Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Dybala, Benzema, Wilson, Bale

As we prepare to take on Manchester United tomorrow where we could all but seal third place, and a place in the Champions League group stages for next term, we are distracting ourselves with an insight into the latest Arsenal rumours that are doing the rounds.

Arsenal’s on-off transfer of Paulo Dybala now appears to be on once again, following Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri’s comments denying the deal was done. The Argentine is said to have been the subject of a £29 Million by our beloved club previously, but if you listen to the quote, he simply says: ‘he is not yet a Juventus player’, which tells me they are close, and we are not.

Karim Benzema is claimed to be on the market this summer, with Real Madrid keen to cash-in on the 27 year-old, and now the European champions are said to be hoping to bring Alvaro Morata back from Juventus in his place. The Frenchman is claimed to be admired by Arsene Wenger, but I don’t believe he would bring anything more to our current squad, and believe a move to Man United would seem more likely.

Arsenal are said to have joined Chelsea in the hunt for Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson. The 23 year-old has enjoyed a heavily impressive year in firing his side into the Premier League, and is now linked with a move to two of the biggest clubs in the country. I think this would be a realistic target for our club, although Wenger is a big fan of current young strike-options Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom, and he could opt to promote the on-loan pair instead.

Paul Merson told Arsenal they should cash-in on Theo Walcott and manufacture a move for Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale. The former midfield star claims Bale would fit in any club, and with the our club’s comfortable financial position at present, should invest in the Welshman. As much as I would love to see the left-winger bullying defences in our famous red jersey, we know Wenger doesn’t like to splash out the kind of money needed to bring him to the Emirates, but we can hope, cant we?

Would you welcome Bale despite his Tottenham history? I know the last thing we want to see is him playing for one of our rivals!

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    1. Just like Ronaldos return to ManUtd is rumoured every year, Benzema to Arsenal keeps coming back. The Bale-rumour however, is a bit more relative to reality, even though the chance of him moving to Arsenal instead of clubs who throw money around like they dont care is pretty low – if he moves at all (which i also think the chance of is pretty low)

    2. Dybala -> I would prefer a more experienced winger who is reaching their prime as opposed to an unproven youngster (one for £30m at that), because Gnabry is only 2 years younger, and I feel like he could be a big player for us in the future. A direct replacement for Theo (if he leaves) such as Reus or if Muller really is available for the measly £40m being quoted I wouldn’t take another look.

      Benzema -> For me, he’s just a slightly faster Giroud. Don’t get me wrong, he is quality, but I think our problem doesn’t lie in finding an out and out first choice striker, what we need is someone who has an entirely different dynamic to Giroud. I would go for a striker who has an eye for goal, who is nippy and agile, someone in the mould of Aguero/Suarez, preferably in the 23-25 year old range. Lacazette fits that bill perfectly.

      Wilson -> Honestly haven’t watched him to say anything regarding his style of play, but we’re talking about a Championship player here, I’d reserve judgement until he has proved his worth in the PL. If we’re not willing to take a punt on Danny Ings or Charlie Austin (who have actually done decently in the PL after amazing Championship seasons), why this bloke? It’s not like he’s knocked in a Messi-esque 50 goals.

      Bale -> Would be a massive sign of intent, but again this is dependent on whether we sell Theo. If he is available at the right price, why not? Even in his ‘dire’ season he has amassed more goals and assists than Hazard has had in his ‘spectacular’ one. Can play left, right or centrally, this could be the big one providing we do business in the NECESSARY places first. A welcome transfer in my eyes, but a very unlikely one.

      1. Agree with your Dybala summation

        Your Benzema one is A) Not giving Benzema his dues, he’s a level above Giroud and some B) “a different type” isn’t really the issue, a better quality is. How many would ask for a target man if we only had Suarez as our only ST? So let’s just get a ST who’s undeniably world class….Higuain for me, Cavani an option too.

        Strangely elitist view on Wilson “we’re talking about a championship player here”…yea well we were talking about a 2nd division french team with Koscielny so how is anyone ready to knock the championship? bloody good league after the top tiers in europe. Point is if he’s got the goods he’s got the goods.

        Bale….blah blah statement of intent blah blah NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Fifa 15 is the only place you’ll see Bale in an Arsenal shirt.

        1. I’m afraid I don’t rate Benzema as much as you do. He is better no doubt, but much better? The guy just about etches 20-25 goals a season and has some of the world’s best feeding him said service. A different type of player is the issue exactly, you named Higuain as a WC option – he is probably in between the level of Giroud and Benzema. Cavani maybe, but given his up-down form at PSG, £50m + £200k p/w in wages presents a massive proportion of our budget blown on a risk. Chelsea have Costa & Remy, is Costa WC? That’s debatable given the season he has had. Even Real Madrid loaned a striker in Hernandez, because he offers something different. I don’t think we necessarily need a 30-40 goal a season striker, I just think we need another striker capable of putting in 15-20 whilst Giroud puts in 20-25. I honestly don’t see any WC strikers out on the market, but there is potentially WC.

          Elitest view it may seem, but am I saying anything but the truth? Even Koscielny was constantly slated when he came and played for us in his first season or two. It’s no longer time to experiment with players like this – I’d rather take my punt on Ings who has at least shown he can transfer some of that Championship talent at the top level than someone who has shown promise in a lesser league (not that I particularly want Ings).

          Like I said, I don’t see the Bale transfer happening either, but I never saw the Ozil one too. Whilst £40m and £70m are different sums entirely, wasn’t £40m an extraordinary sum to pay when we were so used to the £10-15m mark?

          The Roman empire was not built overnight. So I don’t expect us to become a Barcelona in terms of attacking potential becuase thats a ridiculous aim. Giroud is a competent striker, and he just needs someone who can match that but in a different way. Our wingers and midfielders contribute to a large sum of our goals compared to other teams. I’d rather not be so reliant on 1 player and have him go injured to rely on a 5-10 goal striker who is not a sure bet of putting it in the back of the net. Just my two cents on the matter.

          1. Is that really your argument concerning Benzema? He’s scored 20+ 7 of his last 8 seasons….Giroud has managed that 3 times his career. Benz plays alongside Ronaldo, ask how Bale feels about getting goals in that side. We benefitted from Alexis coming out of Messi’s shadow and being liberated at Arsenal, if you think Benzema is only a slight improvement on Giroud you’re grossly overstating Giroud.

            Questioning Costa? He’s scored 20+ in his debut season in England so that’s a strange stance. Yes he’s world class. Real Madrid signed Hernandez strictly as backup to Benzema, nothing to do with looking for an alternative…when Benz is fit Hernandez is a professional spectator. Again, laughable you think Higuain is marginally better than Giroud, there’s a huge leap in quality you are massively exaggerating Giroud’s ability as a ST. Giroud is a very good ST, but the line is drawn there he isn’t on the same level as those mentioned.

    1. @True.Gooner
      Exactly. That sht still fks with me, Afobe is a beast.
      We need to get K-Dog (Kondogbia) though…

        1. True Goon.. i only checked YT videos i must admit but the lad is fast and he sort of reminds me of when i checked the old Walcott clips except for he is also strong a bit like Ox physique. So hes totally different type to Afobe and where some on here not saying if you could mould Walcott and Ox/Danny together you would have a top player.. this lad might be of a Ox Walcott mould.

          Purely hypothetical i know but does look an Arsene type acquisition but at 23 am not sure.

      1. I can see that you are keen on Benik Afobe and keep saying Wenger has made a mistake, but if 23 league goals split between Championship and League 1 is “beast” mode then you have to be consistent and consider the likes of Wilson, Murphy, Ighalo, Gestede, Deeney in the Championship or Garner or Henderson in League 1, they have all matched or exceeded BA in terms of league perfromances/goals – not hearing you calling for any of them. Maybe Benik is at their level and is why Wenger discarded him.

        1. @jonestown1
          I heard ya when you made this very same point before. But I find it quite irrelevant since none of those other players came from AFC’s academy. We got rid of a player that we nurtured, yet never gave a look into the 1st squad. We brought in players of lesser quality and are even putting our future hopes on them.
          If Afobe had been given the run of matches as say Sanogo, Campbell or even Welbeck, we wouldn’t be having the “we need a striker better than Giroud” conversation…
          Another thing most here fail to realize is, The Championship and League 1 can be just as demanding on players as Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie and the Bundesligue. Yet some value players from said Leagues in higher regard. I’ll never know why…

          1. You do make a good point but come on those European leagues you mentioned are full of International players and the second tiers are mostly where the non International players reside.

            1. @YingYang69
              But in everyone of those top European Leagues, most of those International players play for the top 2 or 3 teams. The rest of their respective league teams are mere cannon fodder, comparable to Championship or League 1 teams…

  1. Arsenal must extend
    contracts for our
    top players.

    1. Sell or let go: Flamini, Diaby, Arteta, Ryo, Sanogo, Campbell, Podolski.

      It pains me to mention the lovely Poldi in that group though – but his Arsenal career is as dead as Artetas chances of getting his first cap for Spain.

  2. We need to sign a world class goalie to stop the goals and a world class striker to score the goals. I think Wenger should sign Leno who has a 13 million release clause and is the future Germany goalkeeper alongside ter-stegen. As for a striker, I would love to see Lewandowski at the club but thinking realistically- Lacazette.

  3. Benzema will be a good addition for Arsenal as he can provide competition for Giroud, can allow for reliable rotation between the both of them at central striker position. I don’t mind too if Arsene Wenger can snap up a deal for Muller!

    Also, hail Bale if we sell Walcott!

    On top of this, perhaps a decent defensive midfielder like Schneiderlin or Kondogbia!

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