televised? Am off work next week & would love to watch them

  15. Counsel says:


  16. Waal2waal says:

    in the wake of youngsters like mbappe the young guns like reiss nelson and nketiah would do well to view their singapore chance as a golden opportunity to distinguish themselves and introduce themselves to the wider fan base and to the world with performances that merit their inclusion in this resurgent arsenal squad. Of these two it occurs to me that nketiah has performed much the better when called upon to play at a higher level – this being despite nelson touted as the goal machine among these two. i suspect that it’s nketiah that is the more likely to succeed and merit a sustained place playing for the gunners.

  17. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Please tell me somebody if I’m missing something bur where’s Monreal

    1. stubill says:

      Unless he’s picked up an injury, maybe he’s being sold.

    2. says:

      Still on extended holidays lyk Xhaka & others mate

  18. Joe14 says:

    Counsel are you from Kenya?

  19. Joe14 says:

    I don’t see Lacazet9 in the list.

    1. stubill says:

      He’s there, second bottom, left hand column.

  20. King henry says:

    Before the season starts I am preying emery and the board get Ramsey contract sorted out.. make him captain if need be (let’s be honest we need a captain who will carry this team for the next 5 years.. kos is unfortunately not up for it and I think his latest injury will knock him for 6 and he won’t recover to a high enough standard) so who else is up for the task? Hmmmm no one springs to mind

    I believe we are still active in the transfer market.. but we need to

    loan out.. holding, Jeff, nekita
    Sell.. Ospina, jenkinson, Elneny, welbeck, akpom

    Then hopefully pull off a big impact Ozil style signing just before the season starts.. someone like Coman or a cheeky bid for martial?? We need that winger/forward but with good stamina who else is out there? Douglas Costa maybe? But the one I want is dembele.. but on loan.. wot a treat that would be!! Hopefully we got one more signing in us.. but hey i can dream right?


  21. ruelando says:

    Really wanted Jeff to be included tough break, but understandable, no complaint otherwise. Very happy for Smith-Rowe and Tutu, expected Nelson and Eddie. Looking forward to the tour.

  22. Arnoldhino says:

    This is going to be a good year… if we stay healthy the team looks good… Ramsey is quality of you have a dm and let him bomb forward… and the strikers are legit… the defense isn’t world class but is solid and that can work… I’m excited

  23. Russell says:

    At Psg Emery Used A Front Three we Have A Front Three Auba, Laca And Perez

  24. Arsenal fan says:

    I like how Jeff looked in the last friendly. Well, hope we send him out on loan (keep him) .

    I like Perez a lot . our attack needs more speed.
    Iwobi is only 22 I think? He has to step up now or never. He’s technical ability is good but consistency is lacking.
    Welbeck should be sold to fund another winger (Coman?).

    Smith-Rowe plays like De Bruyne but a bit faster ?
    Osei tutu to replace ageing Monreal? Nacho is better than Holding & Chambers when played as a CB so we need him.

    Aubameyang to score at least 20 league goals? Yes?

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