Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Bielik, Gundogan, Carvalho, Sissoko

The transfer window is yet to show up many surprises, but with Arsene Wenger admitting we need reinforcements, it should soon hot up with an addition or four!

Today has not been as rife for Arsenal transfer stories as you would have expected, especially considering the latest injury to one of our first-choice back-four, but the main rumours are all focussed on holding midfielders.

The DailyMail claim that Arsenal are keen to tie up a £3.5 Million deal to bring 17 year-old Krystian Bielik to the club, although the Guardian are reporting that Hamburg’s boss Josef Zinnbauer is keen to secure his signature, and is optimistic of a deal after talks with the player over the weekend.

We look to be falling behind in the future star’s chase, but with the Legia Warsaw midfielder having admitted that he wants to join Arsenal last week, the only stumbling block at present must be the asking price.

SkySports are reporting that Newcastle’s Moussa Sissoko has told the press that “Arsenal has always been the club of my heart”, and hinted heavily at a potential move to the Emirates, potentially issuing a come-and-get-me plea to Arsene Wenger.

We have been linked with Sissoko for a number of months now, but the French manager doesn’t appear too keen to bring the 25 year-old in, despite an impressive campaign to date.

Arsenal are supposedly to enter into talks with Borussia Dortmund in the coming days, over a potential £16 Million deal for Ilkay Gundogan, according to the Express.

The 24 year-old is heavily reported to be ready to leave the BVB, and while he has been a creative force for Dortmund previously, would we really fork out for a player who has made nine appearances in the last 18 months? We have enough players dancing around injuries at present don’t we?

William Carvalho is in the ‘process of finalising a £25 Million deal’ to join our illustrious club, if reports in the DailyStar are true.

The young Portuguese midfielder has been linked with Arsenal for some time now, and given his claims that he is keen to move to the Premier League, paired with the fact we are in the hunt for a defensive midfielder, these speculative stories were bound to pop up.

The claims seem unfounded, but despite the lack of evidence, Carvalho is young enough, and experienced enough to tick all the right boxes for Wenger.

The price would most likely put him off however, especially considering his lack of form since returning from the World Cup.

I would imagine Bielik is most solid rumour, given his admission to wanting to join us paired with the fact that talks have taken place prior. As for the rest, Sissoko could be kept in mind should Wenger fail to find a better value-for-money alternative, but I would rule out the others…

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  1. davidnz says:

    As usual we are signing
    everybody and nobody 🙂

    1. Jogon says:

      Everyone here is going mad with the so called sissoko, honestly i dont see this guy with any quality to play for Arsenal.Just because he can run his ass off does not make him good. The only players that fit this bill are morgan and Wanyama. I know we need a DM so badly but not everyone fits the bill

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        – 27 caps for France at 25 years of age
        – 4th most key passes in the league since 2013 (only behind sterling, Silva, hazard)
        – technically proficient, good dribbler, good passer, strong, durable (played 30+games in all his 7 professional years which is significant for us)

        Say he isn’t your first choice, or that he’s not a specialist DM…but he’s absolutely got the quality to play for Arsenal. Not my first choice, but if Wenger thinks he can bring him in and discipline him into a fixed DM role I could absolutely see it.

        You’re doing him a big disservice

        1. akuma gouki says:

          A DOZEN thumbs Up…!

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        Wack Wiltshire lol.
        Be lucky to make the first 11 at QPR.

  2. JAmerican says:

    Carvalho can become a WC DM at Arsenal

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Dear Arsenal fans, don’t hold ur breathe…..breathe normally…. so u won’t have shortage of breathe if disappointment sets in …sincerely yours

  4. Hafiz Rahman says:

    sign them all…be fair and make everyone happy….

    we can rotate and provide competition….

    1. Usmanov says:

      @The House of Rahman.
      Not everyone thinks he should “sign them all”…. be fair and reasonable in your judgement of fans on here.

      So atleast you can make less-sarcastic, over-the-top comments sometimes.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    wenger shld leave he signs no one…

    spend spend spend

    1. Usmanov says:

      He signed Ozil, Sanchez, Ospina, Welbeck,…. in the last two summer transfer windows.

      And yes he spent huge money on Ozil. He spent and spent on Sanchez (a.k.a the savior of our season so far). And people (including Wenger himself) expect him to spend some more on other players like Alexis so that the team can improve further. He just might spend and spend huge dollars next summer.

      1. almostawinner says:

        given last 6-10 years, its very very unlikely he will spend huge $ next summer.

        1. Usmanov says:

          I get what you are saying. Infact let me state clearly that I personally don’t trust Arsene Wenger to spend huge next summer, even if he promises to do so! It is simply not in his character to spend huge (doesn’t matter how hard he tries to sell us the idea that he is not averse to spending money), unless it has become absolutely, I mean ABSOLUTELY necessary to do so. When you analyze both Ozil and Sanchez signing, you will see how absolutely necessary they were in their different ways considering the circumstances that moment in time.
          Who knows! The way Wenger spoke of the need for “a physical presence in midfield, one profile at a Viera or Petit”, that might turn out to be an ABSOLUTE need for Wenger next summer -one for which he will be willing to spend huge.

      2. Champagne Charlie says:

        Yea but forget WHO he signed and remember what we needed at the time…

        Ozil was bought for 43mil when we had Santi and Jack at CAM. Hardly think it was what the doctor ordered. And we got Welbz for 16mil (only after United got Falcao) when Bony was there, Lacazette was there…

        Don’t let Alexis’ epic transition cloud the fact the other 3 have done little for us at a combind total of 60mil. I wouldn’t use them as point of reference for what we can ‘look forward to’ in future windows.

  6. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

    If you get excited because of a transfer rumour in the Daily Star you need to get checked, perhaps sectioned.
    Who reported Isco for 64 million? Come on people, a 4 year old would know that was nonsense.

    Sporting Lisbon has to sell; they have to borrow to buy breakfast. They are simply going highest bidder.

    1. Usmanov says:

      “Sporting Lisbon has to sell; they have to borrow to buy breakfast. They are simply going highest bidder”.

      What if there is a shortage of bidders? You say they are desperate, right? What if the coast is clear enough for us to go in even as one of the highest bidders?

      PS: By the way, Carvalho, in my personal opinion, doesn’t fit the type of CM/DM Arsenal needs at this time. But Wenger’s opinion matters the most.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        Carvalho doesn’t fit what you think we need? How so?

  7. Kotte says:

    Southampton wont sale any of their playrs in January…why do Arsenal fans stop thinkin during transfr windows haha. Soton are doin well they r now even dreamin of a top 4 why wud they sale their best playrs to a rival in the mid of a season? That cn only be done by wenger wake up guys!

  8. dilla says:

    Gundogan and Carvalho would fit the bill for a CDM. Gundogan is a like for like replacement for Arteta as a deep lying midfielder with great passing and can also tackle. Carvalho is more physical but is still very raw. Sissoko is a box-to-box.

    Carvalho might be pricey but I’d snatch up any of these players. Newcastle are underachieving but Dortmund are TANKING. tied for last place in the relegation zone. Maybe it’s time we call up Klopp about Gundogan AND Reus.

    1. almostawinner says:

      AW very rarely buys name players, and certainly not in TW. i bet he gets someone too young, too old, cheap or unheard-of. i hope he proves me wrong. AW is all about maximising return-on-investment (buy cheap and make sure you get into CL).

  9. ButtFlaps says:

    We must purchase Morgan Scnheidirlain, he already know the Premium League!!!!

  10. sohara says:

    The polish boy is a real possibility I think….and I quite fancy Sissoko, at least he is used to the PL

  11. Greg says:

    We have been linked with all of the above players, realistically the only problem is if we would be signing anyone of them!

  12. jermaineBryan says:

    I don’t understand why people are suggesting moussa Sissokko as a dm?
    Is it just down to his appearance the big tall strong black guy? (Vviera like)

    Moussa is a good player but is not a dm and far from his 19apparance this year he has managed 5yellows and a red and that’s with playing 16of those games in advanced positioions. His worst performance this season was at dm were he played once and was dreadfull.he also struggled when playing cm on two occasions.he has been excellent when playing the right ATt mid role this season and that’s his position for the national team.

    His strengths ; he is very good With the through ball and he is a good dribbler.he likes to keep his passes short.his passing accuracy of 79% suggest that he wouldn’t suit arsenal.

    Weaknesses; he is poor in arial duels so he doesn’t utilises his hight advantage.he has very little defensive contributions and he has extremely poor concentration.

    Source whoscored
    Does this sound like the answer to our dm problem ?
    hell no

    1. akuma gouki says:

      I am happy if Sissoko join us!
      Under Wenger tutelage, he will shine like a black pearl.

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