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Hello guys, good day to you all. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher that many of us are going nuts about the fact that we are not signing players at the rate that Manchester United and Liverpool are doing. Of course both teams finished below us and needed this transfer window a lot more than we do. This however hasn’t stopped the average Arsenal fan from getting depressed and cursing Wenger.

I was on the thread yesterday that implied that Wenger may not sign more players and believe me, bloggers on that thread were going absolutely nuts. I cannot remember the last time I witnessed such negativity and anger. Well, except you started following Arsenal a few months ago, this is typical Wenger talk. If you are not familiar with the Arsenal way, I can tell you for a fact that we are not Real Madrid so save your energy. We don’t throw our toys out of the pram (Angel Di Maria, Alvaro Morata, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Mesut Ozil etc) just because we want new toys. That is just silly.

For all this talk about missing out on Morgan Schneiderlin, nobody has told me what he can do that our very own Francis Coquelin cannot do. Coquelin’s only crime is that he did not cost us 20 million pounds. It is ridiculous how folks are bitching about us not signing a defensive midfielder while we have Francis. Look at his stats last season. Compare it with that of top defensive midfielders like Schneiderlin and Matic. Coquelin held his own and compared favorably. In fact, when you are done looking at all those stats, the one thing you will come out with is that these three are on the same level. So why are we freaking out? Yes we would like another defensive midfield lynchpin to back up Coquelin, just in case he gets injured or needs to be rested, but here is the question. Do you think that for 28 million pounds, Arturo Vidal will sit on the Arsenal bench waiting for Francis to get injured? Do you think Morgan Schneiderlin, whom Manchester United bought for a similar amount, will do the same? You cannot pay that kind of money for a top player and not play him. At the same time, you cannot bench a top player like Coquelin who did his job to perfection and was one of our best performers last year, in search of someone who is just as good as him.

That is just cruel. Why bother having an academy if you will not give a chance to hard working youth who have earned it? Should we replace Gibbs and Wilshere too just because they did not cost us millions? Messi, Iniesta, Pique, Pedro and Xavi cost Barca nothing too. But look at them. They have been given that chance and they have won everything. Arsenal is on the up. We are winning trophies now. So why do we need to enter the market and shop like Liverpool? We need to grow up when it comes to transfers. The work involved is not child’s play. None of us here can do what Wenger does and if you think you can, you must be totally full of yourself.

The Arsenal brand is just like the Barcelona brand. Our team is a mix of top purchases and top home grown players. That is how we do it. If you don’t know this by now, you had better get with the programme before you give yourself hypertension. Hector Bellerin, Francis Coquelin, Keiran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott are just some of our home grown players that have risen to the top ,and have the ability to mix it with the best and play in any top team in the world. If not, why does Barcelona want Bellerin back? Why is Man City willing to cough up 40 million for our very own Jack Wilshere? Why did Mourinho demand Ox or Walcott in return for selling us Peter Cech? Why is Real Madrid interested in Ospina? Why can’t Bayern Munich get over the fact that Koscielny is not for sale? Why is Juventus lusting after Mesut Ozil and Atletico Madrid is this close to kidnapping Santi Cazorla? These are all Arsenal players that we don’t seem to value whenever the transfer window comes around and yet all the top teams in the world are interested in our players.

I can understand fans wanting a backup for Coquelin. I want the same too. But what can Arturo Vidal do in the holding midfield role that our own Aaron Ramsey cannot do? Is this because Ramsey only cost us 5 million and was not purchased from Real Madrid? Well, if it makes you feel better, if we put Ramsey up for sale right now, he will fetch us Raheem Sterling kind of money. Barcelona let it be known that they are prepared to pay as much as 50 million for Aaron Ramsey. This was just a few months ago and Ramsey is not even in our first eleven at the moment. Barca is willing to buy one of our subs for 50 million and we are here crying like our players are rubbish. Be rest assured that our home grown players are worth as much as those other players we are losing sleep over. And please don’t point to Arteta and Flamini while making your point. Every sensible Arsenal fan knows that those two won’t even make the bench next season. So, no they will not back up Coquelin. Ramsey will. He deserves to play and he can.

In conclusion. We have a good and deep squad. We don’t need wholesale changes, unlike Liverpool and United. Wenger always talks like this. A few days before the Cech deal was announced, Wenger publicly claimed he was not interested in him because he already has top goal keepers that he is happy with. This same Wenger went as far as claiming that he had never heard of Santi Cazorla. At the time of making this claim, the deal for Cazorla had all been wrapped up. A medical was all that was left. Wenger talks like this but he almost always does the opposite. Right now, we just need a central striker because there is room for improvement in that department and reliable sources have tweeted that we have made bids for Lacazzette and Aubameyang. For the millionth time, the window is still open. All of this may fall on deaf ears but it wouldn’t stop me from saying what needs to be said. After all, isn’t that why we all gather here? To console each other and argue sensibly?


Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. Look Uche!
    What I do care is getting new top class striker, if that’s mean sacrifising all our money for getting one, let it be.
    You all guys admit that Coq is a very good starter, if not excellent, but all of us can see the deficency upfront. Non of our so called strikers can make it in the top 10/15 teams, it is only Arsenal and Arsene can tolerate this for long 3yrs, why? This is beyond me.

    1. Exactly my sentiments for the ST situation. The ones we have make you miss Eduardo da silva and much more RVP and Henry.
      Coq is a good starter no doubt. But we need a quality cover and he needs competition and someone better or similar calibre that would rotate with him or give us flexibility in other games. Schneiderlin would have been great. And I don’t think Coq would have a problem with that. Many of these players at Arsenal should not because chances are they will not start also at other big clubs so they will have to step down to Everton and Southampton for example to get more game time. Which other top clubs would Giroud start at?
      Look at the best teams in the world. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea etc. They have quality in depth and not just numbers for depth that is the case with Arteta and Flamini. E.g Ribery and Robben get injured and you have Gotze and Douglas Costa who can come in and maintain similar level of play.

      1. All those teams you mentioned would have to change their squads, if the homegrown rule is applicable to their league. Arsenal are in a great position. Additions are welcome, but they have to be smart additions.

      2. All those teams you mentioned would have to change their squads, if the homegrown rule is applicable to their league. Additions are welcome, but they have to be smart additions.

    2. Perhaps, Mr. Wenger has come to the same conclusion as I have. When your team scores only 2 fewer goals than the champions, but finish 15 points behind them, the problem isn’t with the strikers, or your attack.

      1. You’re gonna have a tough time selling that around here. This site isn’t known for displaying our more intelligent fans.

        The people on here would have us spending 50mil on Higuain only because he is expensive.

        We fixed a lot with Cech. The back 4 is going to be a lot more comfortable with a top keeper. I’d like to see a DM type come in. Not necessarily a star like these chuds have been crying about. Someone good but only to push Coq. It’s funny that people would think Schneiderlin would come here to ride a bench.

        I don’t necessarily think we need a striker unless something big come along. If Benzema pops up, we will be in on him. But to get Lacazette for the sake of buying is just stupid. Keep in mind he doesn’t even got on the pitch nationally above Giroud and Benz.

      2. Cech took all of one match to prove his quality. A pivotal World-class save that was the difference between them equalizing and us holding a lead. It may have just been a pre-season friendly, except make no mistake, it’s those kinds of saves which win you points..
        All of our defenders have looked great so far. Was particularly impressed with Gibbs going forward last night, and Chambers as well, looked far more composed than his spurts at RB last season. Kos and Cech seem the only shoe-ins in defence for our go to starting XI next season. The other spots still definitely up for grabs.
        For all of the questions raised about a back-up for Coquelin, we looked pretty secure with Ramsey and Cazorla deep. Just saying… And that was with our more attacking full-backs as well.

      3. Wow! When you put it like that, its quite crazy how we have been looking at this really!

        Good point mate!

    3. Uche made it clear that we need striker for Giroud’s competition,so if you are slating him,u need to re-read the article. He also pointed out that those DMs linked to us are not gonna sit on bench cos of their status and transfer money.

      Let me say here,buying Vidal type will consign coq to the bench and will ruin his blossoming career. Better we can get someone who will be a back-up to him.

      May I suggest Mikel of chelsea. I know I will be thumbed down but its a suggestion. That guy will not walk straight into the team except coq has injury or rotation. Get him on loan. Then we are covered!

    4. Well put Uche
      Now hope that puts an end to Charlie’s views on the DM subject,dusted and end of story. Now to move on CB

  2. Some of statements in this article is not based on facts rather they are based on emotions which makes the article a little biased. And some of the statements are based on rumors, at some point I feel like I am reading mirror.To say that we have a good players, we don’t have to diminish the quality of other payers we didn’t sign.

  3. You speak with logic and knowledge about the game. Many fans don’t realize how good most of our players are. They prefer Wenger pay ridiculous amount of money on players who will only be squad players. Wenger makes good use of the resources. That’s why we are sustainable.

      1. Kan I mean we don’t need incur a whole lot of debt to acquire players who are nothing but average. Most of the players we are said to be linked with are not automatic starters in our team. We only need a world class striker. If you find one please let me know.

        1. If you do watch football, you don’t need anyone to tell you who is better than giroud out there, please don’t bring up stats, I hate them … Stats have been used here ignorantly

          1. Like minutes per goal and conversion rate? Those sort of stats? It means nothing if their highlight reel on youtube isn’t flashy!!

        2. really? do you even know the players Arsenal linked to so far? if you think players like Vidal, Schneiderlin, Benzema, Cavani, Lacazette,Pedro are not automatic starter in our team, you are wrong. More are you are deluded actually.

    1. ”Wenger makes good use of the resources. That’s why we are sustainable.” I disagree
      What about starting a season with only two cb’s?
      Which of the top 10 clubs would play Mert as a starter?
      How long we have been crying for a natural dm?
      The emergence of Coq, who takes credit, wenger or injuries?
      Forget about sustainabilty, is our front line with giroud for 3yrs experiment is good enough?

    2. @soccerboy,
      Southampton also makes good use of resources and are sustainable and so does Everton, Swansea and Stoke City. That is what separates us and them from the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea, Man City, Man utd…they want to win and they show it. Its not some false hope or belief for a miracle to win the league every season. They go out there and boost their squads with top quality players.
      When we reach the point that we don’t need to improve the squad…I will be the first here saying that. Until then, this squad is not capable of winning major titles.

      1. did we not just win back to back FA cups?
        just saying, Everton have not won any trophy for 30m years, just saying

  4. A thorough bred quality striker is all that is needed to push on higher next season…no more donkey upfront!

  5. The striker position is honestly really the only position I’m apprehensive about…okay, and maybe a top class CB. The midfield squad is loaded and it’s easily the best in the league technical talent wise. I mean looking at Man United becoming another Man City is a pretty sad state of affairs in my opinion….I wouldn’t want to be a youth player there. My point is I pretty much concur with the article more or less. Like Arsene said, the team will evolve this year, and adding new talent will come about only if it’s someone truly exceptional. Hence, a CB and CF.

  6. Wondering y no one is linked to Barkley. But after yesterdays goal, rumours will start soon. He is very good player though.

  7. Why is Arturo vidal mentioned as a backup for le coq in this article? If we sign arturo, I assure you it would be the other way around. I know he isn’t a defensive midfielder, but I think the traditional dmf is going extinct. Juventus don’t play with a dmf, they just defend as a team. And that’s why I think wenger occasionally plays Ramsey and jack at without coq.
    I think signing a forward will be a better investment.

    1. Vidal isn’t DM he often goes forward. We have Ramsey to do that role. We need player who can play DM as well as CB when required.

        1. I think we will fall back to wanyama in final days. Saints will not sell him for sure especially at the end of transfer window.

  8. I agree with you xan, Per doesn’t just cut it with me. A top quality striker is the most important and then a CB. Wenger doesn’t see this and it’s just frustrating. Nice job Uche as always. AOB till he leaves. #OluwaMarky

  9. Giroud always says he wants second striker for compitetion. Looks like he isn’t motivated enough he wants some other striker to propel him!
    It means even giroud thinks he isn’t good enough to win title for arsenal.

    1. I suspect he said that telling wenger he is good enough … If I was him I would keep my mouth shut

    2. I hate these sort of comments. Wildly assumptive assertions based on something small as though it’s absolute.
      ‘If he says this, it must mean this’ no… It doesn’t.
      We’re a top club who wants to compete deep in a minimum of three competitions, perhaps four if our youngsters can get us through to the deeper rounds in the Carling Cup.
      I highly doubt when Giroud was injured watching Welbeck struggling for form from the sidelines he had any doubts that he could reclaim the striker position with ease.. Which he did. Do you honestly not think it possible that Giroud wishes for Arsenal the same thing we do? Another player to heavily compete with for the starting spot and reliably do a job if Giroud’s either injured or in need of a rest?

      1. These kind of statements shouldn’t be made by player who wants another player to replace him. Its called negativity. This isn’t first time he said like this..

    3. Holy hell is that a dumb answer. Yes. Giroud is telling Wenger that he isn’t good enough. Statements like that show you have never played the game. It’s great having people with different skill sets than yourself. It’s called learning from others. But I don’t suspect learning is one of your stronger traits

  10. Galatasaray are said to be very interested in buying Flamini and Arsenal are believed to be in the mood to do business..Surely Arsene will sign a DM either out of need or to replace Flamini and the injury to Arteta is another prompt..I am optimistic

  11. Captain band should go to someone who plays regularly but not arteta. Even if he is fit I dont see him displacing anyone unless Wenger steps-in. Give it to cazorla or kos. They deserve it.

  12. My concern is what happens
    if Coquelin gets a 4 month
    injury on Sept 3rd?
    Are Arteta and Flamini good enough
    to hold the fort till January?
    Or do they convert Ramsey or Wilshere
    or Chambers or Gabriel or Debuchy?
    What’s the plan Uche? 🙂

    1. @davidnz, Ramsey can back up Coquelin if he gets injured. All that is needed is that instruction from Wenger telling him to stay back, don’t attack. Just protect your back four. Ramsey is our most complete midfielder. He is the strongest of them all. He tackles well and has an amazing engine. You need to understand that signing a defensive midfielder good enough to back up Coq presents us with two big problems. First, the person will not want to sit on the bench. All these things constitute what goes into contract agreements. Before a player agrees to join you, they ask pertinent questions like where they will play and if they are in the starting eleven. We have lost a lot of potential signings because we could not guarantee them that they will be in the starting eleven and that they will play in their preferred position. Secondly, we have so many top midfielders that in order to keep them and give them game time, we need to play some of them out of position. Case in point is Ramsey and Wilshire. What do we do with those two when cazorla and ozil are playing brilliantly week in week out? Ramsey cannot bench Santi at the moment and Wilshire cannot displace Ozil in the number ten role. So rather than bench them and not play them, Wenger is pushing Jack wide and Ramsey to the base of our midfield where coquelin plays. That way everybody gets games. Managing players is difficult. Nobody wants to address this issue of how to manage our players. They just want signings. It is not that easy.

      1. we have had a decade of using players out of position…it hasnt worked..whatever you think of ramsey…and in my books he is a decent b2b but certainly not top class…he is not going to control the area between edge of box and centre line which is what all great DMs do…nor has coquelin proved that to me…he is a guttusso type player and has improved massively in that role…not convinced it is what will take us to challenging for titles however which is why a cavalho type DM is a needed addition especially as arteta and flamini are obviously not up to the task…but have always said that wengers job is to get best out of ozil santi and wilshere who are the real creative world class strengths of this squad…they need protection behind them and options in front…at moment the real worry is that wenger will continue to use mertesakher at CB and fail to bring in quality striker…so the song remains the same…without quality DM and attacking option we will be trying to retain 3rd place and reach qf of cl

        1. It hasn’t worked ? Henry, Walcott, RVP, Bellerin, Gibbs, Cazorla, all played different positions when they came to Arsenal

          1. that conversion… they only became good (or great in henry’s case) when they stuck to their preferred position…which is the point..wenger has failed endlessly by shifting players out of position over last 4 or 5 years

          2. Bergkamp, Lauren, Toure, Silva, Cole were all “out of position”/”converted” as well.

    2. well that is kind of the problem for all teams and if it doers happen to us again, Arsenal will not win the title. If it doesn´t though….

  13. We need a DM to defend and not to keep going forward….

    When a DM goes forward, usually theres someone to cover or there will be a hole

  14. Before Song left for barcelono he had forgotten to defend. He saw himself as a play maker. Though he assisted RVP couple of goals. At barca, he had better play maker and better dm than him. Result flop

    1. He forgot to defend coz there was no one who could replace fabregas . I remember how shitty and boring our games were at that time. Rvp and song saved our season.

  15. 50/55m ought to buy us a top class striker and a disciplined physical DM player.
    Say upto 40m on the striker and 15m on the DM.
    For the DM role we just need a dare I say more disciplined, (and slightly less crazy) Frimpong type player, young fit and aggresive in their tackles. This player could be Lee Cattermole, McCarthy, Jedinak etc. They must be an upgrade on Arteta/Flamini and be prepared to have quite a bit of bench time. They should be very appreciative of coming to Arsenal as per Callum Chambers.
    All the above is why I believe Wenger was targeting Carvalho, a young player that he could mould, influence and bring on.
    Goodness knows what Wenger plans now!

  16. I believe the long term plan, (but we need a solution now!) for DM is maybe Chambers, Hayden, Bielek, Gabriel. It would explain why Wenger may be looking for a CB, frees up Gabriel and provides a succesor to Per.

  17. On the striker situation I do hope Wenger is progressing with his target well. Reading this morning that LVG has a suprise target for up front. I have a feeeling they will do anything within their power to stop us strengthening this window. If they come in for our target can we/will we match them financially? I think not.

  18. We still need great back up. James Milner would have been a great player to have and Aston villa Christian Christian ben well say no more great player again gone. Man U will push for the EPL no problems but we can’t take this away the amount of points shy of winning the EPL it was bad. Our team full apart all the time. So good players to come in as back up so we can rest some for big games needs to be done. The fans buying the over priced tops has gone mad. The cash they have from that alone can buy players

  19. I really don’t rate Lacazette above Giroud imo. Yes he lighted Ligue 1 last season and he’s also very good, but you all forgot Giroud won the Ligue 1 with him being montpellier’s striker and he was also the joint highest goal scorer in ligue 1 when they did and the following season we bought him. The problem is not that Giroud is not a world class striker, its just that he’s not a world class finisher, if he could work on his finishing, then he’s in that mold because we rate strikers based on goals scored e.g Aguero, Suarez, Zlatan etc. Aguero was the highest goal scorer in the league last season, but he went through goal drought too but no one slated him. Not all good strikers are good finishers, but all good finishers are good strikers, sadly, Giroud falls in the first category.

    Opinions divided. What do y’all think?

  20. I partly agree with part of your argument however getting an expensive player especially highly rated, boosts team morale by supersonic figures. Assume Suarez was an Arsenal player today; what will we be talking about? One player can make a difference but in our case, we jump into opportunities just like an opportunity knocking from the city of East Manchester where we have shown interest to another OG clone so that we can still stay with the same problems every year. At least one BPL or CL cup next year and you won’t see these fans complaining again. Arsenal sports director and manager must be very mean people indeed.

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