The four main factors affecting Arsenal’s transfer plans

Arsenal face some transfer market uncertainty…

Arsenal and pretty much everyone in football right now is facing an uncertain future due to the coronavirus outbreak that has brought the sport to a standstill.

According to, the Gunners’ transfer plans are being affected by four key factors ahead of whenever the transfer window is actually able to open.

Firstly, the report states how the season is concluded is a key issue, with Arsenal obviously not yet knowing if 2019/20 can be completed, giving us a shot at the top four, or if all results are voided, meaning we start next season based on 2018/19 standings.

Secondly, expanding on one of the points above, Champions League football would obviously be crucial in terms of the calibre of player Arsenal can attract and the amount of money they can spend.

Thirdly, Manchester City’s potential ban from the Champions League is also mentioned, as it could in theory open up an extra place for AFC as long as they take advantage – or if the season is voided, meaning our finish of fifth in 2018/19 would be enough for CL football.

Fourth, Arsenal’s plans will obviously hinge on the future of two big names in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. One would hope we can keep both, or at the very least one of these players, but if we do end up selling, that surely means a top attacking player needs to become more of a priority.


  1. I think the 5th place CL league slot for next year, if the season is declared nul and void, is a complete red herring and will not happen. It will just go ahead without City and no replacement for them in the CL. You heard it here first.

    1. Some team has to get the spot, 4 teams in each group. Either Arsenal gets it for last years 5th, or united get it for 5th this year. Or they finish the FA cup and give it to that winner. Not fair to have a group with 3 teams in it.

  2. If they don’t start by June the season should be declared finished.
    League positions will stand as they are.
    No relegation. Promote 2 teams.
    The following season relegate 4 teams and promote only 2 to return the league to 20 teams.
    It would take just one season so is not hard to do.
    I would scrap the Europa league for this season.
    I would try to finish the CL by having only one leg for the quarters and semis.
    FA cup can be played mid week in the first 3 weeks as there are normally no mid week games.

    1. And also cancel those stupid friendly international matches, the first of which is 2-3weeks into the season.

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