Arsenal transfer plans GUNNED DOWN by Man City madness!?!

I am not sure who told them that money was going out of fashion and had to be used up as quickly as possible, but Arsenal Football Club and everyone connected with it should be seriously concerned about the noise coming out of the Etihad stadium right now.

If the transfer rumours concerning our Premier League rivals Manchester City are right that is. But when you consider that there is no smoke without fire and what the Man City chairman said the other day about a massive squad overhaul, I would not be surprised in the slightest if the club was planning to tip a skipload of cash at their problems.

Problems indeed, but not just for City, because the reports in the football media this weekend, as reported by The Mirror, that suggest City will break the bank for the likes of Paul Pogba, do have repercussions for us Gooners.

One of the rumours is that City are going all out for at least one Arsenal target in Raheem Sterling, effectively pricing Arsene Wenger out of that deal. There are wider issues here as well though, as if City are willing to pay way over the odds, it inflates the market. And if other clubs like Chelsea, United and others abroad follow suit, we could soon see clubs unwilling to sell decent but not magical players for no less than £50 million.

You do not need me to tell you that Silent Stan and the profiteers at Arsenal will not match this sort of spending. So are the Gunners heading for a gunfight with nothing but a blunt knife?

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  1. We don’t really need raheem sterling we have got the ox to play the role the same role as he does! Lets get lacazette instead!

      1. Gnabry even got called to German national team once. What happened to him? He’s got huge talent.hope he gets his chance. When you consider all these players that we have like Theo/ox/gnabry/Campbell I’m pretty much convinced we don’t need a winger. Our top priority is a striker/a DM to help out lecoq/and a not any keeper only peter cech if we can sign him

        1. Gnabry was out injured for almost a year. He is just getting some games at u 21 for Germany.

    1. Well by your same logic why get Lacazette when we have Giroud and Theo?

      Oh I know…the player in question would offer quality competition, kinda like Sterling would. So why don’t we need Sterling but we do Lacazette?

      1. Please Just put this Sterling stuff to bed, Liverpool wont sell cheap and we wont spend big our only hopes of getting him is if he comes to us on a free in 2 years time, because were certainly not going to match City on financial power now.

      2. Cause he’s super overpriced duh? Plus do we want another potential contract rebel if things go wrong at Arsenal?

    2. We don’t want sterling but for city to pay such a huge fee for a player will damage the market. I think the best time for transfers are from mid June till mid July. We can’t afford to leave it late. If we buy now we will avoid the inflation mentioned. Hope Wenger gets busy in the market asap and switches to transfer mode

  2. I really don’t want Sterling in the Arsenal squad.

    The MOST over rated player out there at the moment, what has he ever achieved without Saurez and Sturridge to hold his hands, a big fat nothing that’s what. He’s one of those players who get’s hyped to the heavens because he runs fast, flapping his arms around like a girl.

    There are far better players in his position out there (we have at least two) without all the baggage and huge transfer fee, plus wages.

    You only have to listen to ‘pool fans on TalkSport getting hard ons’ at the deluded prospect of a swap deal involviing Walcott to see what they really think of him.

    In case I haven’t made myself clear NO STERLING AT ARSENAL, we have too much class for this mug.

    1. Actually, what has he achieved with Saurez and Sturridge holding his hands, errrrr…………………………NOTHING.

    2. What did Ox achieve at 20 exactly? Don’t remember him being the best player and voted ‘player of the season’ for a top 6 team in the prem at that age.

      Do love the bias on here. Comical view you have.

      1. Well go to the Liverpool sites to see the same bias. Same bias in favor of the ox not sterling.

      2. It’s great that he was voted player of the season, but who was he really competing for that title with? Sterling truthfully only needed to pass coutinho to get the title, whereas 2 seasons ago (when AOC was 20) we had santi, Ramsey, and most of our s defensive players were great with szczęsny being joint winner of the golden glove, with many other skilled players doing well for us. So no he didn’t get the player of the season title when he was 20 but then again the other players for both AOC and sterling to beat out for such a title has a large disparity in ability and effectiveness too.

    3. He is overrated but no more than Walcott was and still is …. Bender the juventus kid plus another attacking option from somewhere would be ok by me … Watch ozil create when he has options ahead of him…world class playmakers need world class strikers ahed of them Sanchez is plus???

  3. We don’t need Sterling. We got Walcott, Alexis, Oxlade, Welbeck, Ozil if needed

    If you want to get a wide striker than get Reus, Greizmann, Draxler. They have more experience

    We don’t need CF. We have Welbeck and Sanogo
    Just kidding

    We NEED another quality striker either Lacazette, Cavani or Higuain

    1. Only Cavani, Suarez, Lewandowski, Costa, Aguero, Ronaldo and Neymar and Reus are acceptable
      Lacazette and Higuain are below average strikers like Giroud and Welbeck

  4. why are you creating a panic, dear author? 1. the transfer rumours this season are more than ridiculous. 2. what’s with the sterling talk? 40,50 million? he doesn’t score enough goals. he is an overhyped kid. british media hype are great at over-hyoing youngsters to the point where they can never live up to what is expected. seriously. look at his fkin goal record, it s not worth all the fuss. ridiculous. i don t rate him higher than the ox. not like he is clinical. ffs get over it britain.
    3. what makes you think wenger fancies any of the supposed targets?
    4. transfer window barely even opened. only man u have made a decent signing, the ones liverpool made are not going to get em back in the top 4.
    5. relax

  5. We have many players who can play in different positions like walcott and welbeck. If we strictly assign only one position to each player then we realize that there’s only alexis and ox as the established players and wingers to fill the 2 positions (gnabry has only played a few matches, wilshere isnt a winger neither is ozil cazorla, and rosicky is used anywhere hes needed!) walcott and welbeck are both considered strikers only here. So we need a quality winger, a right winger to b more specific. A right winger and cech is priority.

  6. I think £40 million will be agreed for sterling. he is not yet a 40£ million player but the potential is huge. That is the truth. I have watch OX WalCoot Welbeck at 19 years of age and no disrespect sterling is way above them at that age. Right now sterling is already better than OX for example and is younger. I think he has great potential. But it depends on what manager he plays with and the opportunity he gets . But it will be a great buy from city. Sterling is more scary than navas anyday anytime.

    But we never needed sterling so i don’t get the message.

    1. nice try at talking sense….it’s lost on here though. Too many think Gnabry is better than Sterling so no point bothering. Downward thumbs are coming your way lol

      1. hhahahahahahaha. I am just been honest. Its great to lie. But its dangerous when you start deceiving yourself. I have seen people commenting that Giroud is better than Higuain. I have heard people say nacho is better than Azipueta . I have head people say Ozil is better than Silva. They are all lies. Is just been a bias fan. I love arsenal but am not blind.

        Comparing Gnarby to Sterling?? We are yet to see what Ngarby can do. An only a a clown will think he is better. They are almost thesame age and raheem is miles ahead of him. Thats the truth.

        1. Mesut Ozil is better than Silva. Silva may have had phases of more consistency however ability wise Ozil is superior, and this is coming from an Ozil dislike at times. Silva looks fantastic when doubling up with Ageuro, however Ozil makes Giroud look brilliant at times and that’s the difference

          Another point- Silva would have never buried that goal Ozil scored against Napoli at Emirates 2 years ago.

    2. Better then oxlade. No wonder England lose all the time. Ox is better, so is Barkley. Walcott is on another level in the final third.

      Wilshere is better then hendo. Heck even delph is better.

    3. He is better than OX in what sense…..? Sterling is just overated… Plain and simple… I pray he goes to City, then see how it pans out….

  7. Wenger has momentum now. Hope he knows and uses it (maybe by adding some players with a psychological effect …positive on our team negative on other teams).

  8. Look it’s crystal clear what need to be Champions
    onlyb4 players. That’s 1 less player then we got last season
    1. Cavani
    2. Pogba
    3. Kondogbia
    4. Reus
    5. Hummels

    Now for all you underachievers shouting we can’t afford it. We sell Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Wilshere, Mertsacker, Jenkison, Szczesny, OX and Gnabry we will get roughly £100,000 to add to our £70,000 budget. We will also free up more than £500,000 per week in wages.

    Bellerin Koscielny Hummels Monreal
    Kondogbia Pogba
    Reus Ozil Alexis


    1. This team of yours I won’t have it even in Football manager
      Bellerin Koscielny Hummels Monreal
      Kondogbia Pogba
      Reus Ozil Alexis
      Buying Cavani, Reus, and Hummels in the same window, are you mad? Wenger would die with a heart break …

    2. that would still be above our budget

      Hummels: £40,000
      Reus: £45,000
      Pogba: £70,000
      Kondogbia £30,000
      Cavani: £50,000

      Approximately £230,000
      You said £170,000 (sale of players plus war chest)
      That still leaves us £60,000 short

      Not to mention salaries
      I reckon they would need at least £700,000 per week. £150,000 for Cavani, Reus, Pogba, Hummels and £100,000 for Kondogbia

      Not realistic. Also there are FFP Rules to abide by

  9. We do not need sterling
    Our priority should be cech and another DM (schneiderlin or bender)
    Lars bender and schneiderlin will both give competition for coquelin as that is only position where we don’t have any cover

  10. Gunned down? This is great for us! Man City blowing £40+m on a good but not amazing player, so they barely improve their team and at the same time lose that £40+m so they can’t spend it competing with us for other transfer targets. Plus it means we don’t have to worry about Arsene wasting all that money on buying Sterling either, so we still have plenty of funds to go after the players we actually need. Win win for Arsenal.

  11. I wouldn’t pay more than 40 million for Sterling and quite frankly we don’t need him. We have plenty of quality options in his position. We need a world class striker, a world class B2B or DM, and Petr Cech.

  12. Who says Sterling is an Arsenal target? Way overpriced. Let City waste their money on him.

  13. I watched England match today and Sterling was crap, again. We really should try to sign that Wilshire fellow who had the two spectacular goals…. Oh wait. We’ve got Wilshire and Theo, we don’t need Sterling when we are Ox & Gnabry waiting in the wings.m for Sterling level of money we should go balls out after Reus who’s much more finished product than Sterling and he’s more consistent. Citeh will go all out for him because they need English players

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