Arsenal transfer rumour round-up: Draxler, Cuadrado, Golovin, Mustafi exit?

There is two weeks left before the transfer window slams shut, and Arsenal’s business looks far from complete at present.

There are a number of players linked with the exit door, with certain fringe players touted for moves, but there is a new player being linked with a move away today.

Shkodran Mustafi is supposedly talking to Inter Milan about a move this month, with Rob Holding having supposedly usurped him in the pecking order for first-team football. The German was a £34 Million signing last summer, and would surely not be available despite a mixed opening campaign with the club, but the Serie A side are trying to tempt him away at present.

Should we manage to offload some players, Julian Draxler is a realistic target to bolster our attacking options. This German international has been told that he can leave the club following the arrival of Neymar from Barcelona this month, and has had a £32 Million asking price slapped on his head. Arsenal have been known suitors of his signature for some time now, and could well land him for a more than reasonable fee.

Should we fail to sign the above, we could well return for Juan Cuadrado of Juventus. We are said to have made an enquiry about his signature earlier in the window, only to dither with their reply, and he is likely to have unfinished business in the Premier League.

Aleksandr Golovin is another player who could be added to our midfield ranks in the current window. The 21 year-old Russian was watched during the Confederations Cup this summer, and is happy to be linked with our club.

Should Draxler be our number one target? Do we need more than one creative star added to the squad?

Pat J


  1. Finding Dory says:

    At 32mil Draxler is a bargain. He’s very young and has all the skills necessary to succeed. He could very well turn out to be a world class player for many years to come. 32 mil. I say get him immediately if that is true. Then get Seri as well and offload the dead weight and we should be good.

    1. Alex says:

      32 million for Draxler is really cheap! And why are we selling defenders? Mustafi?! Seriously what’s wrong.

      1. Jakes says:

        Mustafi talk is BS. Holding never usurped Mustafi.

    2. Linda says:

      I beg to differ. We started chasing Draxler when he was 29 but his club put an unrralistic £37m price tag on him when he was just nothing but a promise of a future star. Since then and now he has not realized any significant transformation from teen potential to great player. We even invited him to spend time at Emirates and he spurned chances of joining us and opted for the bench at PSG. I don’t see him doing any better than Ox, Iwobi, a fit ageing Carzola. Arsenal needs special additions to rise to a better level

      1. Al says:

        Draxler was born in September 1993, which makes him only 23, for a young player of that calibre £32M is a steal!!!

      2. gotanidea says:

        Yes, he rejected Arsenal, but maybe he will change his mind this time, like Lacazette. The problems are he is injured a lot and there are many clubs chasing him now.

      3. amb98 says:

        With Draxler he struggled with injuries and Schalke and then wasn’t particularly great at Wolfsburg but at PSG he has been fantastic- 10 goals in his first 24 appearances including many top class performances. Since joining in January he’s been a first team player at PSG but Neymar is arguably the 3rd best player in the world so obviously Draxler’s place is under threat. Draxler is a quality player and £30/40m is an absolute bargain.

      4. Nine says:

        He is the captain of the German team that won the confed cup. He is the most exciting prospect than any other player of Germany right now. Don’t let his poor selection of teams fool you of his quality! I would say he is about 60-70 mil in todays market! To get him 32 mil would luck!

    3. Remember Resource? says:

      32m fee not expected upfront.. This is from my friend/source. Arsenal would like that payment structure and pig are eager to get rid of him. Apparently the club are now trying to initiate approach for Kimpembe if you recall my source had mentioned that he was in the clubs long term plans as a replacement for koscielny. Arsenal are still fighting over the payment structure for lemar as the club do not want to pay that much upfront, monaco want the bulk of the fee upfront.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Resource! Are saying arsenal are trying to buy 2 of psg’ s young talent and still haggling over the the transfer fee of lemar? I doubt that very much considering draxler signed in January and kimpembe signed a new deal last November and lemar would of been done by now if it was about how much upfront or add ons its just a case of a break down of communication and going separate ways let it go! Who ever I follow to got ur information is just trying to get a high volume following for as long as possible iv seen it all before with benzema

  2. Linda says:

    Forget Cuadrado too. He chose Chelsea over us and failed dismally in the EPL. He is already a bit old and will begin to lose his speed which is an asset in his style of play.

    1. Weng + Kroen = failure says:

      Wallcot is better than J Cuadrado

  3. Frank says:

    Arsenal have to give Mustafi another full season before we sell. He was actually quite good before he got injured.
    I still think Arsenal need some spine in the midfield. Xhaka and Ramsey are good work horses, Özil offers nothing in defence. We need a player that will be an opposing figure in the midfield. Should have got Wanyama last summer but N’Zonzi is available this summer.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      …ozil offers nothong in defence because in normal scheme of things he is not reqired to defend he is part of our artillery an offensive player – a mistake is to expect him to be what he is not.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Messi, Isco and Sanchez defend. An offensive player doesn’t need to defend like a defensive player, because of his position, but he is still required to be the first defender in the team.

        In Barcelona, the defenders are their first attackers and the attackers are their first defenders. Arsenal should have the same philosophy.

      2. ZA_Gunner says:

        That’s why Ozil is a luxury in a team like Arsenal. At Real Madrid he had top class players around him which gavemade home space and made life easy for him.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Holding doesn’t usurp Mustafi. Mustafi is a starter, Holding is a squad rotation player.

    Draxler could be Van Persie 2.0, due to his stature and skills. The problem is his playing style made him injured a lot, like Wilshere.

    Cuadrado has failed at Chelsea and he is not impressive when playing for Juventus. He is also 29 years old, whereas Arsenal is looking for Sanchez’s and Ozil’s successors.

    Golovin would be a bargain if he is available around ten millions. But I prefer proven players like Rafinha and Sergi Roberto.

  5. Waal2waal says:

    could be that draxler has been shown the exit much the same as we read giroud was shown the exit ? in that case he may opt to stay and play with neymar.

    we recently declared intention to trim the squad of what our fans regard is “dead wood” – so why then is mustafi suddenly in talks with inter milan? Rob is learning the role so its odd to talk of him replacing world cup campaigner mustafi.

    juan cuadrado is would be comparable to walcott only he has able to go past players which suggest he has better end product but why buy him when we could introduce r.nelson and by doing this we apply the old maxim that “if they’re good enough they are old enough’ – this young man plays without fear.

    aleksandr “goblin” one for the future. hopefully that future is somewhere else. we’ve assembled a team that already has communication issues so why compound matters by bringing golovin in?.

    *we say it repeatedly we need to see quality players come in and see a clearance of desd wood go out.

  6. Turbo says:

    Sign Draxler up pronto, please! Someone we’ve wanted for a long time available for a good price. This is the kind of transfer that should be a no-brainer but that we seldom seize for some reason.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      …then why did we buy lacazette if draxler is nreded? also why have retained giroud services? draxler aint coming anytime soon.

      1. Turbo says:

        Lacazette, Draxler, and Giroud can all make crucial contributions. Draxler would be especially valuable if Alexis leaves.

        1. Nine says:

          Draxler is not a striker. He is a combination of ozil and Reus!…

  7. Turbo says:

    …oh and keep Mustafi! When he is on his game he is rock-solid and exactly the kind of player we need in central defense.

  8. Arsenal1Again says:

    We have Chamberlain, Ramsay and Wilshere, Elneny, Xhaka. Draxler isn’t a step up enough over these players.

    One of them will hopefully fill Cazorla’s boots finally. They all have it in their locker.

    I feel the priority at the moment is Lernar or Mahrez, preferably the Leicester man because he is aready proven in the EPL.

    As for the defence, no way is Mustafi leaving. At most Holding is competition. With Gabriel possibly leaving it makes the Mustafi departure sound more absurd. Where would we get a replacement from with the transfer fee if Mustafi left? Especially being out of the CL.

    Speaking of any players leaving the first question is “Can we replace him in two weeks?” The fact Sanchez is being kept on the books despite the likelihood of him leaving on a free next year umderlines the situation.

    We need to sell players before we can buy and they are refusing to go, so there is that too.

    I can see Mahrez staying at his club if there isn’t an offer soon and so another wide forward is really the only player we can have in our crosshairs between now and September.

    Walcott and Welbeck are not players to rely on, Iwobi is doing OK but we need a guaranteed scorer. At least 15 in the league per season bare minimum.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Why are you comparing Draxler who is a winger and AM, to Eleny, Xhaka and Ramsey? Draxler plays up front of midfield

      Draxler would be a “step up” from Welbeck, Iwobi, Walcott. He would be ideal replacement for Alexis and Ozil if injured or rested too

      1. Arsenal1Again says:

        Well Arsenal_Girl I compare Draxler to these players because I’ve been a an Arsenal supporter since ’79 and know what I’m talking about.

        You and all the other morons who downvoted me don’t know that it doesn’t matter what position you think Draxler plays. We have Arsene Wenger as the manager and every REAL Arsenal supporter knows Arsene Wenger use every player out of position and those who are not generally have roles that limits their effectiveness.

        Ramsey is actually an AM, he has actually spent a lot of time on the wing too out of position. Wilshere is an AM too, so is Cazorla, but like Ramsey they find themselves playing in front of the defence – because we have Arsene Wenger as the manager. Fabregas was an AM too by the way and if you like, so was Denilson who Wenger kept playing as a DM.

        The DMs play as AMs, have you not noticed Xhaka’s forward role? Them having this role is not surprising since Wenger likes putting AMs there (see above) … and so why not have more defensive minded AM’s is obviously the logic of Wenger when buying the players.

        Maybe Alex Song the centre-half was before your time Arsenal_Girl, along with his stint as a DM playing as an AM.

        Wenger ALWAYS has at least one Centre-Half bombing through the middle as an AM too, Gallas was terrible at it, Koscielny is fortunately a bit more defensive minded but still, his role is to attack. Now we have a new defender in the team to also attack.

        Speaking about of defenders and Wenger’s obsession with players out of position, during that Champions League quarter-final at the Kop Wenger put Toure (centre-half) into the right fullback position that he has never played in before. Despite Eboue (an international right full-back) playing on the right Wing and this despite Walcott (an international winger) sitting on the Bench. Do you remember that Arsenal_Girl? What about the penalty Toure clumsily conceded because he’s out of position? What about Walcott being the best player on the pitch and scoring when coming on?

        So let’s assume you have realised by now how poor Wenger is at team selection, tactics, making substitutions and obsessively using players out of position – where exactly would Draxler play? You seem to think Wenger won’t DM like he does Ramsay and Wilshere. Sanchez being rested will infuriate him again like it always does, so using your logic that leaves Ozil’s position and um… Olzil is the best player in Europe in that position.

        If Ozil is injured then the best player at the club to stand in for him is Wilshere if available. Currently Wenger is trying to do to Jack what he did to Merse, Razor and other players I saw break into the first team from the youth ranks.

        You know Wenger sometimes forced Ozil to play on the Wing, right? So using your logic, Draxler who is on his third team since 2011 which he shares with good expensive players, a team that is now rejecting him …. is a step up on Walcott and Iwobi and Welbs because …. ?

        Draxler has no EPL experience and at best he will need to adjust to the physical side of the EPL, the pace and quality of the opposition. Giroud was the top scorer in the French league before he arrived here, so was Chamakh and have they managed the same performance in the EPL? Draxler has scored 4 times for PSG, all of the goals were in cups, none in the league. How is that logic working out for you so far Arsenal_Girl? Draxler has scored 27 goals in 6 years …. Walcott in the same period despite being injured most of the time has scored 73 goals. So no, Draxler will not be a step up over Walcott.

        How many Germans do you know who have lit up the EPL?

        Thanks for downvoting me, it shows the standard of so called Arsenal supporters on JustArsenal today, I’ve been dropping in here since the site started, when Pat was doing it all himself – before the Walcott worshipping Bob started helping out. I was also the moderator on the Arsenal board on for years which was the biggest Football forum in the World.

        1. Arsenal1Again says:

          So E V E R Y T H I N G => I said about Wenger was shown to be true against Stoke City yesterday, Bellerin playing on the left, Holding dropped, bewildered players wondering what the game plan is, our best finisher taken off the pitch because Wenger tried doing a substitution.

          Wenger management

          Bad team selection ✓

          Bad team selection ✓

          Players out of position ✓

          Pathetic substitutions ✓

          Blame defence for the loss despite him picking it. ✓

          Like I said, if we buy Draxler or any other player they will be out of position and just as clueless with Wenger’s idea of management.

          Still no additional signing either.

          ….. Because we have Wenger as the manager.

    2. Bigperf says:

      You need brain surgery

  9. Shark says:

    Gk: Next year.
    Defence: We don’t need to sell Mustafi, we need another CB to partner him and Koscienly. Gabriel can leave to Valencia, Chambers can go on loan, Holding can wait for his turn, Mertesacker can monitor them, Monreal should play as LWB and not LCB.
    Midfield: We need a WC DM that can tackle (a beast like Krychowiak ) and let Xhaka, Cazorla or Ramsey go front. Elneny and Coquelin are squad players and Wilshere is always on treatment room.
    Attack: Looking very good.

  10. mikki says:

    Mustafi is our second best defender in the team…..after kos I think the next person is mustafi….I love him a lot

  11. kieron says:

    I agree with @Linda above.
    Cuadrado I dont rate, Draxler I like but is he better than Iwobi or Ox? especially as hed have the pl switch to contend with, hes pretty light weight in terms of build.

    We need another sanchez type player whos so special than can win a game on their own:
    They are out there but the only way to get them is pay up big money which wont happen.
    If you consider 50m for Kyle Walker, (who admitedly is good at what he does) 32m in the current market for Draxler has Wenger all over even if Roger the agent says it wont happen.
    I still think Rabiot would be an amazing signing, hes tall a ball winner and also has some skills too.
    On Mustafi surely this wont happen!!
    I dont understand Gabriel yes okay fine but stop there.
    Per in my eyes cant be relied on this season and should last ditch cover if needed.
    Holding good, Kos good and even Monreal I’m happy with in the 3.
    But does this mean Wenger is relying on Kolasinac and Elneny as back 3 cover? if so why does he do this? I know he likes a versatile sqaud but every year he seems to make it his mission/project to convert a player from one position to another. Sometimes it works other times it goes horribly wrong.
    I did forget of course Chambers who as he’s young and home grown I’d like him to get some game time as Holding and Chambers together could be our future.
    Arsene come on surely you can get shot of Debuchy and Jenkinson for a start, I read nobody wants them on a free even due to their wage demands, crazy!

  12. antbadapple says:

    Draxler all day for me!

  13. Badenglish says:

    For me Draxler is better than Neymar. Youtuber, better defense, can’t play everywhere in the office and he is very serious professional because he is the German

  14. Badenglish says:

    Sorry my German Textprogramm changed my words. Draxler is younger, more serious, can play everywhere better defence. Neymar is a better showman

  15. Jan says:

    Draxler? Will never happen.
    Golovin & Cuadrado? bad players.
    Mustafi exit? I dont care as long we replace him with better player..Vvd maybe?

  16. BOBBY says:

    It’s Obvious That We Need An Agressive Central Midfielder And A Reliable Centre-Back To Partner Koscielny And Mustafi. But Let’s Be Honest And Realistic, Wenger Isn’t Gonna Make Your Dreams Come True. He Never Does What Is Right For The Squad. We Need A CB And A CM Much More Than Any Other Position Right Now(Unless Alexis Departs) But Wenger Has Priotised Signing An Attacking Midfielder (Lemar) Over Every Other Position. Draxler Is An Upgrade On Walcott, Iwobi And Welbeck, But We Don’t Need Him Right Now. In Defence, We Can Get Either Vandijk Or Alderweireld Who Has A 35mp Buy-out Clause And Is Stalling On A New Contract At Spurs. In Midfield We Can Go After Wanyama\Dembele Gueye/seri. Europe Is Filled With Guys That Can Do A Job For Arsenal But Wenger And His Failures Are So Blind And Ignorant That They’ll End Up Signing A Player Who Will Represent Nothing But Mediocrity. We Won’t Win The League Or The Champions League As Long As We Still Have The Biggest Dead-wood(Arsene Wenger) In Charge Of Proceedings.

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