Arsenal transfer plans starting to look very shaky, in fact, it looks a mess

This transfer window was always going to be a defining moment for Arsenal and in particular Unai Emery but as things stand at the time of writing it really is not looking good for the club and manager.

If Arsenal fail next season then it is hard to see how Emery can keep his job, his contract expires at the end of the season and it is imperative for him to have a better season than last season.

That will not happen while our top-six rivals all strengthen and improve and we stand still, and standing still is what is currently happening.

At this moment in time, we have just one new signing, an 18-year-old forward from the fourth division in Brazil.

We are supposed to be signing William Saliba but that has not yet been officially confirmed and even when it is, he is not going to be with us for at least 12 months.

Arsenal was supposed to be close to signing Celtic defender Kieran Tierney but according to the last reports that is not now going to happen.

Dani Ceballos is supposed to be signing for us on loan but that is now in doubt following the injury to his Real Madrid teammate Marco Asensio.

Then there is Wilfried Zaha but as is widely being reported Crystal Palace want more than what we can afford and there is report after report of multiple swap deals and so on.

Everton Soares is also supposed to be a main target but that just seems to be tabloid speculation and it is anyone’s guess if he is a genuine target.

We are not being linked with any top defenders and we need defenders more than anything right now and there is little on any of the deadwood being sold.

Hopefully, things will change and this transfer window turns out to be a success but right now, it just looks a mess and I am not at all encouraged.


    1. He MAY (pun intended) be hampered by Kroenke.

      If it’s true he only has £40-45 million budget, there’s not much he can do

      1. If he hadn’t messed the end of the season up we would have had alot more to spend ,that’s on him .

        1. True Dan, we went backwards during the last third of last season and that can not only be the fault of the players.

        2. @Dan kit

          Ramsey injury killed us at the end of season. That was the main reason we finished badly.

          Emery messed up against Palace, but how is it his fault for the other games when he picked his strongest teams, went to a back 4, and went with his most attacking lineups, which is what the fans wanted? Clearly the players are not good enough. Did Ozil step up when Ramsey got injured?

          1. Wow your excuses know no bounds ,it had nothing to do with Ramsey getting injured ,it was his constant tinkering that cost us top four and more money to buy better players this window ,I thought you would blame Ozil somewhere in there ,and surprise surprise it appeared ,What excuse will you use next season?
            Wenger ,ozil,Ramsey injures again (I know ) .

          2. @ThirdManJW
            That was definitely a contributing factor to the downfall. But that couldn’t have been the only reason. Defenders were shambolic and that’s more of the problem than not having Ramsey to score more goals than the opposition. If we’re really to rely on Holding not getting injured, Monreal not turning into a Mustafi, and Sokratis not forgetting that he’s not a wrestler, then I wave goodbye to the next season already.

        3. Same thought here. This man should be solely held accountable for our failure to qualify for the champions league. There is no reason to believe this chap can make it through next season. He’s going to be fired and that should have happened last season.

          1. Dan kit has never accepted Unai Emery and one only has to read his posts to see that he has had an agenda the majority of last season. He seems to think that the great coaches of world football will line up to come to the Emirates at the end of the 2019/20 season. Doesn’t he think that prospective candidates won’t be watching the goings on at Arsenal and the constraints Emery is operating under? Despite what Dan kit thinks, Emery is well respected by his peers.
            By the way Admin Martin, Unai Emery is Head Coach not “manager” of Arsenal.

          2. Which peers respect him please Ozzie ?
            You keep repeating the same thing over and over how the great respected manager will be gone at the end of the season like he’s some kind of messiah,
            I’ve read is that he falls out with players and staff . Never once read that he’s so highly sort after

      2. He doesn’t have to spend the majority of the budget on an 18-year-old CD who won’t help us this season and who has never played in a major league.

    2. Like Teressa May, there are a lot of spanners in the works that make it impossible to do the job right!

      Don’t blame UE. He’s a scapegoat for Arsenal. If it fails he will be blamed and the Wonky Kronke family would have the ideal alibi.

      Come on, we all know who is really to blame!!!

  1. Looks absolutely AWFUL.
    United will definitely improve a lot more than us especially with Bissaka and looks like Savic (who is an awesome all rounder) and probably McGuire too.

    If we signed average or no other players we will NOT improve!!!
    If anything we could be worse because, Koscielny was arguably are best CB and he will leave. Other older players might not be as good as last season

    Martinelli is not enough

    Also even if we got Zaha or Fraser, we still have a very leaky defensive line and average central midfield

    At the moment we are a 6th place team

    WE must spend money. Simple as that

    1. Sorry Innit. I don’t even think we are a 6th place team. Remember Kroenke owns the Colorado Rapids who he has let sink to become the worst team in the MSL. He will let Arsenal fill with cash, drop down the league, and sell in three seasons and make lot of money…. whilst all the supporters suffer. Satan Kroenke is a Parasite.

    2. Pogba >>>> Savic

      With due respect to your opinion ofcourse Innit, but I wonder whether you have been watching Serie A the past two seasons. Savic is nolonger the player he used to be. His slow, has less energy and gets tired fast in games (kind of reminds me of Xhaka). There is a reason top teams are not in for him anymore (even Juve who picks up the best players in that league preferred players like Ramsey / Matiudi / Rabiot / and now contemplating on a more expensive Pogba than him). I doubt Man U would be so stupid to pay such an amount on him, then again they have been known to purchase expensive flops in recent years.

    3. Savic to Utd is fake news.Its either him or Pogba not both.
      Maguire is nowhere near close to completion like was parroted some time ago

  2. I don’t like to sound dramatic but we continue to look like a club ran by fools.

    We desperately need to improve our backline and operate on a tiny budget, yet we appear close to signing an 18-year-old who won’t play for us this season.

    None of the other names we are associated with look like automatic improvements.

    Most disturbingly, we have failed to sell (even at bargain prices) any of the players who should not play for us (Ozil, Mustafi, Mikhi)

    The only thing we can hope for is that the manager has to good sense to give players like Wilock, Chambers and other youngsters some real PL minutes this season.

    We will likely kick off the new PL season with the same defenders we ended last season with. That to me has to be considered a major failure of management.

    At the moment I would like to see Chambers start in CD despite the fact that he is not world-class. However, he gives me more confidence than our other CD’s.

    1. Chambers has been a professional for 7 years. That’s not a youngster anymore.

      If Mavropanos is fit, he should be given preference as he can in time develop to be a world beater. In fact, when Holding has recovered I would try the Holding-Mavropanos combo, and next year the two could compete for the second slot alongside Saliba…

      I don’t think we should sign a CB permanently if the Saliba deal goes through because next year we will have Mavro, Holding, Saliba – 3 young talents figthing for 2 spots and Sokratis as a backup. Hopefully Mustafi will be gone next year at least.

  3. Am I a pessimist or are Auba and Laca the only two players that make us (perhaps) a top 6 team? Without them, we would likely be a bottom half of the table team IMO.

  4. Wow so now Kaveh Solkehol is saying we are in talks for the same Tierney that media claimed was off.Interesting.

    This is off topic but it’s quite interesting reading comments about Riess Nelson and how people think he isn’t going to make it.He is still easily the biggest talent in the academy and talent for talent Saka still does not come close to him and I follow the U23’s very much so I know what I’m saying.The only problem is that he is not prepared mentally and is being used out wide rather than centrally(AM) where I believe he would excel.I watched him at Hoffenheim and he didn’t seem ready so hopefully he goes put on loan to a club willing to use him centrally.The same fans who claim him to be average will also say the same about Saka when he’s going through some bad form

    1. It’s time to play our youngsters for our own first team. With virtually no budget we need to invest minutes in our young players.

      I am tired of our talent going out on endless loan spells only to be sold for peanuts.

      Throw them in the deep end and be patient with them. If they come good we have a future, if they fail we know what to fix (our academy).

      1. Yes, I agree with you but the problem is that not all are ready.We should play those who are ready and send those that aren’t ready on loan

        1. To me Chambers is ready, I would play Nelson out wide over Mikhi even if Nelson prefers the center of the park. I think Willock is ready, Nketia is ready to take over from Welbeck. And I would have like to see why Bielik is not ready.

          1. I get your point.Chambers is ok but nothing special.Intetestingly he’s of similar quality to Holding who many fans seem to think is good enough.Good chance that Bielik will be far better than both.Nketiah’s season will be wasted again if he doesn’t play more.Bad situation for him atm.

  5. I thought we would have a clearance sale in this transfer window, where we would sell and release the aging players and the ones that are past their sell-by dates

    I just hope the younger defenders can step up, because I don’t think we can rely on the error-prone CBs anymore

  6. You guys should stop this nonsense about the ceballos deal not going through. There is isco, modric, cademiro in midfield asides new signings like hazard and rodrygo who they paid 40 million for. Assensio doesn’t even play in midfield for Madrid.

    1. Ceballos is not even a winger.I think it’s safe to say both Ceballos and Saliba are done deals at this moment.
      Clickbait and embarrassingly late media will do everything to lie to fans.

  7. This is just an overreaction a loss.
    Dani Ceballos is not a winger and he will still join Arsenal.
    Kieran Tierney move will happen.Celtic don’t have 3 LB’s for nothing.Its just patience.
    Another bid will go in for Zaha and we will move to Everton Soares when we miss out.

    The lies in the media are too much.Apparently Spurs were hijacking Saliba for weeks when it wasn’t until the last minute they made an offer.

    1. Kev you’re right on point. Do keep us updated on any news. You’d think someone died judging by the sudden burst of negativity on here.
      Kev what do you make of sokratis and his constant rubbish reds? Surely a centre back must be coming in eh?

      1. I don’t want to comment much about Sokratis because I’ve already written him off as being not good enough so imo that is normal from him.He’s a rash and over aggressive player so these things are expected

        1. Sokratis is easily our best defender at the moment, that says alot about our defence( absolute trash).Emery is deluded if he thinks buying Zaha is better than getting a solid CB or two.

  8. This isn’t about going through bad form or anything kev,they say form is temporal but class is permanent and I think you are wrong about Saka not getting close to Nelson and please stop all this players not being used in their natural position Ramsey was used in different positions when he was younger and a player who did not pull down any trees while at bundesliga will probably not do it in the premier league, I still believe Saka is a far more bigger talent than Nelson though.

    1. Nah Saka doesn’t come close to Nelson.I follow the U23’s well so I know what I’m saying.He is better talent wise.Fans are just turning on him because of some average performances.A player’s talent can be independent of his performance.Fans are just looking to pass the tag of ‘next biggest talent’ to so of course the easiest option would be Saka.Im only being honest when I tell you Reiss Nelson needs to play centrally.I saw him at Hoffenheim and I believe that will be his best position

      1. Well Kev, you ain’t the only one who follows our U23, neither are you the only one who followed Nelson while he was on loan. If folks could recall, before the season ended I kept saying how I was disturbed and how I noticed Nelson wasn’t improving or showing any maturity with his games, I pointed out some of his flaws while he was on loan and I already pointed out he’s still far behind Sancho and the rest, forget this crap of He needs to play centrally, we’ve been making the same excuse for Iwobi, now we’ll make it for Nelson too? Nelson isn’t ready to be our starting winger, that’s why I find it ridiculous when people say we don’t need new wingers, Nelson might cut it tomorrow but for now, he’s not it.
        And to say Saka is nowhere near Nelson, I don’t know what to call it, we’re discussing football so I don’t wanna use any offensive word.
        Folks on here might not follow our youths, but I do, so stop saying stuffs that way.
        Also you’re aware, David Ornstein already and also confirmed that Saka is the most highly rated kid in the club even with his age right?

        1. Iwobi is not on Nelson’s level talent wise.He has played centrally on several occasions and has looked normal.Yes, I maintain Saka is not as talented as Nelson and I dont really care that much if you’re gonna use an offensive word seeing as many love to stoop so low over football related issues.If you have class you have it if you don’t you dont.Nelson was never ready.Also Saka and Nelson were from different batches so if Ornstein claims he’s the most highly rated it doesn’t mean he includes Nelson in the same batch.Jeorge Bird who has followed Arsenal youth football more than you,me and Ornstein has claimed Nelson is still by far our biggest talent since Wilshere.You were the same person that claimed sometime ago that Smith-Rowe was on Wilshere’s level in terms of talent and that is in itself a big lie just like those telling themselves Saka is better than Nelson talent wise.I’ll stick to my guns and should Arsenal let Nelson leave permanently then they are in for a rude awakening.You can disagree with me which is your opinion but no-one is changing my opinion about Nelson and Saka.Cant wait for fans to jump on Saks when he starts showing some average performances.Nelson is a bigger talent and should both develop as expected he will be better plain and simple

  9. Why am I not surprised at that. The transfer period is a mess! We the supporters are being took for fools this season again. I watched the highlights v Real Madrid our clumsy defending and inability to clear the ball lost us the game. Same old…….same old. Another season of dire football ahead. Annoying or what?

  10. Zaha ahead of Everton?

    Not in my book. I’ll take Everton Soares any day of the week ahead of Zaha. Wouldn’t cost as much either.

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said..the usual shambles and tight fistedness continues..

    Kroenke will ruin this club like he has his other ventures. Said it the other day…why is everyone at arsenal concern d about spending money when Stan has put no restrictions on spending?!!!

    What a tangled web if lies they weave..

  11. Good. Finally see comments making sense and realistic.

    Of course Spurs have already improved team with Dombele they were missing, now Sessegnon promising LB.

    It is a waist if Time to look for attacking midfield and attacking players if no defense. They just dont get it.

    You Can score, fill up your bucket with water but if holes in it, you will lose all water by end of the day

    I can’t believe this crazy board and Edu. It is a huge all in CD, Kos was out best Defender, leaving. A disaster!

    Koulibaly is still available and watch how city go After him while we are acting totally retarded.

    Of course MU will be better, they are getting top players in every line. Bissaka, Savic, Dybala, Maguire while we get a kid to devellop in a year!

    Koulibaly ends this misery but we not at all going there, but losing Kos too.

    Guys you are now getting realistic seing the total joke we are in transfer window; we wont make it to 6th place and miles behind City, red, Spurs, Man U and Chelsea. Everton is progressing as Spurs did, westam signs 50M players, newcastle for one for 40m as leicester. All have 100M budget and up.

    That’s facts as being beaten badly and effortlessly by Everton, leicester, palace because we have a hole in CD where most goals are scored from in football.


  12. Excellent article by Admin Martin. A very true and level headed summary of this transfer window and the state of our team. I cannot understand why we have not been linked with any central defenders ( to play immediately) and why the management team have not mentioned Bielik or Mavropanos. I really hope Holding and Belllerin are progressing ahead of schedule otherwise the start of the season could be shocking. Does anyone know if Bielik is even back off holiday yet?

    1. I read that he wants leave .remember we signed him 6years ago and he’s not been given any chance so you Can’t blame him really .

  13. I remember the film field of dreams. If you build it they will come, we built the emirates on an old rubbish dump, so the team has just obliged the geography. It’s not over till it’s over though and the window remains open, as much as the rumours and inaction are frustrating I’d rather see the right people come in and out regardless of the time it takes as long as we do get it done in time. I’m still waiting till the first games of the season to make a judgement on the season and live in hope. Please can we sign a defender and get Zaha deal done.

  14. I think this article is still too early, not until window closed, i eouldnt commebt on the summer business.
    Hopefully we are all wrong and the board slap our faces with marque signing(s).
    But as it is, media are manipulating us. We agreed 36m for everton about 2weeks ago according to report, celtic coach claim Tierny deal is off. All this are playing on our emotions, i reckon this is part of board gimick to torture fans ,water our appetite so that we could apreciate any player they eventually buy as we may no likely apreciate early business

  15. Ceballos is in London guys. Sue if you see him,give him a hug for me. Waiting on Tierney and Everton soares.
    Everton club to talk with zaha this week, in my opinion they can have him already.

  16. Admin Mart, I believe that the recruitment team will prove you wrong come 9th August.
    Our Gunz will be blazing once again???

  17. Its hard to fathom what exactly AFC’s
    recruitment strategy is at the
    present moment and even more
    unsettling that Raul, Edu and Co.
    seem to have reached a consensus that
    the CB position isnt in need of
    IMMEDIATE reinforcements. I hate to
    pass judgement before the window
    closes but even if Arsenal acquire
    the services of a Zaha, Ceballos,
    Everton, Kean etc, the window will
    still be an unmitigated failure if
    a proven, top class CB is not brought
    in. Saliba is a good piece of
    business 4 the future and if AFC are
    able to push the Tierney deal over
    the line than LB should be sorted for
    years to come BUT how can the clubs
    brass honestly rate the likes of
    Mustafi, Socratis, Monreal, Boss,
    Mavro and possibly Chambers as good
    enough collectively to lead the
    back line to a potential top 4
    finish. If the club is serious(??)
    about splashing the cash for Zaha,
    Everton or Kean why haven’t they
    been proactive in testing the waters
    for Upamecano, Kontae, Ake, J. Tah,
    B. Kamara, Kimpebe, J. Lascalles, E.
    Baily, L. Dunk, I. Diop, etc. Any
    of these players would WALK into
    the first team. Hell if AFC are truly
    willing to spend the necessary kings
    ransom on Zaha, they could buy
    Upamecano and Kamara for the same
    money and the CB position would be
    sorted out for the next decade.

    A perfect ending to the window.


    B. Kamara—£20M
    D. Sidibe—£15M
    Malcolm—£10M (2 year loan)
    Ceballos—loan (£ wages)

    £115M spent


    El Neny—£7M
    Bennacer— (sell on, £2M)

    £77M recouped in players sales.

    Apprx £38M spent on this exciting,
    young squad.






  18. No defenders, no Europa League next season. Simple as.
    With the only decent defender being Holding, I wouldn’t count on many clean sheets this season and definitely not many points. I do expect away game humiliations against the likes of City and Liverpool. The attack won’t be able to cover for the shambolisms of our defense. If only they would sign one decent defender by the end of the window.

  19. we spent so much time fighting st etienne to have saliba immediately for no reward which we could have used to get another cb to fill this 12 months gap. hope we can get ceballos permanently since he is a great talent. Shame those bloodsuckers like mustafi, ozil cant get the hell out of our club.

  20. Kev, the point is are Holding,Chambers and Beilik better than Laurel and Hardy my affectionate names for Mustafi and Socratis.The answer is yes so regardless of your doubts concerning their ability at least two of the three should start against Newcastle?

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