Mikel Arteta makes major Arsenal transfer admission following Europa League exit

It could be a challenging transfer window for Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta has delivered some Arsenal FC transfer news that none of us wanted to hear, but that will hardly come as a big surprise.

Following our Europa League exit on Thursday night, we now face an uphill struggle to find any other way into the Champions League, with winning the Europa having looked a little more realistic on paper than a late run that could propel us into fourth in the Premier League table.

It’s clear that another season out of Europe’s top club competition is going to hit us financially, and Arteta has admitted it could mean he has some tough decisions to make when it comes to rebuilding his squad this summer.

As quoted in a report from Goal, the Spanish tactician doesn’t explicitly say this means he’ll have to sell before he can buy, but it sounds like that’s what he’s alluding to with his comments as he admits our budget will be restricted.

“The damage caused by the club not being in the Champions League for the third season is really big,” he said.

“Financially the impact is enormous because the structure of this club is built to be in the Champions League and you can sustain that for one year or two, but then after you have to start making decisions.

“So we will have to make decisions one way or the other depending on the scenario we find ourselves in, whether we are in the Champions League, Europa League or nowhere near that.

“And we’ll have a very clear plan of what we want to do and depending where we are we have to act like this.”


  1. He should seĺl before he buys. Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi should be out. Then he can determine which places to fill up

    1. Mustafi has been very brilliant since arteta came in…I say sell socratis, chambers, kolasinac and ozil.As for xhaka he is by far the best player in our midfield and is undroppable so thats a no go really

  2. A note of realism there from Arteta. He doesn’t have a magic wand to conjure up the millions required for a quickish fix and shrewd purchases will have to be the order of the day. The club still has to pay for Pepe. Please please please may the up and coming youth deliver their promise on the field and could the players that we don’t want find new clubs

  3. Mustafi have been good recently, but its just form, not class. His value might be up, so its a good timing to sell him

  4. If Arteta want to spend money, it will have to be subsidised from player sales. We have spent years trying to get rid of or sell players that are over rated and over paid so we wont get much in from them the truth is if we want to spend we will have to sell players that are valuable, which we haven’t got many but Auba fits that bill, he just happens to be our best player. We have had years of offloading deadwood acquired by bad buys, we are still going to be doing it this summer. Dark days ahead im afraid.

  5. Sometimes just fixing players in different positions can work the magic we have been craving for. I suggest he makes changes in that regard because the likes of Ozil and Xhaka will continue to flatter to deceive and the cost and blame will be on Arteta if he doesn’t change his selection and player formations ASAP.






  6. Sensible if sober minded comments from MA. But surely, irrespectiv eof who comes in if any, qe badly need to get the forestof deadwood gone. If anyGoner can explain to mmy clearly “dim brain”why XAHKA IS ANYWHERE NEAR ARSENAL fOOTBALL CLUB, especialy having already been here over three years, I will be eternally grateful.

    Presently , I am mystified as to why he is here at all, still here after all this time, or why anyone, Arteta included , thinks him worthy to wear our shirt or collect a wage. Were it my decision , I would have him out that exit door, so fast his feet would not touch the floor. But silly man that I am, I always thought pacy, fast flowing football was the ideal and the whole point, so what do I know!

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