Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Bender, Cech, Schneiderlin, Ospina and Wilshere exits?

We are now 10 days away from the official re-opening of the transfer window, and clubs have been working hard to get deals in place early. Arsenal are yet to complete an agreement to sign any senior players as of yet, but we do appear close to one or two…

Petr Cech has been heavily linked with a move to the Emirates this summer (as you will be well aware), and his agent has just denied reports linking him with a move to Inter Milan. More importantly though, he was unable/not allowed to discuss reports linking him to Arsenal.

To further fuel the speculative fire behind the Chelsea shot-stoppers arrival, David Ospina is now claimed to have agreed to join Fenerbahce this summer, despite a thoroughly impressive debut campaign for us this year. The Colombian conceded only 11 goals in his 18 Premier League appearances for us, and would surely only be allowed to go with a top replacement en route.

The German Bild publication has claimed that Arsenal and Liverpool are in talks with Borussia Dortmund over the possible transfer of Sven Bender. The 26 year-old has been linked with a move to North-London previously, with us still expected to bring in a defensive midfield star in the coming window. They are not the most reliable source for reports however, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The ever-running Morgan Schneiderlin saga continues with no actual new information, with reports claiming we are ‘set to complete’ his signature, simply because a journalist said ‘I think’ he will join Arsenal. The reality for me is that a number of clubs are considering him as a back-up, should they not agree their priority signings for that position.

Jack Wilshere has become a key target for Manchester City, if you believe everything that you read, with the Citizens keen to bolster their home-grown contingent. The 23 year-old has already admitted a keenness to stay with our beloved club, but that has not stopped the speculation, with the England international said to be concerned at his first-team opportunities for next season. We are now claimed to be lining up a new contract worth six-figures a week, which seems rather excessive for a player who struggles to stay fit year-in year-out.

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  1. Wenger always does his shopping the first 3 days when the market open and or the last 3 days of the closing market………

    its been this way for the last 10 years

  2. Sign Cech,sign a DM…and maybe a striker. Don’t sell Walcott or Wilshere.
    And let’s hope for the best in the coming season.

      1. Realistically the only few people who could provide competition for Alexis are people like Hazard, Aguero, Bale, Ronaldo since we have 90 odd million to pay for a player of that caliber, you can see why that wont happen right?

        1. I’d rather a young striker who can play in all the forward positions..a guy like Vietto..the guy is insanely talented yet so young..

      2. I think in alexis, walcott, welbeck, wellington chamberlain and gnabry we have more than enough for the wide positions, let’s not forget that ramsey, wilshire, rosicky, cazorla, akpom and ozil all played in the wide roles at some stage last season.

  3. Not sure what to make of Sven if the rumour to hold any weight. The Howedes statement, i was under the impression that he was talking about last season, he seemed to be talking in a past tense. Schneiderlin, i hope there is truth in it or at the least we are on the lookout.

  4. Im gutted that kondogbia has gone to inter milan! He would have been the ideal DM to back up le coq! Coyg!

    1. Why would be leave Monaco or pass up an immediate starting role @ either of the Milans to backbup Le Coq???

  5. Morgan Schneiderlin – 0 caps in the champions league, 9 caps for France national team for a guy who will be 26 in November. Yet people hail him as the guy who will win us the premier league..we can do better..this gut will not improve our team much..decent player but not world class in my opinion…just saying

      1. Javi Martinez – was injured most of last season but still class nonetheless..
        Grzegorz Krychowiak – Man of the match in Europa league finall, younger than Morgan and would cost less..

        1. Both good players. Agree with you on this one. Still I wouldn’t be mad if we got Schneiderlin instead, but both are upgrades I would say.

          1. There is a reason why Milan and Inter were fighting for Kondogbia..and no one has yet put in a serious bid for Morgan yet..even the rumoured bid from Man U seems to be just gossip coz it looks like they are trying out Sweinsteiger first..

  6. Sad about Ospina if that is true i grew to like him, But the Wilshere thing aint happening. Everyone has a quota (12 of 25) must be home grown, he has had his injury problems but getting rid of him solves nothing… For one it just reduces our ability to match that quota, secondly English talent is overpriced so getting a replacement wont be easy or cheap so its a ridiculous thing to even suggest.

  7. By the way, this window, this transfer window, who opens it? In whose house can this window be found?That person must really be a great one, to put people’s hopes high and bring them to a low down.
    Someone talk of transfer door please

  8. Just sign Cech, Bender, Reus, Cavani and Lacazette

    Sell Ospina, Wilshere, Welbeck, Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell and Jenkison

  9. It’s all a load of poncey posturing until deals are done anyway…I can’t see us getting much more than a goalie and possibly a midfielder of some description.

    If Wilshere wants to go to City then goodbye, as he is injury prone and that ain’t gonna change..

  10. Arsenal transfer rumours have been very uninteresting lately, or unexciting if that’s a better way of saying it. A goalkeeper and a defensive midfielder. Very important positions which we need to strengthen, but nothing to get excited about… Maybe, hopefully, it’s just the club getting the most important business done early and then we’ll focus on an exciting signing or two after that..

    Wenger said not to expect a marquee signing this summer. I never take what he says about transfers seriously, considering he doesn’t say a word about them until they’re done, so I just assumed he was giving the press a headline to write. Unfortunately, I’m starting to actually think he was telling the truth.

    We need another attacking player. Strengthening our defence is more important, but that alone won’t win us the league. Our attack needs freshening up, and a touch more quality too.

    1. Disagree about the attack; we lost our chance this season because of our defence being incomplete (and injuries) and lack of a DM in the beginning.
      Goals were never the issue, just look at how many goals we scored during that period when we went 13 points behind Chelsea (at least 1 per game, usually 2+). The problem was that we were conceding at a similar rate.
      We actually corrected most of this simply by bringing in Gabriel and realising the potential of Bellerin and Coquelin. Now we only need someone to rotate with Coquelin, upgrading the goalie is also nice.

      A marquie signing of a winger or ST would be great but we will challenge either way.

      1. I disagree. How many games did we lack a cutting edge this season? How many times did we go into extra time desperate for a goal before we scored?

        Hull at home, we got a last minute equaliser. Sunderland at home we couldn’t score, we couldn’t score at home to Swansea either. Took us until the 95th minute to score against United at home in a game we had countless chances, and we still lost. Against Crystal Palace on the first game of the season, a last minute winner from Ramsey. 2 goals from set pieces because we couldn’t create a chance from open play. Away to Everton we got lucky again, scoring twice in the last 10 minutes to draw after again, having very little attacking-wise in the rest of the game. United away, we had to rely on an own goal because we couldn’t even create a chance. Against Chelsea we couldn’t score home or away, for the past two seasons now. Burnley away we had to rely on a lucky goal to win 1-0. Leicester away we drew 1-1 because we didn’t have the quality to get a second. Sunderland away we had to rely on 2 defensive mistakes, we were clinging on to a 1-0 lead until the last 5 minutes. Not to mention the infamous Monaco home game, so desperate and incapable of scoring that we had to throw so many players forward and left ourselves vulnerable, and were punished for it.

        A lot of our lost points this season have come from not being able to score and break teams down. That meant we had to commit more and more players forward towards the end of the game and as a result were more vulnerable defensively, which is why a lot of the goals we conceded from counterattacks were late goals, like against Swansea most recently, conceding the winner in the last 10 minutes because Coquelin was taken off so we could attack more. Why? Because we’d failed to score for the past 80 minutes.

        For much of this season we were completely toothless in attack. We need another attacker.

        1. The fixtures you mentioned, how many were in first half of season, because well you know yourself. We would give piss poor goals away in first half season and allot of the time it would be from one or two shots on target, after that then you get ultimate bus being parked as they have something to hang on for.

          First half season with our injuries stifled our forward play just as much as our defensive. Giroud being injured was big, Theo too, Ozil Ramsey sure you could visibly see it. Sanchez barely kept our heads above water.

          This season with our injury list sorted out will make a massive difference same as it would have last season. Shoring up DM & GK is the best bit of business done in years, its a long time since weve been very strong in these areas.

        2. Completely agree Mick, watched for to many Arsenal fixtures this year when the offesnsive propensity was borderline criminal.

          This isnt a piss on OG thread, nor a glorification of Theo as the next Henry but the FA Cup final was a crystallized illustration of how deadly Arsenal can be going forward with PACE upfront.

          I truly believe adding a Lacazette, Benzema or Aubeyang(sp?) would result in Arsenal scoring goals for fun.

          Just my 2 cents

  11. We NEED three top strikers and one young striker
    Sign Martinez, Cavani, Higuain and Lacazette
    Sell Giroud, Welbeck, Podolski, Sanogo, Gnabry and Campbell, Akpom


      1. To be honest, Cavani, Higuain, Lacazette and Martinez aren’t players beyond our reach or budget. We could probably get them, but only one of them of course. The player sales are nonsense though…

  12. #wenger out…
    Its the only way we will ever lift a major trophy again
    Just thump these comment down and read other comments but i will remind you these next year and the year after

      1. wont you like it if wenger won the champions league even if mot with us???…i know i would because he has been in that competiton for a heck lot of time so yes, FA cup is not a major trophy nowadays….pl an cl are

      2. its a good, solid trophy to win, above League Cup for sure, but the big trophies are EPL and UCL. Arsenal need to have the ambition as a club to aim for these trophies and nothing less. Considering we went on a 9 year drought though I’m very happy with our 2 FA Cup’s though. But lets keep pushing for more because we are capable of it.

  13. Wilshire? Not going anywhere. He is a fan and not even when is getting back to form. If liverfools are asking for 50m for a certain RS from City, then we should scare them 109M. Keep my man, he will come good.

  14. But when other teams win the oldest existing cup competition it suddenly becomes a major trophy right? #hyoricrites.

    1. Would you rather win FA Cup or EPL/UCL? The answer for anybody is EPL or UCL and thats why FA Cup is not on the same level. Champions League->League Title->Domestic Cup->League Cup.
      FA Cup is more prestigious than other domestic cups but still the title is for sure bigger. Hard to deny this.

  15. We all want a striker in the mode of Aguero but is any available? We obviously still need Wilshire and Walcott fully fit is always going to be to a great Advantage to us. I wouldn’t mind seeing Giroud or Welbeck leave if we can get Reus and Jackson Martinez, then we can compete on all front.

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