Arsenal train delayed but NOT derailed

After Arsenal beat Manchester City at the Emirates stadium nearly a week ago, there was a whole lot of delight and optimism around but it is quite hard to remember that today after the Gunners were humbled away to struggling Southampton.

After the Man City match Arsene Wenger spoke about consistency and momentum among other things and he used the imagery of the railway to say that Arsenal were on the right train going in the right direction, having solved a lot of key issues like games against other big clubs and defensive solidity.

So it would be easy to continue that and say that the Arsenal train came off the rails in Southampton last night, but I do not think that would be fair or accurate. If we fail to beat Bournemouth on Monday and go on a bad run of results and performances then maybe we could say that but not after one setback.

That was our fourth Premier League defeat of the season and while that is too many, not one of them has sent us into a downward spiral. We won a tough away game at Crystal Palace after the shock opening day loss to West Ham. We responded to the defeat at Chelsea with an away win over the Spuds and the thrashing of Leicester and after losing to West Brom we hit Dinamo Zagreb for three.

Yes it was disappointing last night and we blew a great chance to go top but look what has happened to the likes of Man United and City after a bad game. Arsenal have proved that we are well capable of bouncing back from a setback so I reckon that the Arsenal train has been unexpectedly delayed, not derailed. What do you think?

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  1. Im still gutted by the loss to southampton and our chance blown to be on top of the league, but we have to move on, and look towards our game with bournemouth tomorrow getting the 3points will be crucial, so my plea towards the gunners dig deep, and lets get the job done! Coyg!

    1. My dear, I had nowhere to hid myself yesterday. I was literally praying for the ground to open and swallow me. That was just horrible.

  2. More like it but the performance is the main questionable thing not the defeat. Even though I rate ma grand mum as a better refree than that B**tard of a ref. Bounamouth we are coming.

    1. We have to maul Bournemouth, bang in 3-4 goals to wash away that big defeat yesterday.

      Watford can upset Spurs and Leichester City outcome will benefit us no matter whats the score.

      1. 3-4 ? More like 5-6 ? We haven’t been able to score more than 4 this season and if Arsenal want to develop ruthless mentality this is what they should aim for

  3. If wenger goes to jail he will save my christmas.
    None of our loan players are good enough.
    Crowley adelaide dragomir bielik bennacer are the only future of arsenal.
    Bring vieira and bergkamp back.

    There are many good players available
    lukaku Krychowiak
    But wenger thinks his players can match them
    Ramsey is not cazorlas heir
    flamini is not good enough to cover le coq
    we have no energy no fighting at all.

    #Thanks for the memories wenger but its time to say goodbye.

    1. Arsenal are not going to win prem this season. Arsenal are a good team at times but we are not consistent. Arsenal should be at least 6 points clear of Leicester. I think if we say arsenal are contenders for the prem then it is fair to say shitty united who are only 6 points behind arsenal are still on course and have not derailed. United are only two games away from second place and that can easily change. Sorry arsenal have not stepped up I think most big teams have stepped down and yet we still can’t dominate

  4. If we beat Bournemouth tomorrow we will top the table for 24 hours at least and maybe longer

    Yesterday’s result was sickening but not the end of the world.

    Let’s hope yesterdaywas just a nasty bump in the road and lets win tomorrow and continue winning

  5. Tomorrow presents yet another opportunity for Arsenal to seize top spot. If we fail once again to take advantage, then I don’t think we’ll be champions.

  6. Off topic:______
    I rather see Leicester win against City if not draw. No disrespect but I still don’t see them as a threat when compared to city.
    #COYG #WeBelieve.

  7. The defeat is hard to swallow. A team who is supposed to become champions should not allow it self to lose in such a kind of way. Its not the lose alone which is fatal ( losing is normal), its the the way we did lost.

    4 goals are to much. And this is no accident. It happens way to often. Get your S. together Wenger and fix what is there to be fixed. Spend the moneee

        1. That’s how it works on Fifa….surely thickergooner knows what he’s talking about? ‘They’ told him too.

    1. lol i hear you Zulu boy, kunzima but Arsenal will bounce back watch tomorrow when we demolish Bournemouth

  8. I think the only signing we need to win this title is WINNING MENTALITY. We seriously lack in this area. Hey guys we are still in the race. We can go top this tuesday.

  9. If i was any manager in the premier league watching yesterday’s 4-0 i would be taking notes:

    1: Pressure them so they can’t pass from the back
    2: Play long balls; both kos and mert couldn’t handle them
    3: Push them around, especially Ozil and Ramsay so they become frustrated. Once frustrated you won!

    Come on! I don’t have a coaching badge, I’ve only coached 6 and 7 year olds in the summer but i could see clearly what was going on. Koeman watched what Monaco did to us, what zagreb did, what olympiacos did and he did the exact same thing. These millionaire players that still haven’t found it in themselves to understand what their adversaries are doing to get them off their game should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Well spoken. I am very afraid of Barcelona already. To our missfortune we reached the second place only to draw the horror in return. Sigh.

    2. @Dennis
      Bang on Dennis. But most importantly, they targeted our strength(Ozil) and our weakness(Mert) Once these 2 knowns were dealt with, the rest of the team fell apart. AW should have dealt with it at halftime and put on Gabe(Mert) and Chambers(Flamini) And as one of the commentators mentioned, he should have had Oz and Theo trade places, with Theo rollin behind Olivier…

      1. Spot on!

        What makes me laugh, is that Wenger wants the players to respond in the next 48 hours against Bournemouth!
        But shouldn’t Wenger be responsible for responding?
        Why isn’t he able to react to a situation during a game?
        Instead of flapping his arms at the fourth officials and then he goes back to sitting in the dugout with his face buried in his hands.

        It just goes to show that Wenger doesn’t have tactics,
        He just sends the players out on their own accord,
        In the same way as he says” that they all are captains”

        So to me, that means that the players are the coaches as well… They just don’t get to pick the starting 11.

        Bournemouth are no mugs!
        At the moment they are playing well and are on a undefeated run, whilst beating Utd and Chelsea,
        Anyone that is expecting us to whip their ass will be extremely dissapointed!

        Off topic ?
        Elneny has signed for Arsenal today,
        After having a medical on Saturday,
        Arsenal fc will probably announce this on Wednesday.

        1. @FBG
          I think AW is sacrificing his tactics in favor of playing certain players. I understand we’re heavy hit by injury, but anyone with a footballing brain would have known to use Gabe instead of Mert and Chambers instead of Flamini. Chambers, though not prolific at DM plays more up close and physical than Flame. Our midfield was easily overrun.

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