Arsenal transfer round-up: Elneny latest, Aubameyang, Howedes, Rabiot talks?

The transfer window is yet to kick into top gear, but signings appear imminent, and we thought we’d give you a brief update of the latest reports and speculation.

Mohamed Elneny is firmly expected to be announced as an Arsenal player in the coming days, and Arsene Wenger has reiterated that thought in his press conference today.

The Frenchman stated: “It’s complicated a little bit but we work hard on it. I hope in the next 2-3 days we get to the end of it.”

Aubameyang was claimed to have been the subject of a €60 Million bid by our beloved club this week, with speculation spanning from him being absent from training.

His absence was simply because he travelled to the awards ceremony in Africa, where he picked up the African Player of the Year award for 2015, where he announced he would not join Arsenal, nor did he expect to leave Dortmund in the near future.

Centre-back Benedikt Howedes has been linked with a move to the Emirates for some time now, and latest reports from Germany are claiming that we will make our move for him in the summer.

The German international will be entering the final 12 months of his contract, and will be available for a £9 Million fee.

Last but not least, Adrien Rabiot is reported to have sent his agent, who just so happens to be his mother, to London for talks over a move to Arsenal.

Veronique Rabiot is said to have held talks with Arsene Wenger, and a deal looks likely to happen for the 20 year-old.

Our friends over at seem to believe the developments with Rabiot could affect the transfer of Elneny however, with the pair both favouring central midfield roles.

You never know though, Veronique may have just been asking Wenger’s opinion on a new hand bag…

Would you rather the coveted PSG wonderkid, or the experienced Egyptian?

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  1. “The only [signing]? I don’t rule out anybody else. He [Elneny] will at least be one of the signings and comes into an area where we are short at the moment.”

    That’s our answer right there, the club is working over time already on the Elneny deal so we can forget anybody else coming in unless the Nigerian kid who claimed we are interested in him yesterday is willing to come for free.

    1. Hahaha that African wonderkid has chosen Wolfsburg over Arsenal because they promised him “things” that we obviously didn’t!

      Regards to the Elneny signing, I just joked about Rabiot being the reason for this delay!
      If that turns out to be the real reason for not signing Elneny then Wenger is truly a lost cause!

      I will wait the 3 day’s before saying anything else! ?

      1. Maybe his trying to get both, Elneny plus Rabiot. Both can play while Coq and Carzola are out pushing Ramsey back to the wing since Wenger bench his son.

        1. Both would be great but there’s something fishy going on with the announcement of Elneny signing!

          The Egyptian media have been fast and accurate with Elneny’s reports and they confirmed that his Work permit/ international clearance were all sorted on Monday night, thats four day’s ago!
          All other agreements were done before the City home game, So this latest rumour involving Rabiot does seem to have affected Elneny’s signing announcement.

          Rabiot wants to leave PSG for more game time,
          So the news of Arsenal being close to signing Elneny (as they both play in a similar position) has concerned Rabiot’s agent (mum)

          Now that would cause complications as wenger put it!

    2. wanna know my biggest fears/worries bout the EL-neny transfer?

      It may take Wenger tons of balls to bench flamini for the sake of EL-neny

      hope i’m on the wrong tho

  2. i think we can forget about Aubemeyang after his recent comments
    I hope and wish Im wrong though as I really want him in an Arsenal Shirt

    1. If you want to see Aubameyang in an Arsenal shirt,
      You best download yourself a photoshop App!! ?

      The player has said that he doesn’t want to come to Arsenal,
      His mum is Spanish and he wants to play in Spain!

      So can everyone stop getting shot!! With these Aubameyang rumours!

      #R.I.P Aubameyang Rumours

      1. hopefully puffy and faith evans can make a song about the passing of the aubameyang rumours.

        every single day, every time i pray. ill be …..

        1. Hahaha

          Aw- I- blame- weng for the passing of Yang,
          Should of signed him before he moved to Dortmund!
          12 million would have bought him back then!

          But then again, It’s a Wenger thang!! A WENGER THANG!
          the faithful sang ?

          1. Arsenal buys Ligue 1 top scorer Giroud for £10 millions. He has played well for Arsenal, however he hasn’t improved his goal tally over the years THAT much.

            Year later BVB buys Ligue 1 top scorer Aubameyang for the same amount. He plays well but on his 3rd season goes absolutely nuts and starts scoring for fun.

            Why we always pick the wrong guy? -_-

            1. It’s not about picking the wrong guy, after the RVP incident Wenger realized it’s better to have midfielders that will contribute to the majority of the goals because relying on one player is the biggest mistake our club has done. Unlike Dortmund, Arsenal players are always targeted by the super rich clubs and we can’t afford that due to the competitive nature of our league. So Wenger became smart and built a world class midfield that can provide goals to any striker so that when we lose one goal creator we have another one to replace him. Although having said that, I’m pretty sure Wenger would like a better goal scorer than Giroud considering how easy it is to score with Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, etc. providing service

  3. Also with Alexis’s injury, Im worried that Campbell, Ox, Walcott, Giroud may not be strong enough of an attack without Alexis. BTW I respect the hell out of the above players but Campbell hardly scores, Ox hasn’t been performing well, Giroud and Walcott haven’t been consistent

    We could really use another quality attacker

    1. Campbell is still new, get off his back. Imo Walcott and Giroud should be bench players and allow a new no.9 to be the main man.

  4. I prefer Elneny to Rabiot.we have a lot of inexperienced kids in our academy, and Rabiot is not very experienced too.
    He is as aggresive as elneny and he talks too much.
    If our players come back and he doesn’t start as he wants, he will start complaining…I already love Elneny…

    1. rabiots mum sounds like a nutta.

      is it true she pulled zlatans ponytail and dragged him by his ear to psg detention for making fun of adrien?

  5. El-neny and rabiot pairing at the heart of the arsenal mid-field?…………..can’t see that happening soon…….

    Have u forgotten wenger’s golden boy?….he won’t be relegated to the bench anytime soon!….. Sorry!

  6. Moving away from the Auba madness, is Icardi, Dyabala or Zaza still any good and can they possible bench OG or Theo? I don’t really follow Serie A.

  7. tha best favour u could do now is drown yourself in whiskey or whatever u like than all these rumours guys, its wknd enjoy urselves.

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