Arsenal transfer debate – Ibrahimovic or Lukaku?

zlatanArsene Wenger may have got the backing of the Arsenal board and our quiet and usually absent owner Stan Kroenke, but even the Frenchman must realise that the patience of a big section of the Arsenal fanbase is wearing very thin. Unless Wenger and the Arsenal team can pull off the unlikely and win the Premier League title this year then next season has got to be better.

And that means that another summer of excuses and inaction in the transfer window will not cut the mustard. And with the EPL stats regularly highlighting the fact that Arsenal have been creating more chances than our rivals but not scoring anything like the number of goals we should, the first thing that Arsenal fans want to see from the manager is a top class striker signing.

Going by the recent Arsenal transfer rumours there are two clear options for us in Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic but which would you prefer? For me the Swedish striker is a short term fix as he is already 34-years old and may only have another season or two at the top level. One massive difference is that the Swede will only cost us his wage bill for a year, while Wenger would need to win a 50million jackpot at online poker to pay for Lukaku!

I also think that Ibra would probably give us a better chance of the title next season. Lukaku clearly has a great future and will keep getting better and he is already a pretty prolific Premier League striker. Assuming that Wenger is planning to add firepower and that we could get one of these two, which would you like to see in the Arsenal side next season?

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  1. Drew says:

    *sigh* so we talking about next season already? it should make sense right? if you cant win it this season there is always next season, and the season after that, and after that, and and and… oh to be a gooner.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Oo,oo,oo to be oo to be a, GOONER

      1. muffdiver says:

        lol beat me to it.

    2. Sango says:

      A big *sigh* 4 sure. Also head that silent Stan isn’t all that silent. He is a builder. Buisy building a little castle in the air called ‘brand’.

  2. AidanGooner says:

    Ibrahimovic or Lukaku? Can I answer…. Aubameyang?

  3. Goonsquad8 says:

    Neither. Bring in Reus and Xhaka/Wanyama and we’re set.

    1. muffdiver says:

      ive heard very mixed things about xhaka .new xabi alonso etc but also turned up this season disappeared for a few
      why would reus leave dortmund for us…seems like a step down for him.
      if you leave dortmund its for the elite barca etc

      i do reckon alexis an ozzy are leaning on wenger about buys a lil bit
      so we could spend money.
      by our standards if we break the 100 mill in one window i might froth at the mouth an cry

      1. dragunov762mm says:

        From Dortmund to Arsenal is a step down? Yes, when Klopp was jumping around, NOT at this time. Bundesliga world is rotating at Bayern Muenchen, nonetheless. Reus is like Gotze, they are afraid of going abroad.
        So, Ibra or Lukaku? Lukaku is long time guarantee. But if we can grab Aubameyang, that’ll be much better.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    34 yrs or 24yrs?

    1. 1997Gooner says:


  5. WOS says:

    Lukaku stated that he will go to bayern or to united so we don’t have any chance to get him.
    Zlatan stated that he is open to any move even retiring at top of his level so this rumor may go through.

    1. jonm says:

      I think it was his father who said manu or munich but munich was conditional on lewandowski leaving. There is also the issue os CL football.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Don’t worry about age. Ibrahimovic is a 30 goals per season striker and he will be awesome for 1 or 2 seasons. He was amazing this season. He will be amazing next at the old age of 35. I would prefer lewandowski, Reus, Aubemeyang, Greizmann but I will not be unhappy if we got him.

    I think Lukaku may be more realistic but not sure if he will be too much for his quality. Everton will want a lot.

    1. Twig says:

      Reus and Griezmann are not out and out strikers bro

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Also remember that we do not know what’s going on in Wenger’s mind
    He may think that we have enough forwards Giroud, Theo, Danny, Alexis, Campbell, iwobi, akpom, Oxlade. He will also want to justify Theo’s huge pay rise. He is making around the same figure of Mesut and Alexis
    I’m not saying it’s not possible. Just don’t get your hopes up.

    Also I think he will be more focused on rb and CB positions because of Debuchy, mertsacker is getting slower, Chambers/Gabriel need time to develop

    Forget DM We haven’t had a WC DM since Viera and Wenger inherited Viera. Wenger has never paid big bucks for a DM. He bought Alex Song for £1 million and got Coquelin as a teenager. Coquelin has been fantastic for us but he was a surprise.

    I’m sure Wenger wants Eleney to play both DM and B2B positions
    Wenger doesn’t believe in spending big money on any defensive positions

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Viera was a B2B, Petit and Silva were the last WC DM’s we had(AW brought in both). And Viera signed right before AW came. He stated his reasoning as because AW was going to be the next manager, Rioch had just got the boot…

      1. dragunov762mm says:

        Nope. Just checked classic transfer. Viera wasn’t Rioch buying. Arsene phoned him when he almost joined to Ajax from Milan. The date was 14 August 1996 when the legend came to Arsenal.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Dein got Vieira as Wenger wanted him if he was to manage Arsenal.
          Shame we lost Dein, he was a shareholder who done the job of getting the transfers sorted, money was less of an issue due to Deins love for the club.

          It was after Rioch and before Wenger.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Highlights so far

    Two assists by Greizmann
    Goals by Vardy, Kroos, Gotze, Ronaldo, Nani and Dzeko

    1. muffdiver says:

      that payet goal.

      west ham have got a gem of a player

      1. Arsenal_Girl says:

        Yeah Payet is one of the players of the season
        Also Mahrez was awesome too and Vardy

        Ozil scored a penalty 🙂

  9. Afc 92 says:

    Arsene will not sign none of them. Let’s not liar to ourselves guys. Arsenal will not sign a high profile striker.

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Why go for lukaku or zlatan when we could just buy Messi for 150m pounds.
      Sell Wenger, Flamini, Rosicky, Mertesacker, Arteta, AOC, Wilshere and Giround and add some money to it an buy Messi.

      To get Messi from Barca, tell him how beautiful London is, pay him 400 thousand pounds per week, tell him the need to conquer EPL. And we can win the EPL and CL. Get Bilic to manage the team.

  10. tissiam says:

    off topic:after reading @goonsquad8 comment which refers to*ooh to be a gooner* i was wondering if someone could tell me how come*OTBAG* are allowed to post their numerous garbage of articles on arsenalnews???

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