Arsenal transfer bid for Lacazette CONFIRMED by Lyon

For those Arsenal fans who have been worried that the actions of Arsene Wenger and the club this summer will be the same old story of cautious spending and leaving everything until the end of the transfer window, the news reported by the Daily Star today must be very welcome indeed.

The paper reports that the president of the French club Olympique Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, has revealed that his club has received a transfer bid from Arsenal for their France international forward Alexandre Lacazette. Not only that, but it sounds as though our offer was a substantial one and probably enough for Lyon to accept.

Aulas said, “Alexandre Lacazette was told he could leave.

“We had negotiations with Atletico. Things did not work out.

“We now have a very nice offer from Arsenal.

“But for us he will not leave.”

So while the news about this transfer bid from Arsenal is certainly positive, it is far from a confirmation that the prolific Lacazette will be playing for the Gunners in the Premier League next season. Apparently the French striker wanted to join a club with a place in the Champions League, so do you think that Wenger and Arsenal will be able to persuade him to come to London?

At least we know they are trying.



    1. It means the offer is close to their valuation but the deal is not on… They may need to find a suitable replacement (Giroud) first or the player hasn’t agreed terms of his own. Either way Arsene isn’t far off… Get it done!!!

      1. Yeah but he said it’s a nice offer, very nice. He sat down with Arsene and Houlier, so what’s up with that. Why is he sitting down discussing a move one minute, but then saying he will stay here unless he asks to leave the next minute. Lacazette already said he’s leaving, this dude, I can see why Wenger hates dealing with him.

  1. i won’t believe any of these news till i see that it has been confirmed by arsenal. so many rumours out there, just read different articles denying the bid allegedly made by arsenal.

    1. Giroud for Lacazzette is an absolute No-GO. This guy is new to the premier league and there is no guarantee he will hit the ground up and running. I would keep Giroud because he does really well when he has competition and for those games where teams park the bus against us – Giroud has the physicality to make a difference.
      On Lyon pres – Aulus “Shut up u F**K” – do your business the way you want; stop giving bytes – it’s damn irritating. Lacazzete is not anywhere worth 60M- we are desperate so we may have to pay up but I think we are playing the right game – waiting to hear from Mbappe before focussing on Lacazette and Aulus knows that and he is trying to build pressure.

      Irrespective of the striker situation – we just need to get this Lemar guy – a superstar in the making.

  2. From the Lyon’s presidents latest remarks, I am inclined to thinking of Lacazzete as such:

    Group A of Players – Players who prefer heading to a team that is already balanced and are willing to just be part of a winning formula. Eg.

    – Lacazzete
    – Lukaku
    – Di Maria
    – Depay
    – Sterling
    – Etc.

    These players wouldn’t be bothered about there contribution to the team but rather the success that team may bring while been in a comfort zone.

    Group B – players who want to join the team, boss everyone around and be the top dawg at the club: Eg.

    – Ibra
    – CR 7
    – Morata
    – Auba
    – Cavani
    – Kante
    – Diego Costa

    These players are willing to fight and became the main reason for their teams success. Will put in the works to get that star player status where ever they go.

    I definitely know which bracket of player I would prefer at Arsenal. If a player does not want to come in and be the main reason we come out from our slump then maybe we need to search elsewhere.

    1. how many main man do you want on your team. look at real attack 1.ronaldo 2. bale & benzema. simple every1 knows their role. with lacazette its
      main man sanchez
      2nd man ozil & lacazette.

  3. Arsene fc can sign any player on the planet on Newspaper pages except in reality!
    Stop raising the hopes of poor gooners who expect & hope until Wenger smokes his stuff again and does only what Wenger does best.

  4. I just read that Monaco Rejected £135 millon from Arsenal, that Mbappe want Real Madrid move,…….If Wenger really want Lacazette he should have bought him since the ending of last season of i feel he wants him as a second striker after Mbappe.

      1. no team is paying 100m upfront for mbappe. most likely structured like martial deal some upfront other depending player and team achievement like 10m for 20 goals and 5m for finishing top 4.

  5. This is why I said missing out on champions league is a huge blow for us. We are not Manchester United who can attract top players even without champions league. Do you think pogba would have played for us with or without champions league.

    It is very important we make a statement in this transfer season. Even if that means paying £10 to £20 m extra

  6. We get no one, but we tried is that not what matters!
    It’s like the thought of a gift that counts.
    Every year deluded all’s think we will fight for PL glory, but we finish 5th. But hey we thought right.

      1. You sound like you think the reason wobs are asking for a new manager is because it will guarantee us success. It’s because it might help us and they think Wenger has had enough chances. We tried right?, with a new manager we’ll be trying ..right!

    1. Seems like they are trying doesnt it?
      l think its an attitude problem what let us down last year we beat the hell out of Chealsea one game and another we made WBA look like Barca the way they beat us so the players are there just lack a little something to drag us thro tough games when we hit the wall.

  7. Can will be back in November, Jack Will return too, these are 2 of the 3 new signings spoken about.

  8. Can someone more knowledgable than me please shed some light on how Lyon as a team play?
    Do they play counter attacking football where lacazette likes to exploit the space behind with his pace or do they tend to dominate games and have to beat teams parking the bus?

    I guess I’m asking is he a Jaime vardy type or a Gary Lineker type of player?

    Thanks in advance

  9. lol, tranfer season nonsense is in full swing. The more you guys fall for all these false rumours, the more disappointed you’ll end up.

  10. Lacazette would be a fantastic signing. Would prefer Aubameyang though as he is available for £60m. Add a quality central midfielder like Seri and a quality centre back like Manolas and we should be ready too mount a serious challenge.

    1. What is this CB thing? – we have 5 proper CBs including Mert. If necessary Nacho can play CB too. We bought 2 last year – where will you put all of them ?
      Agree with the mid fielder though – but who is available ? Seri isn’t an upgrade. We need someone with the ability of Kroos but where do we find them ?

      1. What about this Kovacic guy in RM – can play as deep playmaker and also as an attacking mid fielder; is this guy gutting enough game time in RM ?

    1. Lacazette is far from average
      Deadly finishing
      Lots of pace
      Excellent forward
      We need a goal hungry cf

      Also he didn’t have Ozil and Alexis at Lyon
      If they stay, Lacazette will hopefully be scoring for fun

  11. i dont understand all this hullabalo about lacazette…the man is benched by our third choice striker Giroud, in the french national team and every body is going bananas over him, am i missing something? or are people missing something?

      1. although they are better strikers out there lacazette would be a 30 goal/season player that we need. positive points:
        1. 38% conversion rate
        ozil on a bad year produces over 100 chances, with ozil vision and lacazette running into space and sanchez disrupting defenders lacazette could easily get many goals

        2. deadly on pk
        not understanding why people are using 14 penalty goals as a argument against him. having a dependable pk taker is good. havent had 1 since arteta.

        3. behind giroud in france team
        wrong, deschamps prefers a big&small combination upfront so he is behind griezmann not giroud. now we could get griezmann instead…

        1. If Lacazette is worth 60M – I would rather have Arsenal spend 10M more get Auba
          Pros – they more or less have the same attributes and Auba has proved himself in a better league.
          Cons – Auba is more of a one trick pony

          Griezmann would be a dream (and would stay a dream probably)

          1. Also find it difficult to understand why no club is going after aubameyang. Must have already agreed to join psg.

        2. Wrong
          When goal stats are being used pens need to be taken off as giroud didn’t take them
          And he wouldn’t take ours

          Secondly Griezman didnt play and Giroud did and Lacazzette still didn’t start so your argument failed

          1. No still big and small combination with giroud and mbappe replacing griezemann. If you tell me lacazette is behind griezemann and now mbappe in France I would agree. But to say giroud is better is false.
            As much as I would love us to get griezemann and mbappe l, lacazette would be my 3Rd and realistic choice.

    1. It seems when Arsenal find gettable players their value decreases with some in here, I could have sworn he was a much popular choice a number of years back.

      France want a player who can hold the ball up well, is good at bringing midfielders into play and has an aerial threat. Giroud and Benzema are the two best at that, that’s all there is to it. You have to remember that France are a huge nation, almost everyone they play parks the bus, so finding space can be a struggle as well we know, and we do the same thing in this situation. Also you cannot argue with Girouds stats for France, and the work he’s done for their midfielders. Some are like that, play better in national side, Rodriquez looks like he might be one. It does beg the question though, why can he not do it over a full season, could it be the winter air, he doesn’t seem the type though.

    2. I agree. Honestly I don’t think Lacazette is any better than Lucas Perez who just needs a chance. Aubameyang is much better and far more suited to play in the Premier League with his athleticism. I’ll be disappointed if Lacazette ends up being our “big” signing of the window.

  12. Please God no not this guy we need to upgrade our squad and this guy is equal to wellback
    We don’t need him we should go all out for the only play making winger in the lique 1 Thomas lemar, and aubameyang and a decent cazorla replacement

  13. Alexandre Lacazette seems to me just a few upgrades to Theo Walcott, nothing special. Take away all those penalties he gets to take and deduct 10 more goals as it is more difficult to score in Premier League. Just another Walcott, may be a better finisher. No physical strength, no aerial threats. He may not be what is needed to improve our strength.

  14. I never rated this guy to be honest. We already have better strikers than him in Welbeck, Giroud, and even Perez

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