Arsenal transfer plans to be WRECKED by Man Utd?

Not only could Arsenal be dealt a crushing and potentially crucial blow by Manchester United this week, which could lead to us being consigned to that regular and not quite good enough fourth position in the Premier League, but they could be set to wreak havoc on us in the summer transfer window as well.

That is what Arsene Wenger nis worried about anyway, as a Metro report reveals. It is not just the spending power that Louis van Gaal has been handed by his Old Trafford bosses, although that is pretty strong cause for concern in itself, but that Wenger reckons that every player that he wants to sign for Arsenal is also a target for United.

The Gunners boss said, “‘I expect Manchester United to be active in the transfer market.

“Every player I am offered, Man Utd are already on his case!

“We expect them to buy some strong players.”

At least they went for Angel Di Maria rather than Alexis Sanchez last summer because that would have made a big different to the season. I can understand Wenger´s fears though, because for years it seemed as though various Premier League clubs were waiting for the Arsenal scouts to identify a player and then they would swoop in.

The Gunners do have a lot more cash to splash these days but still nothing like our big BPL rivals, so how is Wenger going to stop his targets going elsewhere? Making sure that Man United finish fourth and Arsenal are guaranteed the Champions League group stage would be a nice way to start!

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  1. We still need to finish as high up the table as possible. The reason for this is it will give us a big boost for next season and make it harder for the other teams to sign great players. GOYG lets get second place.

    1. PS if Wenger is serious about only buying only top quality players, we need to start winning more trophies to attract them.

      1. It will be interesting to see who he buys after making that statement again – Ozil.. then Sanchez.. and now ???

    2. Can’t weight for next season to begin. Honestly, I nolonger give a f***k about who we sign or don’t. Last chance for Arsene is next season. NO EXCUSE NEXT SEASON.

      1. For me it’s the last chance for the board. Put more of our money into buying top quality players or f-ck off. There is no point in building up our bank balance and forgetting about winning trophies.

        1. The boards going to be around for as long as they want. Unless you can get the owner around to sit at poker table and convince him that your missus is worth every penny of AFC.

  2. Simple fact is, we aren’t able to pay what Manchester United are able to pay. Wages nor transfer fees. With FFP, neither can Chelsea or Man City either. We signed the second highest kit deal in the league last summer, a £150m deal over 5 years. What did United do just months later? Blew us out the water and signed a £750m 10 year deal. United are the richest club in the league, that’s just something we have to deal with. Sure we have a lot more money to spend now than we used to, but we are still behind. We just have to be wiser in spending the money we do have. United do waste a fair bit, just look at how much they’re paying Falcao.

    1. Thats a good point Mick. You can buy the best players in the world but it doesn’t mean they will be fantastic in the team they are joining. Football is a team sport I just hope our team go from strength to strength.

  3. Admin I thought I might share a joke with you.

    Paddy and Murphy are walking in the jungle by a river and see a mans head sticking out of a crocodile, Paddy says to Murphy look at that flash twat in his lacoste sleeping bag.

    Admin please don’t shoot me 🙂

  4. Man United have been nothing since SAF stepped down. Let them get on with making mistakes time and time again.

  5. Our main targets are for central striker and defensive mid, there is an abundance to choose from. If utd are our only rival for the same players i will be pleased so long as we have more than one name on the shortlist for each position.

    Liv manc napoli dortm valenc atl could all rival us for players if they where so inclined. Thats not even mentioning the Euro giants. So lets hope manu is our biggest worry.

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