Arsenal transfer plans hit with ANOTHER striker snub

There has been lots of speculation and any number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with this highly rated striker and the constant comments from his club have only added to this. But despite reports claiming that he could have been close to completing his move to north London, Paulo Dybala has instead signed for the Italian champions Juventus.

As reported by the Daily Star, the transfer of the talented young Palermo forward to Juve has been confirmed by the Palermo chief Beppe Iachini, ending any hope that the player dubbed the new Sergio Aguero would be playing for the Gunners next season.

Iachini said, “Dybala is now a Juventus player and this club is working towards the future.”

It seems to me that Juventus are very greedy about snapping up strikers as they have previously beaten Arsenal to the signatures of Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Morata and they still have these two as well as Tevez and others. However it did seem to me that Palermo were asking to much for a relatively untested player and were clearly trying to push his price up with all their talk about his possible transfer.

The question now is who will Arsene Wenger bring in to supply the extra firepower to push Arsenal on next season and make us the champions of England again. Who would you go for?

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  1. Not convinced we were ever interested, regardless we have bigger targets even though I rate him.

    Cech – Schneiderlin – Sterling – Higuain = the definitive final leap to elite status once again as far as a squad goes. How many we can obtain in the summer is the question mark, but these four (or alternative quality in said positions) would really stoke the fires ahead of the new season.

    Let’s bag the FA cup and make some waves before Chelsea in the community shield. Don’t flatter to deceive this time Arsene!

  2. OT; The lataest rumours regarding Cech are Chelsea will only do a deal with us if it involves Walcott or the Ox going the other way as part of the deal.

    I say stuff ’em, why trade two of our most potent, direct players (when fit) for Cech, who for all intents and purposes is a fringe player for Chelsea, surely this would widen the gap between them and us even further.

    I know people are going to say we could get Pedro, but personally I’d rather stick with what we have, rather than see Mourinho get one over us once again.

    Can you imagine what their fans would be saying, the gloating, and to make it worse, Mourinhos’ smug face.

    No way Jose, that’s what I want to hear.

    1. He’s a fringe player because one of the world’s top 3 goalkeepers starts ahead of him, it isn’t because he isn’t world class

      1. I’m aware of why he’s a fringe player, but losing Theo or The Ox is going to hurt us more than Chelsea losing Cech.

        If we could get Cech as a straight purchase, I’d take him in heartbeat, but not to the detriment of the squad.

  3. After watching Arsenal today. I have change my mind. No more experiment transfer with lacazette or cybala and co. Get world class and proven.

    Striker Gonzalo Higuain. Pipita is proven in spain and italy. Lets sign this guy. Just tired of failure. £30 – 35 million will do the trick.

    DM. javi Martinez. £30 million. He is the 2nd best defensive midfielder in the world after a certain sergio busquet. very calm on the ball with great distrbution. Good height and rock solid. he has been out with injury this season. Might just be the perfect transfer for arsenal.

    £65 million spent on 2 proven players. No gambling.

    1. I followed Martinez closely at Bayern. He is maybe worth 15mil tops – 10 mil more reasonably. I don’t know where this 30mil number comes from – probably his manager.

    2. I agree with your mentality but maybe have doubts over the players you mentioned. We should be aiming for world class signings who will improve our squad immediately and make an instant impact. That means no dybala, no lacazette etc who have yet to show what they can do consistently in a more competitive league. There will be a time to build for the future but now is not the time.

      Of course there are huge risks involved in big name signings. For every Alexis Sanchez there will be a Radamel Falcao. But it is a necessary risk to take, bcos we wont be challenging for the title with this current squad. A top class striker should be the priority, as he can mask up many flaws in the team, as we’ve seen time and again with RVP and Suarez. I genuinely believe if we can a 30 goal striker in the summer we’ve got a very good chance for the EPL

    3. I like Higuain but which ever way you dice it he isn’t any quantum leap into super striker territory. I know there is a subconscious allure with South American strikers but a career goal return of 0.47/game does not mark him out as being hugely superior to OG with a 0.44 return. 16, 17 and 15 league goals in last 3 seasons at Real Madrid and Napoli (similar to OG’s 11, 16, 14) doesn’t suggest he is going to rip up the PL. I’d take him though to compete with OG – not that many top strikers around and/or available.

  4. Cech -10 mill
    Schneiderlin -25 mill
    Higuain-40 mill
    Total-65 mill

    Poldoski-10 mill
    Schzzney-7 to 10 million
    Total 20 to 25 million
    Net spent- 40 to 45 million

    Loan- Jenkinson and Ganarby
    Arsenal has no Cash problem, can easily afford the money
    Many player will be released as well from payroll


  5. Get both Kondabagia and Schneiderlin

    Kondabagia can rotate with Coq and Schneiderlin can rotate with Ramsay…..

  6. It’s wait and see time re.transfers but I would prefer not to do any business with the Lesser Portuguese Gob thank you very much.Though a winner I can’t think of a more odious person in football. Do business with anyone but him.
    Oh! anyone notice the love in between snake in the grass and Pullis. Ugh.

  7. For how long now have some of us been saying that Arsene Wenger is a man without purpose and that he’s completely lost the plot while some of the Arsene Knows It All Brigade seem to bury their heads in the sand of never-never land pretending they are still in a big slumber whilst fully aware of what is happening to our great team? Whilst Arsene is still in charge of this team and Mourhino manages Chelsea, I CANNOT see our Manager winning the EPL! For 9 long years with the same team Wenger has had, are you Ostriches telling me that Jose Mourhino would not have won at least 4-5 EPL titles? You bet he would have!!!!!! WENGER MUST GO!!!!!!!

    1. Why have the AKB’s got their heads buried in the sand? Surely they are the ones living in the here and now, getting by in the real world and trying to support the team. You think whining about every aspect of the club, management and the players has any effect? I could whine all day every day that I want a new manager, a new board, new ownership, a squad with 25 world class players and an annual transfer budget of £250M per annum but it ain’t gonna happen is it – no matter how much we collectively cry about it in chatrooms. Perhaps all the agitators should organise some direct action against the club if they feel that passionately.

  8. That’s just the special had case diverting are attention away from you know he wants to come. What are they going to do;leave him on the Bench. To leave for free at tea end of next season. I don’t hear anything about any other clubs linked or pushing for him latley

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