Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Bellerin-Ozil exits? Butland, Goretzka, Barkley

As Arsenal’s season appears to be crumbling around us, speculation regarding our manager and our players is hotting up.

While Arsene Wenger’s future remains to be a big secret, a number of our players are being linked with the exit door, including Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin.

The latter has been quoted as talking up interest from both Barcelona and Manchester City depending which source has run with his wording. The reality however is that he signed himself to our club until 2023, and unless we decide to cash-in for a huge amount, he will be staying put for the foreseeable.

Ozil is said to be targeted by Turkish giants Fenerbahce as a big-name replacement for Robin Van Persie, who is leaving the club this summer. The German midfielder has looked uninterested of late, and has struggled with confidence this season. He is also entering the final year of his contract soon, and may well be on his way out from the club.

Two possible replacements for the exit-linked star are Ross Barkley and Leon Goretzka. The former has been told that he will be sold if he doesn’t agree a new contract, and is claimed to be open to a move to London.

Goretzka is a year younger than Ross, and is more adept to playing in a deeper role than his counterpart. Leon could well join which would allow Aaron Ramsey or Alex Iwobi to take over in behind the striker. The 22 year-old could make up for the failures of Granit Xhaka this season, and in my opinion, could potentially be our Kante. Both of the above are out of contract in 2018, and are both believed to be on our radar.

Jack Butland is another player linked with a possible move to Arsenal this summer, but he is playing down such links. We all know the papers like to run before they can walk with transfer rumours, but I do like the young English shot-stopper. Petr Cech is unlikely to give up his first-team role however, but I would love to see Butland take over from the 34 year-old in the near future.

Will Bellerin and Ozil both stay put? Would Goretzka, Barkley or Butland be an improvement on our first XI?

Pat J

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  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Does not matter. The man and board in charge behind him will determine the immediate future of AFC.

    As a side note I think fenerbache is the perfect kind of club for Ozil. He can show up occasionally with a bit of flair and
    Keep the fans dazzled for a bit without really needing to put in 100%.

    Hector will stay if arsene does by all accounts but we are talking about Barca his home club here.

    I think Sanchez has all but gone already.

  2. leo...fourteen says:

    lol first of all I barely have ideas about the should I say Godzilla guy you mentioned, 1st, wenger wud never replace xhaka cos he spent 40mills on the dude he’ll rather suck the life outta him, 2ndly I don’t even see all this happening, all our players are stunting big time..there’s been no improvement except for Sanchez who’s turned into a goal scorer since joining us..m just happy for this site cos its the only outlet I have to get in touch with arsenal cos I don’t wanna visit their monopolised site where every one even that stupid arse giroud and per are always praising wenger as a genius and how they all love and wanna cuddle him and kiss him (bunch of losers), I remember when he claimed he forfeited Chelsea to join us (giroud), lol.,..what a laff, his career wud have continued in the league 2 by now…m not even interested in arsenal matches, I mean what do I wanna watch that I haven’t seen b4 its like watching titanic regularly and expecting jack and rose both survive the ice and get married in a big hotel in NEW YORK,…there’s been no tactical revolution, just same old boring arsenal…young mbappe ran straight for the mdf to search for more goals after scoring the first goal against manshitty, but our dear old stupid scorpion king felt he should do a little scorpion dance against Bournemouth a match he remained totally anonymous till Pérez got in..I felt that was the turning point that goes to show the ambition of the club…Sanchez just took the ball to the centre and wud have shook his head saying ‘this is the last straw that broke the Carmel’s back…AMEN

  3. Gooner Craig says:

    I’ve not been convinced by Cech, especially this season! A new GK to challenge him would be nice.
    Our players don’t have enough competition (Cech, Bellerin, Ozil, etc) and it it seems to be causing them to get comfortable as they know they’re not going to be benched, even if they are it won’t be for too long! Bring in some top players and let them battle it out for supremacy.
    I bet bringing in a Butland/Hart or Serge Aurier (for example) would shoot a rocket up them and we’ll see some improved performances

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I agree but players like Bellerin Alexis Ozil Koscielny are not gonna sit out games for anyone. Aurier would feel the same I’d imagine. Some players just don’t accept that, Campbell believes himself one lol.

  4. Gooner Craig says:

    Those signings aren’t good enough though! Butland would be a good investment for in a season or 2 to replace Cech but, I don’t see Leon or Ross coming and taking us to the next level! We need a midfield general and a ruthless killer upfront. Add in a top left back and a RB to challenge Hector and keep him on his toes. That’s all before Ozil and Sanchez leave!!!

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I’m really surprised that it looks like Ozil wants a move, or is it us having second thoughts I wonder. It was said we offered a contract, if true and Arsene is staying he must realise that Ozil within one of his teams will never get us to where we want to go. We aren’t set up tactically/physically/mentally well enough, too open allot of the time and can’t seem to get the balance right. Ozil will cause us more issues than problems solved if he stays. Arsene would have to realise this, but fans will see Ozil move along with Alexis then thinking the worst, it is bad but only Alexis leaving is a little bit damning.

    I hear Turan is looked at as a replacement for Ozil, I’d prefer him to Ozil so long as he can be creative for us.

    That Goretzka fellow looks an awkward player to play against, good feet for such large dude, he reminds me a little of Fellaini or how I’d imagine we’d have used Fellaini when we wanted him that time. Some similarities to Vieira I thought too, awkward but strong and very good control before he’d burst forward with the ball.

  6. jonm says:

    Lots of talk about replacement for Cech but no mention of Ospina.
    Ospina playing for arsenal in 2014/15 season, best stats in PL by a long way. Outstanding performances for columbia in WC and copa america. Double saves against messi and aguerro. Rated by messi.

    It seems that he has been forgotten by us fans.

    1. jonm says:

      Looks as though Cech will be out for one month, lets hope that Ospina does what he did in 2014/15, took his chance when it came. The problem is that our defense at the moment looks rubbish and does not seem to learn, like the two virtually identical goals that west brom scored against us.

      1. Vlad says:

        Ospina has been even bigger pants this season than Cech. He’s indecisive at times, and very hesitant to come out to claim the ball, especially on set pieces. West Brom game completely exposed him, IMHO. We need a much stronger and BIGGER presence in the box. And Ospina ain’t that.

        1. georgie b says:

          @ Vlad, I rate emiliano Martinez highly. Of course Butlanb would be great.

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