Arsenal star urged to seal transfer away by Premier League legend

Joe Cole believes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang needs to leave Arsenal.

Former Chelsea great Joe Cole has advised Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave Arsenal to further his career.

The Gabon international has been a stand-out performer since joining us from Borussia Dortmund in 2018, and I have to admit at times I’ve wondered how on earth we were able to sign him when he could surely start up front for most top clubs in the world.

Well, with Arsenal struggling again this season, we may have used up our chances with Aubameyang, whose future is in some doubt going into this summer.

The prolific forward will have just a year remaining on his contract at the end of this season, and that puts us under pressure to sell if a decent offer comes in.

Cole, meanwhile, has made the not-too-controversial point that Aubameyang is clearly a talent who deserves to be playing in the Champions League – something we’re unlikely to be able to offer him for some time.

“If I’m Aubameyang, I’d be looking out the door because he’s a player that needs to be playing at the very, very top level. He needs to be playing in the Champions League,” the Premier League legend told BT Sport, as quoted by the Metro.

“He’s not played enough years in the Champions League to cement himself as a top, top player, which is what he actually is because his stats and his numbers add up with anyone.”


  1. Its depressing that as an Arsenal fan, my season highlight will be Watford beating Liverpool…but I’ll happily take it! Great news after our European debacle.

    If I was Auba’s agent, I’d be advising him to leave. He’s played out of position almost every game, Arsenal are not, and have not been a top club for many years now, and probably no European football next season. Even if we qualify for the CL, we already know there won’t be enough funds to perform major surgery on the squad
    …and that is needed.

    On the flip side, if Arsenal can shift a lot of deadwood out, then maybe we can offer Auba a wage that no else would match at his age. Like what happened with Ozil. Auba is well on his way to becoming a club legend in my opinion, and another few quality years could cement his place amongst Arsenal greats…and that’s something money cannot buy.

  2. I think he should leave and deserves to. He’s much to good to not be playing in the champions league and arsenal also cannot afford to pay him extraordinary wages.

    Laca should also go and hopefully the sale of those 2 can help fund other areas of need

  3. Auba is hanging with the wrong crowd. If he want to succeed, he wont do it as long as he’s playing in the same team as Ozil and Xhaka. This guys will pull him down and ultimately they’ll pull Arsenal down

  4. Especially this guy called Xhaka. Don’t know how we ended up with such player that has no drive at all. Very slow, cannot dribble, cannot mark without committing foul.

  5. Totally agreed! He’s in a team that is so thin in areas, it almost beggars belief that he is still there any way. You can’t have such average players mixed with the likes of Auba and expect him to be happy!? He should be asking himself, “What has the club done to improve the squad?”. And, “Where is the club going?”. Both questions have negative answers. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and Arsenal have been in the same tunnel for years. In fact, It’s likely to get longer and darker if we are not in Europe next year and fizzle out into a mid-table team. Would I stay if I was Auba? Absolutely not!! 🙁

  6. Arteta is weak. Everyone can see that Ozil and Xhaka are playing very bad, but are always first in the team sheet. Auba should go because be deserves better

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