Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Benzema, Pogba and Quintero

Manchester United have agreed their first summer signing (subject to a medical) ahead of their assault on the Premier League title next season, so I thought I’d indulge you with a selection of the latest selection of Arsenal rumours.

Karim Benzema is claimed by many to be surplus to requirements this summer, with Real Madrid keen on replacing him. Liverpool and Man United are believed to be set to vie with us for his signature, but I don’t believe he is any better than Olivier Giroud, and I cant imagine paying his large wages to place him on our bench.

Reports are claiming that Juventus star Paul Pogba has handed a transfer request in to his current club, with Arsenal, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and Manchester City all having been linked throughout this season. We aren’t mentioned in the specific report, but I am a big fan of the French superstar, and if we could get him for under £60 Million then I believed we should make him our marquee signing of 2015. If it wasn’t for FIFA FFP, I would think a move to Man City was on the cards, so we could go head-to-head with Chelsea for his signature.

Another player who is claimed to be up for joining Arsenal in the summer window is previous target Juan Quintero, who plays for Porto. The 22 year-old was one of the stars of last summer’s World Cup for Colombia, and is believed to be available for around £8.5 Million. Too early to say whether we would be interested in a move however as we are already very well-stocked with attacking midfielders,but he is still quite young and could be ne for the future?

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  1. We will never get pogba, real won’t let benxema leave and we don’t need quintero…bull shiiiiiit all the way. Useless article…

    1. Never get Pogba? Never underestimate the power of a french base, cash money and the old Wenger 😉 Pogba is the dream, but most likely nothing more.

      So, how about Kondogbia and Lacazette instead? :p

    1. Sell all strikers, bring in Pogba from sales (some amount might need adding to the offer!;) and then play Per as Striker.

      He has got the height, is quick over 2 yards and has scored a goal this season already.

      What you saying, Of course it can happen!

  2. I’m not worried about transfers just yet, we have to win the fa cup and get 4 points from our remaining 2 matches to finish third and get direct UCL qualification( since we have a better goal diff than manure). But I hope we can beat manure again,even a point would be nice.after that we have secured third place and won the cup we can start the transfer business. Benzema will never join us,pogba will want to win trophies and he can do that with real or barca, quintero could be a prospect for future and replace santi on day

      1. You know yesterday when you said that comment about the hashtag and then said or is it hash brown.

        I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it as I only thought of a witty comeback later on. What I should have said is –

        No, only hash

          1. Have been slipping recently. Behind the scenes at the emirates has been quite. Wenger not really giving much material at the moment.

          1. Just In from the Metro:

            Abou Diaby is to be sold this Sunday on ‘cash in the attic’ ..believe it or not.

            1. I laughed, haha. Can this 65 year old french get rid of the nightmare purchase he made 7 years ago?

              “It looked like a fine deal when I first had the opportunity. At first, function was as expected, but after a while there was a damage, and it had to be fixed. When fixed after quite a while, I thought it was all going to be good, and started using it again. But it turned out i was fooled, it broke down again almost instantly after recuperation and after some investigation, I found out that the skeleton was made of toothpicks, not concrete. By the way, dont include that part, I want to sell him, remember? Anyway. I started adding concrete to the toothpicks, but my solution was too thin and nothing really happened. Now I just want to get this nightmare out of my life”

  3. benzema any better than giroud? u have to be kidding….anyway, i dont believe Madrid want to sell him..pogba?? u are drunk…and quintero, i like him, he has a really good shot, something we are missing so much, someone who can make the long shot or save us from free kick (vs hull we open the game with a free kick deflected…some of u doesnt take that too much to analize our situation with ramsey on the wing and our problems to fight with a strong defense…without thats freekick maybe would be a very diferent story…we need to change tactics with teams who dedicates to defense…but about quintero, i dont think porto allow us to get him for 8.5 m

      1. Lets just do away with our deadwood strikers and buy 2 great midfielders and play 4-3-3 🙂

  4. Every transfer windows, Benzema is rumoured to be up for sale but it never happens. He is their main striker and the last time I checked, you don’t sell your main striker before getting a replacement and who is available to replace him with at that level? City will not sell Aguero, Falcao has done a Torres and Diego Costa is a blue. As for Paul , there is even nothing to talk about. He will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and Arsenal football club does not do bidding wars.

    1. Agreed. Benzema is probably the best striker for Real Madrid. They could buy Cavani, but he’s pretty much an other version of Benzema, just older. If he played for a team where he could be the main man for goalscoring, instead of serving as a secondary goalscorer after Ronaldo, I’m sure he’d be putting 30+ goals every season.

  5. read article, grabbed knuckle duster, gave myself a sagat inspired tiger uppercut

    woke up, realised article was still on screen…did it again

    what now?

  6. You can add about 20 more players to the list and the transfer window isn’t opened yet.

  7. If our defence was good enough we could play 4-4-2 and get back to the glory days.

  8. champions league time! complete squads with winners who score goals and great managers to back them up. Something my 16 years as an Arsenal fan has seldom provided

  9. Look I know what I’m about to say is unrealistic but we should sell all our fringe players, Sanongo, Campbell, Ryo etc and go all in and get Ronaldo.

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