Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Arteta latest, Cabaye and Pedro

With Chelsea having secured the league title, and our place within the top-four wrapped up (Liverpool would need to win their last three matches while overturning our superior goal difference by 22 goals), the club must be preparing their summer moves.

Mikel Arteta is claimed to have signed a new one-year contract today, but I’m a non-believer, as he has missed the majority of this season through injury, and at 33, a new deal just doesn’t make sense.

Francis Coquelin’s emergence this season has also lessened the need for his stay, and I don’t believe he will be staying with the club, not as a player at least.

Yohan Cabaye has revealed he wants to talk to his agent about his future, which of course leads to speculation around an Arsenal move,

We are said to be lining up a £10 Million bid for the former Newcastle star, and at 29, I believe we are more likely to bring in a younger model. Cabaye also snubbed a move to us back in January 2014 in favour of PSG, further denting his possible hopes of joining.

Arsene Wenger is also believed to have lined up a £22 Million move for Barcelona’s Pedro, who is believed to be a player that we tried to sign previously.

The La Liga leaders are believed to be willing to listen to offers, but I’m not sure how he would fit into our attack, unless we was to allow Theo Walcott to leave.

Would Arteta play IF we did keep him for another season? Would you take Pedro over Theo?

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  1. Has anyone noticed the irony….

    IN the month of April, Michael Owen stated that Ozil just did not have the talent to compare with other notable EPL players.

    And then Ozil wins player of the month FOR the month of April.

    Why does Michael Owen even bother to open his mouth?? He is not just wrong. He is embarrassingly wrong.

    1. Just like he said Arsenal wouldn’t make Top 4 and Liverpool would. When it comes to that fool, we always get the last laugh.

    2. Have u heard of mouth diarrhoea? Owen has it.

      By the way, I got laid last night. I’m so happy.

      Thanks guys!!!

      1. Why would we buy Cabaye when we refused to take Fabregas back? Because he is French? I wont be surprised though!

        1. I don’t fancy Cabaye at all to be honest but he is more used to being a squad player than Cesc would ever have been and he has a bit more bite and defensive nous about him than Cesc.

  2. Pedro would be a good addition for us, just get rid of Podolski and Campbell first. What an attacking force we have!

    1. WE have 4 good wingers who are not playing, Theo, Welbeck, Gnabry, AOC Why should we buy Pedro? To me Pedro is no better than Walcott or AOC, he is 27 and needs to adapt, 25m and a salary of above 100000/week and we play Ramsey at the wing?

  3. Pedro will be 28 in July and has dipped in form this season. Has only scored 5 goals from 32 matches. Is he worth £25 miL? I think there are better wingers/forwards out there.

    Cabaye is a talented playmaker but we already have Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky. We need another DM like Schneiderlin or Kondogbia

    I’m fine with keeping Arteta for one more year. However, if we get another DM then I don’t see Arteta playing often. We already have Coquelin, diaby, chambers, Bielik. Flamini needs to be released though.

    Personally, my dream summer transfers would be: 1. Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    2. Reus
    3. Lacazette

    Release Flamini and sell Sanogo, Campbell and Podolski.

    1. Cabaye is B2B or DM.
      Arteta would play ahead of all the players you mentioned bar Coquelin. Diaby’s B2B, Chambers has never played a senior game for us there and Bielik’s got years ahead of him. No point rushing him.

  4. Without making much fuss i want Pedro,Schneiderlin and young talented defender and we are good enough to win EPL next season.I agree with Wenger : We need quality not quantity.

  5. We need 1. Peter Czec or Hugo Loris
    2. Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    3. Gonzalo Huigine or Lacazetteg
    Wingers or Attacking midfielders we don not need at all as we have some of the best in these two postions
    Do not forget we have Gnarby also along with with OX and Theo, Welbeck also can play in wings
    May be solid CB

  6. Just signing a DM & ST and keep the key players and sell deadwoods then we are ready for next season.. chelsea beware of us next season we are going to take your title INSHAA ALLAH.. coyg!!

  7. Schneiderlin would be my first pick personally.
    But Cabaye and Gundogan are looking very likely to be available. Both are versatile, aggressive, know the league and would be seriously great additions.

  8. Absolutely NO for cabaye. If we’re buying some1 from the French league then it better be kondogbia or imbula.

    And another hell no for Pedro, I think we could get Felipe Anderson for the same price or we should buy a ST and leave Danny on the wings for now

    1. I think people are forgetting just how good Cabaye was for Newcastle. He’s intelligent, great passing range, aggressive and scores goals. Given a chance in a top side i think he’d surprise a lot of people.

      1. I agree somewhat but for Newcastle he played b2b and played further up the field. I’d much rather play cazorla Ramsey wilshere and arteta than cabaye

        1. Josh, its just a pity he isnt a couple or so years younger then when Cazorla moves on hed be great to have. I dont think we have any more room for a player like that as we are bursting at the seams.

  9. The way I see, our “new” flawless football is motoring by Coquelin and Santi axis. They’ve rule our balance of defensive and attacking flow. Santi has essential role to delay or to move the ball quicker by his long passes. So, we need deepness of quality for both of them. To find out real CDM isn’t difficult. Schneiderlin, Kondogbia or even Sissoko can do the role.
    But who can really match Santi’s role as deep laying playmaker? My opinion, this is what Arsene have been looking for. I’m not sure if Cabaye also play this particularly position at Newcastle or PSG, but there’s one name who have been playing as deep laying playmaker for Dortmund. Thumbs me down, he is Ilkay Gundogan.
    Other option is optimizing Jack or Ramsey as Santi’s backup. Also mean that we just need one more CDM. The fact now is, Jack and Rambo are tend to move the ball up front with them rather then to make quick through pass from distance. So, if we want an instant solution Ilkay Gundogan is the right answer. Off load Arteta, Diaby, and Flamini. Rosicky is still productive and deserve short contract extension. COYG!!!!

    1. Theres no doubting Gundagons quality, after Xavi he is shout for best in that mould. The thing is though i think we need more strength and height in that area, or so i believe.

      Love Cazorla playing those deep plays, reminds me of how Madrid use Modric.

  10. Watching game yesterday should confirm need for another strike option…Walcott wellbeck sanogo podolski etc will not do the job…and if Alexis proves anything it’s that shelving out on quality reaps dividends… 20 goal a season man would be the best but someone with a dozen or more in them is critical

  11. Strikers: Lacazette in, Sanogo and Podolski out, Akpom on loan
    Wing: Reus in, Ryo out and Campbell on loan
    Midfield: Kondogbia and Isco in, Arteta, Flamini and Diaby out, Zelalem on loan

    It is NEVER going to happen but we would have the squad to win the league while trimming down the squad. I see Isco as the logical replacement for Cazorla in the future and we need to get him if Madrid are daft enough to sell.

  12. The Coquelin/Santi combo is very effective and Coquelin/Jack, Coquelin/Rambo, Coquelin/Arteta also work. Gundogan, Khedira, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Carvalho would all be good.

    Frankly…anyone approximating Matic or Busquets.

    Pedro doesn’t make any sense for Arsenal.
    Falcao, Cavani, Mandzukic, Higuain, Reus makes sense.

    2 players -Holding/Defensive Mid and Striker.

    I think we will Gab/Kos partnership more next year…Per isn’t going to get much game time. Chambers/Nacho/Debuchy can also deputise at CB quite effectively. We don’t need more CB’s unless Hummels wants to join us!

    Don’t need to spend on a GK. We don’t need another attacking mid – Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Jack, Rambo, Ox…unless he’s an upgrade on any of these.

    1. But I was very impressed by Mart’s interceptions yesterday. He really knows where to position!

  13. On Arteta, i believe Wenger will definitely keep him around.

    On Theo. Not sure what to make of situation. Can Theo be that striker, or does Wenger want him simply as an impact player.. or is Wenger just doing the right thing by saying prove you deserve to play.

    On Pedro. There is no doubting Pedro is the better player and not only that but after Reus… Pedro is probably of the best quality available. Thats if you could say Reus is available, either way we wont get a sniff.

  14. Cabaye had his chance to join Arsenal and instead wanted to join PSG… tough luck. You have to live with your mistakes. I see us in the title race with another DM to compliment Le Coq and a ST. Both quality of course.

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