Arsenal transfer round-up – Wanyama, Vidal, Kondogbia, Kovacic

There is just under two months until our next competitive match, which will be against Chelsea in the Community Shield on August 2, but in the mean-time, teams are actively working on deals to strengthen their clubs.

Victor Wanyama has sent out a come-and-get-me plea to Arsenal, by admitting ‘it would be nice’ to play for us. The Kenyan midfielder has previously claimed that Arsene Wenger has shown an interest in him, and he could be set to get his wish.

Arturo Vidal’s agent is claimed to have attended our FA Cup final at Wembley, before discussing a possible transfer for the Chilean. Wenger has vaguely admitted an interest in Vidal previously, but the Frenchman holds his cards close to his chest. Juventus are said to be willing to negotiate his sale, and the reported £28.5 Million fee would be more than reasonable. The creative star turned 28 recently, and as much as I like him, I think there are better alternatives available this summer.

We are turning our attentions from Schneiderlin to Kondogbia apparently, with the former closing on a move to Old Trafford. The Monaco star impressed as his side knocked us out of the Champions League this year, and looks to be the perfect mould for our squad. We have been longing for a strong defensive star to grace our beloved red shirt, and we hope Wenger finally grants us our wish!

Inter Milan are willing to listen to offers of around £18 Million for Mateo Kovacic, who has been linked with both Liverpool and Arsenal. The Croatian has been likened to former Gunners captain Cesc Fabregas, and at 21 years-of-age, could prove a huge capture for the present and future.

We of course will not be signing all (if any) of these midfield stars, although I hold a strong preference for our conqueror Kondogbia! Kovacic looks a strong talent, but would struggle to break into our first-team in my opinion. Which one would you choose?

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  1. The Kovacic deal to me makes no sense. I’ve watched him play numerous times and I personally think he’s no better than Wilshere or Ramsey, not to mention Cazorla and Ozil.
    There seems to be plenty of midfielders available and i’m not going to lie, i’ve had my hopes set on Schneiderlin for some time now. But the possibility of transferring Vidal has been giving me chills. One of the worlds truly elite footballers in his respective position, and a leader. Engine and drive and someone to guide, compete and push our youthful, talented midfield. The price-tags being thrown around seem crazy cheap though. If we bought Vidal for 40-45mil and put him on 160k i’d have no complaints in the slightest.

    1. 45 million for vidal? nah thats too much for a 28 year old . come on is as if people are out of touch with reality. We are Arsenal and not some real madrid type of club.
      25£ to 30£ sounds fair for vidal. I like Vidal but if its for £45 million am sorry cause it aint gonna happen. ozil had time on his side because he was young. vidal doesn’t. United have spent 80£ million on RVP in wages and signing and now the fans are insulting him cause he is past it. thats the problem in buying a 29 year old at an expensive price. Wenger won’t do that.

      If we can’t get Vidl for 25£ to 30£ million then lets go for Imbulla who is 22 and better than Kondobia. they both play in a similar league and its esy to compare them. Imbulla is a beast and is playing way above his years. you can check out
      wanyama morgan vidAL imbula and kondobia below.|ligue_1/2014/2015/geoffrey_kondogbia/118/118/1937/0/p|premier_league/2014/2015/morgan_schneiderlin/126/126/724/0/p|premier_league/2014/2015/victor_wanyama/126/126/5573/0/p|serie_a/2014/2015/arturo_vidal/137/137/2703/0/p#pass_completion#total

      1. When you compare statistic you can clearly see that Vidal is not a pure DM. He is more of a coplete CM like a Box to Box. Defensive his stats are not as good as that of Wanyama Kondobia or Coq or Imbulla. It depends on what we want really.

        What type of midfielder does Arsenal need? A pure distroyer or a CM or creative DM.

        Pure distroyers.
        Grzegorz Krychowiak. I think when it comes to speed tackling blocks interception airial duels This polish guy for seville is way better than wanyama or Schiniderlin or Kondobia. I have checked his stats and watch his games and compare on squaka and this polish dude is and animal. If you watch the way he took the ball from messi and the tackles its insane. Funny enough seville got him for just 2.5£ million. they will be making some good profits.

        Complete CM.
        Vidal and Imbulla are the best if we want to go for Someone who can play football as well as defend. Someone with great passing ability of atleast 90% then this two will suit our style. Imbulla is just 22 years old and will get better. while Vidal is absolutely worldclass already and he is at his peak at the age of 28 years old.

        But like i said it depends on if we want a distroyer type of Dm or Central midfielder.

        1. See. That’s the problem in looking at stats but not watching actual games. You say something stupid like someone from Sevilla is better than Schneiderlin and Wanayama. Wanayama is a brick wall and has been one of the main reasons Soton were so good this year.

        2. Do not worry, Vidal, Schneiderlin, Pogba…etc will all be converted to DM by Fans…

    2. Kovacic is just an Eastern European Ross Barkley we don’t need him and like you said our current players are much better so he wouldn’t improve the team

  2. Vidal or Kondogbia would most definitely be well received by most of us. Kondogbia is younger but a DM specialist. Vidal is a more complete player who is very good quality on both defense and attack but 28 years old.

    Not sure about the other two to be honest. I don’t follow Scottish football but heard wanyama is very good defensively and don’t know much about Kovacic other than his youth. I think we have enough youth with Coquelin, Bielik and Chambers. Now we need more experience and quality.

    1. Wanyama is the same age as Coquelin, and they are both midfield destroyers essentially. Coquelin has the superior stats either way. Wanyama would be a repetitive buy. Kondogbia much more offensive but can still sit deep. I think he would be a good alternative to Coquelin. Obviously get Vidal over anyone if he;s available. And yeah, Wanyama left Celtic 2 seasons ago now…

  3. I actually like Coquelin, that being said i feel there is a need to sort of have a back up play in things ‘touch wood go wrong’ for example him sustaining an injury. I feel if we were to sign another CDM it needs to someone who offers something completely different to what Coq does for the team. Lets be truthful he is not the great going forward, But that i mean he is OK, but his passing accuracy not entirely there, nor is his ability to score (form open play or set pieces). What has impressed me though is his ability to remain calm whenever they are counter attacks, his organisational skills when the team aren’t in control of the ball and his ability to retrieve the ball once the team has lost it. What he has done for this team this second half of the season has been remarkable, to toss him aside would be insulting the guy who generally was one of the difference makers to our season. Therefore i feel someone like Schneiderlin would be good for our team, I feel the two would both challenge and complement aspects of their game their not good at. As i mentioned earlier Coquelin arguably is better at the defensive dirty work of the team whilst schneiderlin out of the two probably the better attacker.

    1. if he keeps going forward he might as well play B2B and not DM…..

      and if he goes forward someone has to stay back to protect the defence

  4. Wenger is not gonna sign attacking midfielder or true CDM because we have plenty of attacking midfielders and if we sign a true CDM Coquelin’s growth will be destroyed so a CM who can
    defend as well as attack will be the player we will sign someone like Arteta.

    1. Fans do not care if Coq growth is destroyed or not

      Fans only care about winnning

      whoever is good enough shall play…

      if hes not happy he can leave

    2. Yeah man! And we all know how Coquelin’s growth is important to all of us! Come on get serious we dont care about Coquelin what we care about is the team and winning trophies. If you are all about Coquelin go join his fan club.

      1. And what if Coquelin’s growth benefits us? Everyone wants Schneiderlin but the facts are he’s not as defensive minded as Coquelin. Arsenal play better w/ a midfield destroyer like Coquelin, no doubt about it. Will Arsenal give up more goals when we add Schneiderlin into the XI? Do we need somebody more offensive minded when we have Cazorla, Ozil to do the job? Who knows, but I think we can all agree having Arteta being the alternative is not good enough.

  5. Who is upset Milner joined Liverpool? I am really happy he joined Liverpool because he is not good enough for us. I also highly doubt wenger was interested in him in the first place.
    Atleast he is not a greedy player like Adebayor and A.Cole.

    1. Milner is squad level quality for us. Good enough to start for a team like Liverpool. We have Rosicky as our midfield squad player and I’d much rather have him over Milner.

  6. With all the concentration on DM, I think you guys forget we need a CB as well!

    Mertesacker was our most capped CB this season, we did pretty well. but in 1-2 season I doubt hell make it in our bench

    1. Gabriel, Kos, Mert, Hayden, Chambers, Jenko (was CB before he had to play RB), Monreal (CB not his best position) and Debuchy are our players capable to play central.

  7. I made vow to ignore transfer rumors until July. I am at peace.

    Bless you my Gooners !

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