Arsenal transfer plans could be derailed by ex-Gunner

Arsenal have been dealt a blow in their pursuit of Thomas Partey.

Arsenal reportedly look to have been dealt a blow in their pursuit of the transfer of Atletico Madrid star Thomas Partey.

According to a surprise report from the Sun, it looks like Atletico are willing to offer the Ghana international to Liverpool as they pursue a deal for former Gunners ace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The report notes that Arsenal have also been linked with Partey, and there’s no doubt we could really do with the signing of the 26-year-old, who has shown himself to be a real midfield powerhouse during his time in La Liga.

It remains to be seen if Liverpool accept this offer, but if they do then our former player Oxlade-Chamberlain would be playing a part in hampering our progress in the transfer market.

You can see why this might be a tempting move for Liverpool, with the Ox not exactly living up to his potential since leaving us to move to Anfield.

Let’s hope, however, that we can still somehow win the race for Partey’s signature as he looks a much-needed upgrade on the likes of Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira in midfield.

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  1. Who could want a no-gooder like Chamberlain? Eh? He was no good in Asn’l, that’s why we let him go, and he is now no good in Liverpool? And he is always on rehab. This must be fake news.

      1. Intelligence is 99 % input – and that input isn’t drugs. Learn how to read and think better. Read books. Good intelligent books. And you will fly all around the Moon.

  2. Come on, Liverpool! You’re good enough as it is! It will be no fun if you get all the best players! Yeah, you can go for 114 pts, that’s a fantastic ambition, and with TP it’s realistic. I guess it’s typical for Klopp thinking. But you would kill all the interest, no one but your own fans want to watch you winning every match with 4-0 or more – and there is always a risk for a second wave. Don’t forget that. Do you poolers want us poor suckers to hope fore a second wave? Then your not of the human kind. Have a heart! I beg you. And as you know so well yourselves, it’s no fun to walk alone (as you did this last “corrupt” season).

  3. Partey will play for Arsenal when a vaccine is found.

    Because until then, it won’t be no football!

    Now it is okay to smoke weed, really opens up imagination, can go on all day!

    Even confined, dude is flying outa here; sees OX in that Athletico shirt.

    He should share that good Snoop Marley stuff; I can already see multiple swaps announced here.

    Arsenal been offered 2 swaps: Courtois or Neuer for Leno!

    Arsenal accepts to let Sokratis go for Koulibaly!

    Mbappe swapped for Ozil!

    Ronaldo swapped for Ronaldo!

    Arsenal and Liverpool agree on a straight swaps of Luiz for Virgil VJ!

    Reporting for Just Arsenal’s “weed spot.”.

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