Arsenal transfer budget reports are wrong, they have much more money

For months now we have all been lead to believe that the Arsenal transfer budget was just £45 Million. Well, it turns out that was all a smokescreen and it is much more.

Apparently, if Arsenal wants to they can go as high as £70 Million for the signature of Wilfried Zaha, according to Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Solhekol.

It has suited Arsenal to have everyone believe they had a restricted transfer budget and they are now expected to make a second bid for the Crystal Palace forward.

Speaking on Sky Sports The Transfer Show, Solhekol said,

“We know that Arsenal have made a bid of £40m and we know that Crystal Palace are not going to sell him for that kind of money,” he said. “They are looking for at least double that if they decide to let him go.”

“People are expecting Arsenal to come in with another bid, and we have spoken to people involved in the negotiations and an improved bid has not been made yet. There is every expectation that Arsenal will make that improved bid.

“Interestingly, we have read that Arsenal’s transfer budget this summer, because they have missed out on the Champions League, is just £45m, plus what they can raise from selling players.

“We have kept reading that, £45m. People are thinking ‘why are Arsenal trying to sign a player who Crystal Palace are saying is worth £80m, when they only have £45m?’

“What I have been told is that it suits Arsenal that people think they only have £45m, because when they get into negotiations over a player, the selling club is going to think Arsenal don’t have much money.

“What I have been told is that this is a bit of a smokescreen and Arsenal can go up to £70m to buy Wilfried Zaha. £70m is the point at which they would walk away. A deal that would be worth £70m in total.

“We just have to take it with a pinch of salt that Arsenal only have £45m. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world. We are not talking about £300m for Neymar, this is £70m in total. I think Arsenal can do that.”

Well, that is a turn up isn’t it, that explains why the club have been tabling bids all over the place, they have the funds.

Does that mean that Stan Kroenke has finally sanctioned the increase in spending? who knows, but something must have happened but whatever it is, who cares.

Now we know the club can compete and that puts a different slant on things, now the transfer window will be far more interesting.

It also puts the £50 Million offer for Harry Maguire in a different light.

Have to be honest, a little more excited now.


  1. I’ve been saying this for a while

    If we went public with a huge budget, all that would do is add a premium to any fees quoted

    I believe we are in a much better place than expected

  2. Only the club knows how much funds are available, anything else is speculation.

    Adidas deal worth £60 million per year, so only £45 million isn’t fooling anyone or any other club.

    Clubs are aware of the tactic, many try it, and rarely fools anyone. Celtic not fooled, Saliba negotiations not fooled, neither is Crystal Palace.

    1. Clubs are actually fooled by it and the business of Arsenal over the years will fool clubs.Quite recently, before we signed Lacazette, Aulas even attested to the fact that Arsenal do not spend much a huge sum of money(£50m) on one player.This must have helped the club in terms of the payment structure i.e the initial upfront amount to be paid and quite possibly even reduced the overall fee for Arsenal.If it doesn’t work we would never use it

    2. Celtic allowed us to have Tierney for £18.3m + add ons.I don’t think Man City or Man Utd would’ve been able to get such a low fee for him.They would surely want more before add ons

  3. Once again the ITK’s were right.Stan Kroenke hasnt sanctioned increase in spending. I remember saying here Arsenal didnt have a transfer budget of £45m but around £70m before sales.
    Ornstein is our mouthpiece for transfers so we usually communicate such things to him but that doesn’t mean the information is right.
    We shouldn’t be fooled into thinking we have a massive budget though as the club has been sanctioning transfers in small instalments and it’s clear that we are trying to sell many players to increase the budget.Even if we go £70m for Zaha it’s going to take a whole lot of negotiations for us to come to an agreement with Palace on the payment structure and we do not pay all upfront.

    Many here will be proved wrong once again.Welcome to Arsenal Kieran Tierney and William Saliba.Tierney is a Gunner.Saliba next

    1. Saliba signed a week ago according to you Kev ,where’s the announcement.
      Tierney the bookmakers are still taking money ,so you have jumped the gun again like so many times before on here ,not sure why you do it .
      Tierney looks like he will sign but he hasn’t yet so maybe stop by it’s the done deals .

      1. Done deal in the context of fee and personal terms being agreed.Not jumping the gun.

        I didn’t say Saliba has signed.I said the paperwork to bring him here is complete thus he would sign subject to a medical.

        I also didnt follow media in the Tierney news so please do not imply such a scenario.Not long ago we heard of how Napoli were set to hijack from media.Turns out it’s false news once.

        Both will sign subject to a medical

        1. What you make no sense at all .so when you say done deal it means that they haven’t passed medical, they haven’t signed anything but its a done deal .
          All you’ve done is confirm what most average joes already know and put your own spin on it .
          So he’s signed for 18.3 mill plus add ons ?we will wait and see when it’s confirmed he’s actually signed then

          1. Not being funny Kev but you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet .

          2. It’s about the context in which it’s used.I said the context I used it means the fee and personal terms are agreed.Without these two requirements no transfer can be transferred to a club.None have signed but the fee and personal terms have been agreed and that means the deal is done pending a medical.

            I do not ask you to believe me or waste your time on me.Just reporting what is online which so far has been spot on and 1000 times more reliable and faster than media.

          3. I’d rather believe everything I read online from reliable ITK’s than everything in the media.I do not ask you to rely on the info and you can count it as rubbish many have.But as for me I know what I have seen from the ITK’s not only for Arsenal news but those for our rivals.Thankfully they also give the news far ahead of time before it gets to media and I’m willing to prove it if you want me to

    2. Kev, You are now conceding that you talk a lot of rubbish purely being a mouthpiece for unreliable secondhand information from a journalist; when the facts were clear as to what the minimum amount of funds available for transfer business this Summer was before any player sales; that was as I wrote many times before and also posted on fb; £45(£60m from this years tranche of the £300m 5year Adidas Contract – £15m owing on the books) + £31.43m from having reached Europa Cup Final including TV rights making a grand total of £76.43m GUARANTEED ON THE BOOKS before any player sales.

      With player sales of Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi and Jenkinson, another £40m – £60m.

      Thus Arsenal could have £76.41m + £60m = £136.41m to use for signing players and they will be done on an amortised basis, thus truncated over the contract period of each player.

      My argument since Arsenal lost the Europa Cup Final as to the guaranteed funds available to Arsenal as £76.41m before player sales are now vindicated And You guys were WRONG and were merely pandering to “Fake News” of Omstein of the BBC.

      1. Man have you been reading my posts or you just have an agenda??I posted a month ago that Arsenal had around £70m before sales and I obtained this information from some reliable ITK’s.So just because you think you are right you dare have a go at me?Stay in your lane.Infact since you’ve been able to come up with the exact figure go to Arsenal and collect the award for being the smartest person of the year.Also it seems you don’t even understand Orstein’s news.He isn’t fake,he’s the clubs mouthpiece.The club use him to spread false info too as well as right ones.Get your facts straight before speaking because he knows more than we all do when it comes transfer dealings and I’m sure he must find it funny when we think we know better than him.Youve proved how right you are to yourself.Please back off now

  4. ? Raul is playing it smart! I have not had anything about CD being linked with us since I was concerned with ????? 45mils of transfer fee.

  5. No news is good news in my opinion.
    We have made a bid on Monday for Zaha and we have not heard anything else since ,when Man Utd was bidding for their right back we were told their offers had been declined this is not the case for Zaha so far .weve had no notifications saying the bid as not been accepted only rumours that have made the media .
    Also the teirney news as gone quite but the odds have shortened to 1/7 on which means to me that there’s something going on in the background.
    Hopefully these 2 signings get over the finish line and any more would be a bonus for me

    1. Bid indeed was rejected and even confirmed by Ornstein and other journalists on Twitter.

      Tierney will join Arsenal once his replacement is confirmed today or tomorrow.

      Media is just late as usual and will continue to lie.They have reported about five different bids for Tierney of which most are lies and even claimed Napoli were about to hijack the deal.Same with Saliba to Spurs where they were never really in for him

    1. Pablo, the only way not to be fooled, is to follow the official websites.

      The report when a player has been SIGNED, not if paperwork has been done or medicals completed and just the fee to be agreed.

      Everything kev says might happen, but is purely guesswork, nothing more and nothing less.

      To date, we have been linked with over 150 players and I’m reliable informed that salaries, paperwork and medicals are all in order, the fee just has to be agreed…you see, it’s absolutely absurd.

      1. Nothing I’ve ever said is guess work.I get this info from some Twitter ITK’s who have even proved to be more faster than journalists in relaying information and have proved to be more reliable than media.Most of the transfer news posted here are old news.
        Believe what you want to believe but the info from ITK’s works for me and no-one can tell me different

      2. If you think it’s guesswork mark it down when I tell you Spurs will sign Lo Celso and the Sessegnon brothers and Arsenal fans should start getting worried because they ain’t joking this window

        1. Ok I also marked it down when you told us Lemar done. Deal
          Arteta done deal .
          Would you like me to carry on over the last 2 seasons that you’ve been on here saying the same stuff .1st we had Leo then remember resource then you ,and it’s always the same ,proclaim done deals
          Then disappear if you get it wrong then come back like we have all forgotten what you posted .
          I can could say Tierney done deal and make myself look like I know what I’m talking about because everybody knows we are close to signing him .

        2. The Lo Celso signing is on hold as it has been confirmed spurs offer has been rejected as too low.

  6. Instead of $70m on Zaha, I would rather spend that money on 2 of Ziyech, Fekir, Malcolm. This would serve us much better in my opinion than

    1. I totally agree with you….. that would be money well spent….. and any slacker, or error prone midfielders and wingers can be relegated to the bench…. getting a good CB and LB along with two of those three as you mentioned would mean a great window for us….. I feel it should be Ziyech and one of Fekir or Malcolm though (I prefer Fekir) 😀

    2. Agree Roshan, rather have Ziyech and Fekir for £70 million than Zaha for £70 million. 2 talented players, and good business getting 2 talents at today’s market prices

      1. If we buy these two we will have another miki and ozil on our hands. They could turn out great but what we need is a real winger!

    3. I would rather go for one of those two than spend all that on Zaha…. that money is too much for one player when it can be spent in two players with potentials to be greater.

  7. I am not excited if to scythe list per say because there isn’t any concrete prove from any credible source that can convince the teeming sceptical minds that Arsenal transfer kitty is not £45m this summer but more. £45m is the official figure given by Arsenal as the budgeted money slated to do incoming transfers this summer. So I am holding on to the official £45m figures released by Arsenal as the club’s transfer kitty this summer.

    However, this 2 digit figures of £45m given by Arsenal as it’s approved transfer budget could see the budget significantly increased by the club owner, Stan Kroenke. For, he could approve further spending for Arsenal hierarchy bosses to sign more than one or two new top quality players this summer window.

    I think if Kroenke does approve extra fund for Arsenal to sign more new top quality players this summer apart of the 45 Million Pounds that he has already approved for Arsenal to sign new top quality players for the club this summer, I for one will personally give him a very big Kudo to recognise the financial support he has done to Arsenal during this summer window.

  8. Guys , Im sorry to opine in my way publicly . Is Zaha a good player worth £70m ? Arsenal deals are more of speculations than real ones . Top 4 wil remain elusive for us

  9. Don’t really know how to make out this strategy. In some sense it’s makes sense if we are bidding 45m on zaha or 44m on the sampdoria players. That is what we are looking to spend first and foremost. The additional amount available would cover another 40m if it’s payment based terms.

    If we revaluate the amount again, if Tierney saliba (or alike) signing for their respective fees, then il spend the remainder on a central midfielder and a wide man and see if this porto lad will sign for free. Even also malcom on loan would mean a better then better window.

  10. False hopes I’m afraid with the budget. Gutting as it is. Time for realism from previous experiences and regimes.
    Some suggesting Elneny and mustafi will be sold. I can’t see it. Who will take them?
    Possibility that koscielney, Monreal, jenkinson and chambers will leave. That may accumulate €40 million.
    Would love to see miki leave too but unless we subsidise most of his wages that will not happen. It will take years for our squad to recover and get rid of current deadwood as their contracts expire with large wages etc. Hopefully we can keep hold of the few high class stars that we have and start adding one or 2 similar stars each window
    Tierney would be one and I was hoping ziyech would be the other with our limited budget this window. For me zaha would be great too but can’t see it with the funds available.
    Final comment on saliba. This might be a great addition but if we are loaning him back for a season, then surely another CB is needed this season and this is where extra player sales from above can help. Hopefully the club have someone targeted?

    1. Billy, it doesn’t matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t apparently sink in that the full transfer fee is rarely paid up front.

  11. I have to agree with most that if we are allowed to go to 70m for Zaha it will be a mistake. For a club like ours, if we had less holes to fill then great. However we have so many gaps to fill this money would be much better spent on 2 or even 3 players.
    I am not talking about 2 or 3 moderate players but quality.
    What if he flops on high wages?
    Fraser, Ziyech, malcolm, fekir would you not rather have 2 of these for the same price?

  12. And for noise making kev/chiza
    Celtic have completed the signing of Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo on a four-year deal from Rapid Vienna.

  13. If they made that bid, they either know it’ll get refused or are selling either Lacazette or Aubameyang. Let’s not go ahead of ourselves.

  14. I would definitely be as excited as you Martin, were this true and i may even go as far as giving Stan and co an apology for being so sceptical, again were this true, I will however take this with a pinch of salt.
    I can see the logic with this strategy but it just feels a tad too extreme to me.

  15. I have to agree with Scubagooner here, if we have 70M that is too much for Zaha he has already flopped at a big club AND Fekir is a very good player.

  16. If, and I say If, Arsenal have misled the supporters about how much funds are available for signings that would be on the edge of disgraceful. Other than Newcastle I’ve never heard another team fully play that pathetic card. ‘Honesty leads to honesty’ my grandmother said. Lying and cheating makes the world a shite place. To me Arsenal supporters deserve to have their unswaying support treated with intelligence and respect. If we can afford, Zaha, Fekir, Tierney, a CB and younger players like Martinelli, be honest about it Kroenke/Arsenal. We all crave a quality team, so don’t mislead us. I pray that this is true and we have real funds. Oh how I would love Nabil Fekir. The day we lost Santi we became creatively constipated. Fekir is really high level creative. I could live with Ryan Fraser in front of Zaha though, if finances dictated it. Fekir though…..Yeahhhh.

    1. Sean, whilst sympathising with the correct morals of your granny, I doubt she ever worked in the murky and immoral world of high finance. Doubtless she was all the nicer for not having done so. BUT tactically speaking and IF the report extra funds are indeed available, granny is wrong and the club has played a blinder. But for context’s sake, “Honesty leads to honesty” is a wonderful and correct principle with which to lead a life. I trust you have inherited grannys great genes, as your post heavily implies.

  17. Don’t worry we tried signing messi,Ronaldo,hazard and other players we can not say we dnt try it was just not men’t to be…

  18. Whatever money is ACTUALLY available, I remain certain that Zaha will not become our player. I would of course love him to come but it won’t happen.

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