Arsenal dawdling lets another transfer target slip away?

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans, but I am still scratching my head trying to figure out just what the hell Arsene Wenger was thinking by only completing the one bargain basement transfer deal on the January window, despite the club being sat on a mountain of cash and having our best chance of the Premier League title in a decade put at risk by losing a number of key players to injury.

Mohamed Elneny looked a good signing on his debut and hopefully he will continue to prove a good addition for the Gunners, but he is not the tough tackling defensive midfielder that many of us thought the boss might bring in to compete with and cover for Francis Coquelin.

One player who is and who has been the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours for the last two years is the Sporting Lisbon and Portugal star William Carvalho. The chances of Arsenal signing him in the summer, however, have just taken a severe blow, with The Mirror reporting that the 23-year old has just signed a new contract with his current club and the new deal has also seen his release clause rise from around £29 million to around £35 million.

If Wenger was not going to sign Carvalho at the lower price in January when Coquelin was in the treatment room and Arsenal were desperate for more steel in midfield, what are the chances of us paying more for him in the summer?

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  1. Davros says:

    Wenger will NEVER spend big money on a DM
    He even said it this summer. That he doesn’t buy defensive players for midfield
    When we sold Song to Barca Wenger did not buy a replacement

    I hate it. I wish we could get Krychowiak, Carvahlo, Busquets or any top dm
    But Wenger is attack minded and stubborn as hell
    He sticks to his “philosophy”

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Apparently City are interested in Granit Xhaka, oh god, if he really is that good then Arsenal shouldn’t let their chance slip, he already talked about how he would like Coquelin’s shirt number ! D:

  2. deejay1952 says:

    One of wengers biggest mistakes in recent memory is letting Charlie Austin get away… 4 million? ridiculous

    1. jonestown1 says:

      We will know if it was a “mistake” in the future – a bit premature now. But to be fair you would have to include every other manager in the PL and in world football (except Koeman) in the list of managers who have seemingly cocked up.

  3. JAmerican says:

    Wenger probably doesn’t want to hinder Coquelin nor contradict why he even got Bielik. We always lose games because our midfield gets overran due to no muscle. I’ve taken the time to watch Carvalho play ever since he was rumored to be linked with us and I was impressed. He is exactly what we need especially since he’s now developed at his current team. It’s no wonder we went to shite when we lost Coquelin and Cazorla. No like for like replacements, upgrades or competition. Carvalho and Isco comes to mind, but since this article is focused on the DM position then yes. Carvalho is our man, if not then Anchelotti has already made him a target for Bayern. I guess he’s good enough for poor old Bayern but not for the Arsenal…

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Completely agreed, the lack of like for like replacements is what cost us the opportunity to be more than 5 points ahead of Leicester by now. Ever since their injury Wenger has been forcing Ramsey to play the Cazorla role which isn’t his strength and he’s been playing alongside a Flamini whose body is too old to play at the top level consistently.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    I don’t like to press the skip button to summer transfer. With a single January signing, we still have a league to win.
    Arsene seemed to put all of his money against all odds, and to be honest his card (I mean our card) doesn’t look good. Leister control the game and doesn’t look to slip away. Their fixtures left only ManUre(A), Soton(H) and Chelsea(A) as hardest competitors, when we still have ManUre, ManShit and Spuds, all in away fixtures.
    Not to mention our “lovely” neighbors who sit up there with 9 goals surplus.
    I wonder if we beat them this week, and their lost become domino effect. Leister have to loose against Norwich City at King Power while we busted ManUre at OT (yeah.. cross all your fingers!). COYG!!!!

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      And one thing, I forget to mention our FA Cup and ECL schedules which is none for Leicester. Damn, I feel we are going to regret that Southampton game!

  5. RyoSila says:

    Stop writing articles close to suggesting that Carvalho was at the Arsenal traing ground and chased away. And what makes u think that Arsene will want to sign him in the summer?????

  6. jonestown1 says:

    You gotta love how these same names keep re-appearing on here and the insinuation is that Wenger is the negligent one for not buying him – Wenger is not alone in this, no other manager in Europe has come in for Carvalho either so what’s the big deal? Just that is a biggest enough clue surely? Is everyone else missing a trick as well? WC sort of reminds me of another Primeira Liga player, Jackson Martinez – scouted and touted around for ever and a day. Eventually he gets his chance at Atletico and he blows it and now finds himself off to China. There was a group on here howling with outrage that we didn’t buy him but that is all quietly forgotten now – same with all the other lost “saviours” that were repeated ad nauseum on here – Benteke, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Pedro, Remy, Bony, Falcao, Otamendi, Depay, Gomis etc etc.

  7. Nebs says:

    Guys, when will all of us face the fact that Arsenal is not a football club that is intent on winning titles and spending money to secure titles? Arsenal now is a club that does all in it’s power to secure a top four spot, and what the club currently has suffices. That’s the only goal this club had, since Kroenke took over and it will stay so as long as he’s on board. The fact that there are more prawn sandwich fans on the stands, than the ones singing the songs supports the idea that the direction of the club will not change.
    The club you knew is not the club you are spending your time and money on. The only smart thing to do is to try and see how much of an impact would a proper long lasting boycott of home games have. I say two more bad results and it’s boycott time. See how much power do the real Arsenal fans have.

  8. vinie2000 says:

    no other manager in Europe has come in for Carvalho either so what’s the big deal? Just that is a biggest enough clue surely? Is everyone else missing a trick as well? WC sort of reminds me of another Primeira Liga player, Jackson Martinez – scouted and touted around for ever and a day. Eventually he gets his chance at Atletico and he blows it and now finds himself off to China. jonestown1 seriously? Bro you need to read more specially otuside our UK media..In germany is known from weeks that Ancellotti asked for Carvalho as Ideal DM for Bayern also PSG yesteday have been mentioned after blanc extended his contract that he is also in his wish list so in the case of jackson? he did not fit in atletico’s style as they are a hard pressing team like Leicester and they play mostly with the pace of griezmann so WE MISEED a player who will become a WC if he joined one of those teams.Sporting increased his value and contract as soon as the big ones noted..research before bringing statements with no sustance.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Yada, yada, yada. Since you ask I read hardly any UK press media. If you want to hang your hat on Portuguese media speculation feel free my friend. Bottom line neither Bayern of PSG went for him after the June 2015 reports. WC is a poor man’s Wanyama and I don’t rate Wanyama much.

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