Confirmed: Club chief discusses interest in potential Arsenal transfer raid

Aubameyang has struck up a brilliant partnership with Lacazette, it would be devastating for us to lose him…

Barcelona chief Eric Abidal has confirmed the club’s interest in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Arsenal fans will not be sitting easy at the moment due to the amount of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer talk doing the rounds.

The Gabon international has, needless to say, been a crucial performer since he joined the Gunners, scoring an impressive 57 goals in 92 games for this struggling side.

It is therefore unsurprising to see that Barcelona were linked with Aubameyang by the Telegraph in January, with the Catalan giants light up front after the injury to Luis Suarez.

It seems likely that Arsenal will face a decision on Aubameyang’s future again this summer, with the 30-year-old’s contract due to expire at the end of next season.

According to Barca chief Eric Abidal, it seems Aubameyang remains on their radar as he’s confirmed the interest in him and other potential striker signings.

“There is a list with players like (Olivier) Giroud, (Fernando) Llorente or Aubameyang, but for one thing or another we decided not to sign. We believe it is the best for the club,” Abidal told Sport, as translated by Football 365.

“He (Aubameyang) is important, and in his team he is decisive. It is good to bring this profile of player who can be in the market and can help you. We’ll see what will happen.

“It is logical that in summer a ‘9’ will come. It is a necessity. We know that Suarez will come back strong, but you have to bring a top player in the summer.”

Aubameyang will be 31 next season and Arsenal may not get another chance to sell him for big money – could this unthinkable sale actually be the most logical choice come the end of this campaign?


  1. I think we need to sell him and recoup our outlay while we still can.
    Unfortunately, we can’t afford to lose an asset for nothing.
    However, the money needs to be invested in another good striker.
    Either way it is a lose now or lose late situation.

  2. Aubamayang will score at least 25 goals every season for the next 3 years if he move to Barcelona. If we can get around 70million for him we should sell him.

  3. I believe he will leave and we will get around $50m, I also think we should sell Laca or Xhaka $30-50m

    We should use the money to buy:
    CB: Matvyienko/Gabriel $30m
    CM/AM: Szobsozlai $20m
    CM: Doucoure $25m – Watford get relagated
    ST: Bring in a new young striker

  4. Bellerin Salilba Matvyienko Tierney
    Torreira Doucoure
    Pepe Szobsozlai Saka

    Now that’s young hungry team

      1. JON FOX, did you not know sir, keepers are too well fed these days . oh for the days of hungry bob wilson, and the even hungrier jimmy rimmer. now they were hungry keepers. shocking to think i cannot remember any keeper previous to those two chaps, my mind ,is, without doubt, letting me down. anybody care to enlighten me as to who our keepers were in the 60s. dear oh dear, i am lost.

  5. I think Arsenal needs to use two attacking midfielders in form of ozil and ceballos and a defensive midfielder xhaka in a 4-3-3 formation.
    Marti left auba center and pepe/Nelson right

    Laca should just larn.

  6. It will be a shame to lose Auba. To get an elite striker like him, who will gel with the team immediately, is not going to happen at the snap of a finger. Easier said than done.

    Arsenal may have to wait another half season or so before the negative fall out of Auba’s sale can begin to wane.

    Let’s wait and see how things pan out.

  7. I don’t think it is wise of Abidal to be talking about other clubs’ players at this time. It is unethical no matter what club it is. Because of Aubameyang’s age i won’t mind if he sold and replaced by a younger player. However, talking up other clubs players is bad no matter whatever club you think you are.

  8. Gabriel, I had the same thought, why would he do it – trying to run value down, although it could run value up – “oh look, Barcelona wants him”.

    My sense of Aubameyang (which has no real value or evidence) is that he will be very upfront with the club and that he will do it behind the scenes.

    Arsenal will know by end of season what he wants and we can proceed. If we are really lucky, he is happy and wants some cash to stay – so pay him (and I would love that). If he wants chances at big trophies now, he will go (and I think that is what is going to happen).

  9. My prediction is that he will do nowhere near as well at Barça as he has done in the past. IMHO it is stupid of the Spanish side to go for a 30yo player. Mention was even made of Giroud. I would question their sanity if they did that. There are plenty of younger players around, if they did the trouble to do their homework. I mean, why not Vardy, or Kane?

  10. I reckon Auba will leave and we should go for Sancho from Borussia Dortmund this summer. Sell Xhaka, Ozil, Socratis, and invest wisely to recover lost ground.

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