Arsenal star fighting for his future following shock development

Matteo Guendouzi’s Arsenal future now looks in some doubt.

Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is reportedly fighting for his future at the club following news of his row with manager Mikel Arteta.

The Daily Mirror are the latest to claim the young Frenchman and Arteta clashed during the team’s recent winter break trip to Dubai, and they add that this puts his future at the Emirates Stadium in doubt.

The report adds that this row with Guendouzi has been the talk of the dressing room, with Arteta clearly making a strong impression here as he looks to stamp down his authority.

One has to hope this can have a positive effect rather than leading to an exit, as Guendouzi has shown himself to be a superb young talent who could have a bright future in the game.

Of course, that will also require his attitude to be spot-on, so it may be that this little kick up the backside is just what he needs at the moment.

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  1. He will be back, he looks like he has a lot of drive and this will push him to reach his potential. It’s good coaching, hard but fair. Those who have that mental fortitude will come back stronger.

  2. Guendouzi is definitely a great talent but discipline is also as important as talent. It will send a message to other players regarding discipline and Arteta is clearly telling everyone in the dressing room who is the boss. Hopefully the matter is resolved and everything is fine. Such things often happen and the players learn from their mistakes.

  3. Guendouzi is not a talent… He well below average and arteta knows that. If we can fool any one to buy him for 20_30mil pls take it…. I want him out of the club

  4. I remember seeing a report regarding him having a suspect attitude from one of his former coaches,this could be the first hint of one now,hopefully he will learn from it and take on board what Arteta has said to him.Personally I feel that the lad has a good engine but not much finesse and it may be some time before we see him again in the prem,if at all.

  5. He’s a talent we can get good money for and as much as I like him he really doesn’t bring an awful lot to the team.

  6. It’s youthful exuberance (the idiosyncrasy of all young people but excessive on few). He needs that discipline which he is getting from the coach.

    Arteta was right in suspending him if he chose to to fight everyone for a small misunderstanding with one person. That negative energy is more than capable of costing a team points.

    I am pretty sure he will come back good. If not then he should be ready to get offloaded. The club has values every player should respect no matter how indispensable that player thinks he is.

    1. Gili, What a sensible post, full of fine perspective. I much agree with all you write! I confess to being a fan of Guendouzi right from his start. He is undoubtedly hotheaded but also young but he has obvious on field passion which he will either channel into the teams benefit OR he will leave Arsenal. It is his call and I hope and believe he will learn better from this excellent manager we now have.

  7. I’m sorry but I don’t rate him Guendouzi at all. A midfielder must have some strength. He is not a goalscorer, he doesn’t create goals, he is not really a defensive midfielder. What does he really bring to the team? All he does is pass sideways. I will admit he has had a few good moments where he has found a killer pass that led to a goal but that rarely happens. I think we should sell him right now.

  8. Implementing player and team discipline will be a big plus for Arteta, provided it is applied fairly and equitably. He cannot be strict with young players like Guendouzi and give other more seasoned professionals a free pass.

    1. I read, understand and agree with your “subtext” about “seasoned professionals not getting a free pass”! I have no doubt that NO player will get a free pass with this excellent manager.

  9. Absolutely guendouzi is good passing and talented but is not energestic that why is losing the ball, and is not faster is too slow

  10. The culture of arsenal team is passing too quickly and running to much county attacks, that’s the culture of arsenal

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