Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Brozovic, Carrick, Marquinhos, Locatelli, Icardi

The rumour mill is picking up speed at present, with the Premier League title all but wrapped up for Leicester City, so we thought we’d bring you up-to-date on the latest speculation doing the rounds.

The majority of today’s stories have been based around strengthening our midfield, but one major player I had hoped to join up front has just ruled out an exit from his club. That player would be Mauro Icardi, who currently plays for Inter Milan. Unfortunately he is rubbishing the repeated exit talks, and reiterating his happiness with his employers.

On the flip-side, PSG defender Marquinhos is reported to be set on the exit door, with him claimed to have voiced his anger at his lack of first-team action with the French champions. Unfortunately we are on a long-list of potential suitors including Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United, so it is hard to get excited about our chances of landing the young Brazilian.

The most well-known name for most of you will be the links to sign England international Michael Carrick. The midfielder is out of contract this summer, and is tipped as a possible replacement for Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta, with the pair out of contract in the coming months. I believe this is pure speculation, simply because our English players are being touted as possible departures, with sources liking to throw homegrown players names around.

Another central player who we are believed to be keeping tabs on is AC Milan youngster Manuel Locatelli. This isn’t a player I have much knowledge on admittedly, nor will any of you have, but the 18 year-old is tipped for greatness, and has been described as a future captain of AC. Those words alone will tell you that his signature is an unlikely one, and with Leicester also interested, our scout who just joined from the Foxes may well have brought his name forward.

One player most fellow Gunners will have heard about is Marcelo Brozovic, who is currently on loan with Inter Milan. This Milanese team is claimed to be struggling financially, and are said to be eyeing completing a deal for the Croatian star, in order to sell him on for a profit. It seems like an unlikely scenario however, with the 23 year-old proving a big hit in Italy, and I would expect other players in the squad to be shown the exit door first should reports prove to be true.

Would you be happy to see a former Spurs midfielder Carrick arrive at the Emirates? Would Marquinhos and Icardi fit perfectly into our style of play?

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  1. Michael Carrick is on a free transfer-Just up Wenger’s alley
    Wenger is more likely to go for Carrick then Kante, Krychowiak, Xhaka

        1. Because it is pretty much obvious. There were very famous turnarounds by Arsenal (Wenger’s Arsenal to be more specific). Very quicly now, I remember the FA Cup final, Barcelona, Reading, Anderlecht, Tottenham and my favorite at Bolton in 10 men when we won 3-2 from 2 down.

        2. Oh, and I forgot the Kanu comeback at Chelsea. What a game that was! 2 nil down and Kanu hat trick. Was jumping around like mad.

  2. Funny that the Transfer rumour Round-up pLayer names keeps changing day by day

    PLs wake me up when Reality sets it


  3. Arsenal Dms:Coq,Elneny(flamini is going)
    Arsenal CMs: Ramsey,Cazorla,Wilshere,and maybe Elneny too..
    We are just too rich in midfield,imagine Arteta,Rosicky and Wilshere didn’t contribute anything this season and we still managed to cope without them..
    Am not saying we shouldn’t buy infact, we MUST buy..
    But my question is, do we need a CM or a DM?
    And do you think Wenger will buy?
    This is what I think Wenger will do:
    He will buy a defender and a forward player and promote Toral…
    This is want I want us to do;Promote Toral(another CM) then buy a defender and a striker.
    Elneny and Coq for DM.
    Ramsey,Wilshere,Toral and Cazorla for CM..
    Ozil,Cazorla and wilshere for AMF!

    1. Riches in midfield?

      U call the likes of ramsey, arteta etc riches?

      Tell u what, this man buys out of proportion….concentrating on midfielders while we are lacking in the striking dept and at the same time neglecting a deficient defence

      He buys [HERE] when there’s a problem [THERE] and vice-versa

      A very poor way of building a Team (A winning team at that)

      1. @SoOpa,
        Ok, let’s exclude Ramsey from the midfield and I didn’t include Arteta in our midfield options..
        Without Ramsey we still have Cazorla and Elneny….
        We know Wenger sees Ramsey as World class…
        And there is no way Ramsey will be on the bench,he will rather lose than bench Ramsey…
        The best is to get rid of wenger…

        1. Trying to argue with this guy sopa is like playing chess with a pigeon. He will crap on the board, kick the board and fly back on the pole claiming victory. Don’t bother. Just don’t.

          1. Hahaha……..Budd…. Right u said it……..don’t tell, they already know……and don’t Argue with me ……

    2. Good question. Hard to know really, Wenger has always liked versatile players- Kante is a CM with great defensive attributes. With only two specialist DMs in Coquelin particularly & Elneny to some extent, & Wenger playing them together recently and that proving useful- we could need a third so we have cover- Xhaka say. Cazorla (you’d imagine Wilshere too) does a good job in one of those deep lying positions when partnering Coquelin (& you would presume Elneny). It’s too much to hope for Xhaka & Kante isn’t it?! That would leave us with 6 good players for 2 slots, but realistically 2 of those would be injured at any time!- I like the sound of that level of competition.

      1. Aidan…
        The truth is, our midfield is so so imbalanced,the pairings we have are not really strong enough..
        Ramsey cannot play CM well, and never a DM…
        Its really difficult unless we sell Ramsey or Wilshere, our midfield willl never balance…

  4. hi gooners,off topic just remembered sunday adebayor is coming to the emirates with palace we need to ensure he leaves with zero points as well,COYG and a happy weekend to all

    1. Hahaha ? You know full well that he will score at least one goal and then do a 50 yard knee slide celebration! ??
      Breaking Mike Deans 45 yard record!

  5. Sell:
    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Wilshere or Ramsey, Walcott, Loan: Chamberlain, Gibbs(if replacement made)

    Buy: Lacazette/Morata/Lukaku, Kante/Xhaka, Laporte/Varane/Manolas, Bellerabi/Promes/Bernado Silva

    It’s simple really

      1. & if it was Walcott we sold, not Giroud- as you suggested- we would probably sign a pacy option up front, not a physical one like Lukaku.

    1. @goonerboy……….of all our central midfielders…. I rate CazorLa highly, but he’s currently injured and there’s no guarantee he’d be inform anytime soon(after making a return)…… Then again do u realize he’s past that youthful, agile age….rarely do u see one making that skillful display in old age (the willingness and ability will still be there, but the body and feets would feel to weak to do all of it)

      Don’t have to comment on Ramsey(mr inconsistent) , wilshere(constantly crocked) or others (and this is excluding those promoted from the youth setup/Academy/Un21s e.g Iwobi and Adelaide)…

      Then the antiquated (flame, Arteta and Rosicky) who really need offLoading

      this Leaves us with just two names… Coq and EL-neny….who have been trying real hard to establish emselves

      so now , where’s the midfield wealth?

  6. Paper talk! I can’t see any of these being true! This is Arsenal after all. Plus, I’d want some more ambitious moves, really.

  7. “with the Premier League title all but wrapped up for Leicester City”? Who has wrapped up the title for Leicester? The FA or the Pgmol?

    Has this season’s Premier League title been fixed or what? Leicester are currently above Arsenal on the table with 13 points as we all know. Or should I say they are potentially above Arsenal with 10 points after we’ve beaten West Brom.

    So, with 6 more points to collect by Leicester before they can be banker sure of beaten Arsenal to the title, Leicester can still drop 11 points out of their remaining 15 total collecticle points. And Arsenal can collect all their remaining 18 points to become Champions, can’t they?

    This season’s Premier League title is not yet wrapped up for Leicester until I see it wrapped up.

    1. please Remind me who’s closer to the title other than mr Fox?

      Then again u think pulis , pardew or pellegrini’s men would easily be walk-overs to the title?

      Then i guess u dn’t know Arsenal better!

  8. Personally, I think we should try and target someone who looks like they’ll definitely become a top class CB in the space of a couple of seasons or so. Because lets face it, we’re not going to buy one of the best around with him being priced similar to top strikers. Aymeric Laporte looks a good shout, him or J Stones. I know Stones dropped off a bit, but the potential is still there. We would have to hand over Ozil type money, but these top CBs are becoming scarcer and scarcer so if we dont try we will always have a lesser imitation of the best defenders. Marquinhos is a good shout also, and at Arsenal they would find game play coming to them more frequently. I’d like to add Varane to the list but I cant see him leaving after the recent interview he gave.

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