Arsenal transfer budget, reality or just a myth?

So much has been made about the Arsenal transfer budget available to Unai Emery but with so many rumours and various amounts of fee’s being touted something is wrong somewhere.

I was just looking through the latest rumours and came across “Arsenal could beat Manchester United to William Saliba signing in coming weeks” and his fee? £23 Million.

Then there is Yannick Carrasco at £25 Million, the Sampdoria pair of Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen at a combined fee from £40 Million to £50 Million and so on and these are all apparent bids that have actually been tabled and even more eye-opening, these are from just the last few days.

Now, the transfer Budget is said to be roughly £40 Million with any incoming transfer fees added on top and yet no players have been sold as of yet and even if there are deals in the pipeline, how much do you think will be raised?

Whatever the amount would be I can assure you it will be nowhere near the amount that Arsenal are said to have tabled in official bids or on players that they are interested in.

The £40 Million figure originated in the media from what I can tell and not from the club themselves, well I cannot find anything official and while I have no doubt that there is a budget i am not inclined to believe that it is as low as the reported £40 Million.

But at the same time I also know it is ridiculous to think that we can afford all the players that we are said to have tabled bids for and please note, I am talking about actual bids, not all the rumours, that would require at least a Billion to cover every player we have been linked with.

However much it is and the truth is no one knows I suspect it will be significantly more than £40 Million and that leads me to a conclusion that the £40 Million figure is a myth.


  1. i do too believe it is more than 40 million , there is also the addidas deal which is suppose to bring money to the club

  2. Its the usual press bashing of Arsenal. Did you notice that the first mention of the £40m transfer budget appeared in articles the day after Arsenal’s defeat in the Europa final. Some football writers fairly salivated at the opportune moment to twist the knife. The £40m budget us as much a work of fiction as it was last summer.

  3. It was 40 million last year, we spent 75 plus wages and signing on fees. So i think with the new kit deal it closer to 100 million plus player sales. I guess we will see ovwr the next 3 months but for me a RB, LB, CB, 2x CMD, 2x Wingers need to be brought in. Weather thats by promoting from our youth ranks in loans coming back in. Also replacing any players we sell too

  4. Well 40mill is Ornstein’s number so it is accurate. Whether he included the Adidas deal in that number I don’t recall. Either way, nothing has happened to suggest it true or false yet as we haven’t even bid for a single player yet. It’s best to stay pessimistic when it comes to Aresnal and transfers though.

      1. Well the information he’s fed is very rarely wrong, so I’m going to stick with what he says. Far, far better track record than the rest of the journo’s, and consistently embarrasses the ITK’s.

  5. It is 40 million as mentioned earlier, they would be able to afford all these players once they sell the countless players they dont need, so do the math …. total cost of players arsenal want is 100m…. 40 is what they have…. im sure by selling mikhtaryan and ozil atleast that would 60m… im just talking about those 2 players that they most probably dont need…. but there is like 4 or 5 more… write me back if interested in discussing it.

    1. I don’t hear or see many teams being interested in our over paid under performers so to think we will have additional money from player sales is optimistic.

  6. I agree with you admin that the £40 million is fantasy.
    Hearing Lazio in for Callum Chambers for a miserly £12.5 million, having cost us £17 million after being player of the season on loan!?wtf?

  7. We also have to think how deals are structured these days where generally the total cost is with all the clauses and bonuses have been achieved. So signing Saliba for example, if we were to loan him back they may structure the deal so that there is a fee upfront i.e 5-10m another 10m when he signs on full time the following season and an additional 5-10m based on appearances performance and possible title wins.

  8. The purported figure came from Ornstein, so am inclined to believe … But come August, we will know for sure..

  9. Plus the media are jumping on the back of the Torrieras interview where says he misses living in Italy. If the media released the full detail on the interview they wouldn’t get the the ability to create click bait would they. Like arsenal’s so called “40m” budget is just more media “click bait” im sure ornstien’s words “Arsenals budget is thought to be 40-45m” in his tweet if remember rightly, but i may be wrong.

  10. It’s now we will find out just how committed Kronke is to Arsenal Football Club.The whole Club needs a lift and what better way of doing this is there other than to put realistic transfer funds inti the coffers to buy the quality we need to move forward.
    Chelsea will have to make do with what they have and that’s minus Hazard as well.I don’t care how good they believe they are-without Hazard they are certainly no better off than us (obviously not including the fa t that they have defenders and we don’t)
    Spuds are not exactly cash rich.One more trophyless season and the great migration will begin for them with all their top (sic) players looking to move on.
    Man Utd have a rebuilding job just as big as what we have. And a manager that choked as Emery did when the final games came about.
    So Kronke it’s over to you.Give Raul the funds to buy the quality we so desperately need and let’s see where we end up.If not we are likely to be in that second tier fighting for a EL place.

    1. Concur

      This transfer season silent stan can’t blag his way out off
      “Money where your mouth time”.

      The other way of looking at it is they declare we have little money to spend so it doesn’t drive up the price of the player

      Does any one really care any more
      Not I.

    2. No Phil. It is NOT “now we will find out how committed Kroenke is….” etc! It was the whole decade plus that Kroenke has already owned us. It is ludicrous optimism gone mad to even hope a life long Scrooge with a decade plus of not investing in us will now change the habits of his Scroogy lifetime. It just won’t happen Phil. Surely you, with all your vast Arsenal experience, know that ! The rest of your post was realism supreme but to actually “hope” for Kroenkes help is laughably naive.

  11. Repeating someone else’s comment from a previous post: £40million has been put out there through back channels by the arsenal hierarchy. Reason so selling clubs do not think they can doubles the price when aresenal get in touch. It’s clever. £60-£70million probably realistic.

  12. It will be so unlogical for arsenal not to sign significant players this transfer, let’s just chill and watch the signings that will come in which I believe will be improvement on our previous summer signings of Torreira, Leno, Papa, Guendouzi.
    Martinelli will be announced soon deal already done and dusted, let’s see what follows

  13. Dont like to be the bearer of bad news guys and girls, but it`s rumoured on newsnow that ………………………….

    Failure to qualify for the Champions League means Arsenal will post losses for the 2018/19 season – for the first time in 17 years.
    Profits from player sales to fall by over £100 million in next set of accounts.

  14. Apparently one of our coaches has bitten the dust. Maybe whoever replaces him will do a better job

    1. Hopefully it’s Steve bold the common denominator shocking defence with and without AW same mistakes again and again how he never gets a bashing from fans is beyond me….

  15. I don’t believe for a second that the budget is only a measly £40 mil. Load of rubbish! Kroenke wouldn’t do that to us.

    I’m 100% sure it’s actually £45 million

  16. Failure to qualify for the Champions League means Arsenal will post losses for the 2018/19 season – for the first time in 17 years.
    Profits from player sales to fall by over £100 million in next set of accounts.

  17. Why not spend good money on Wilf Zaha and James Maddison, and Tierney rather than farting around looking for players who may or may not suit the Premier League. Zaha is at his peak and young enough, James Maddison would be our new Aaron Ramsey and Tierney could be another Andrew Robertson. Why do we always try to save a few bob and then panic buy who we don’t want on deadline day.

  18. How can it be 40M,when TV revenues will be at least 90M,money frim our European run meaning more TV money plus gates money,then players retiring,out of contract,players will be sold a good few,sponshorsips money,also money for players sent on loans,even if kroenke’s is right b,there is no way he is gonna left us with 40M,i’ll be back at the start of the season boasting how right I was all along!!

  19. I have a hard time believing a 40M budget. That buys one decent player in today’s market. Norwich and Aston Villa will probably spend more than that. Hope I’m right. We need a lot of new faces this summer. When will we sell Mustafi???

  20. Am afraid that this £40m could be true since there’s no movement whatsoever in the transfer market to suggest otherwise.

  21. I believe that exits are being arranged behind closed doors and that the “warchest” has grown due to that. That’s why the club is bidding in a couple of places. I reckon that the club is likely to have around 60 million quid with projected player sales.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that one transfer will cancel another. For instance, Sampdoria duo would close the Carrasco deal.

    1. I honk there are many moving parts, there will be an allocation of funds (to whatever amount is available) however I think you are right in the sense if we secure a deal and outgoing sales don’t conclude it may close a deal that is being set up.

  22. Finally some sense,we are getting around 90M from tv revenues,money from Europea and tickets sales,we have already 4 players leaving freeing funds,sponsorship and some players will be sold,finaly like the author of the post rightly wrote no one(officials)came out and said that our budget was 40M,people believe everything Metro and Co write, it is beyond farcical,COYG!!

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