Arsenal rumours – Dybala, Martinez, Draxler and Carvalho

With under three weeks remaining in this season’s Premier League campaign, the news reel is in full flow with Arsenal transfer rumours. We don’t like to bore you with too much of it, so here is a small insight into the latest batch of speculation.

Palermo’s Paulo Dybala is definitely leaving his current club, if anything that Maurizio Zamparini (Palermo’s owner and chairman) says is true. The Argentine striker has been linked with a host of teams, with the club’s chief naming Arsenal as one of the clubs to have made an offer. His future is said to be settled in the next couple of weeks, but I would put money on him joining either PSG or Juventus. Full story here.

The Express has claimed that Arsenal have been given the go-ahead to sign Jackson Martinez, following Porto’s search for his replacement. The prolific goalscorer would no doubt bring competition to Olivier Giroud for the central striker role, but his agent has made it clear previously that he wants to move to Italy.

The same newspaper claims we are reigniting our interest in Julian Draxler, but why we would be willing to pay £30 Million after the disappointing 12 months he has just had, is baffling. He has shown he has an enormous amount of potential, but I cant see how his value can have gone up this year.

The Metro is claiming that we are trying to offer Joel Campbell to Sporting Lisbon, in order to secure the capture of William Carvalho. The defensive midfielder has been linked with a move to the Emirates for a number of years, but following Francis Coquelin’s emergence in the first-team, I’m not sure if there is a need for someone so similar.

Don’t get me wrong, we need a central addition, but more of a deep-lying playmaker than a defensive midfielder.

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  1. The only player that will improve Us among the lot is Dybala,what roll will Draxler play in the present set up? Can martinez play as the backboard the way Giroud did marvelously against Hull City that paved the way for excellent play of the players? Will carvalho fit into our swift defence to atack system? Which i doubt. I prefer we sign Schinederlin,lacazette. Just my opinion

    1. Agree on Dybala, but me my self thought he’ll be gone to Juventus as he settle life in Italy. We still need one more CDM as I think none of our current squads are ready or equal to Coquelin’s ability. Schneiderlin or Kondogbia might have the right answer.
      100% agreed on admin about the need of a deep lying playmaker. Santi Cazorla is alone for the job and despite we’ve Jack and Ramsey, those two are intend to run with the ball rather than to make quick long pass to trigger pacey counter attack. It’s a bit difficult to find out this deep lying playmaker style. My favorite is Ilkay Gundogan. Is Johan Cabaye also able to play this role? I’m not sure.
      These summer signings will determine our title journey. So, make it right Arsene! COYG!!!!

    2. How will Dybala improve us but not Draxler? Clearly you know zilch about Draxler, if we signed him the other managers would absolutely sh1t themselves.

      1. Agree. I won’t be swayed by his underwhelming season – the guy is a class footballer through and through. Perfect profile for Wenger, young, versatile, two-footed, pacey, technically brilliant and massive potential. Could do a job almost anywhere up front and has aspirations to one day play in the No.10 role. Predominantly used on the left at Schalke – a ready made Podolski replacement.He is a couple of years off being the next Reus imo. Also appears to be one of Ozil’s closest national team buddies. He was my “off the radar” pick in terms of who we may get this summer – the fact that he is being mentioned now is a bit worrying however – normally a bad sign with us.

  2. The only player that will improve us among the lot is Dybala,what roll will Draxler play in the present set up? Can martinez play as the backboard the way Giroud did marvelously against Hull City that paved the way for excellent play of the other players? Will carvalho fit into our swift defence to atack system? Which i doubt. I prefer we sign Schinederlin,lacazette. Just my opinion,

    1. Dybala or Draxler are both young and versatile. Could play anywhere across the front 4. Would be ecstatic if we could nab either

      1. I did mean grow into anywhere across the front four. Not initially. No way either would displace Ozil, Sanchez or Giroud as first preference in their respected positions bar injury in our current set-up.

  3. How about letting rosicky, flamini,diaby and arteta go and bringing in only aliex vidal from juventus and giving a chance to our young gunners like zelalan,jon toral and beilik? Vidal and sanchez will charge up out team. Also adding schnierdelin,Pedro and benzema would clearly make us top class. Let us give ospina one more chance. Getting defender like vlaar or Westham new zealander defender will be no problem.

    1. Was that a serious list? Vidal, Pedro, benzema, schneiderlin and vlaar? Come on man not even in fifa

  4. Draxler was injured this season. Partially torn tendon on his thigh, surgery occurred and he’s just starting to make his comeback. If it was ACL I’d say no way but thigh injuries are not insurmountable.
    Our interest in Draxler was pretty public the window we signed Ozil. A lot of creditable sources said we had a bid in the high 30’s rejected. I highly doubt we would’ve signed Ozil had the transfer gone through and the fact that Wenger was willing to double his transfer record on a teenager says a lot about how highly he rates him… I honestly believe he wanted to build around him.
    He seems a high risk, high reward player in the mould of Sanchez when i’ve seen him play and his CL performances have been incredible. Also incredibly versatile which Wenger seems to prioritize. I’d personally love to see him brought in, and if we are to move for him this window would be perfect.

    1. If wenger can get him playing with his back to goal and improve his movement he really reminds me of van persie and I think it’s hard to find those technical qualities he has with his frame. He’s played as a winger/attacking midfielder exactly as van persie had done earlier in his career

      “Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, who planned to convert Van Persie from a left winger to a centre forward as he had successfully done with star player Thierry Henry, said of his new acquisition, “He can play on the left side of midfield, as a creative player behind the main strikers or as a target man.”

      The german league I would say is even more physical than the dutch so I think he wouldn’t find adjusting that hard, but it took till henry’s departure in 07 for van persie to become a central striker. Draxler’s finishing already looks quite composed and his ambidextricity is akin to van persie’s if not better, I would love to see what wenger could do with him, the line up of draxler sanchez and chamberlain with ozil just behind could be deadly

  5. Arsenal has a huge squad.
    Ospina Szcz
    Bellerin Debuchy
    Gibbs Monreal
    Mertz Gabe Koz Chambers
    Coquelin Schneiderlin
    Ramsey Wilshere
    Cazorla Ozil
    Wallcot Ox Gnabry Sanchez
    Giroud Wellbeck New Striker?

    Res. Podolski Campbell Sanogo Diaby
    Arteta Flamini Rosicky Ryo Wellington? 9

    Youth. Martinez Hayden Bielik
    Crowley Zelalem Niles Toral Akpom 8

    Total 40 !!!

    Who will be Released/ sold/ loaned?

    1. My honest predictions.
      Podolski, Campbell, Ryo, Rosicky ( 🙁 ) and Flamini, Toral sold or no longer at the club.
      Definite loans for Akpom, Zelalem, Hayden, Wellington.
      Possible loans dependant on who else is brought in for Gnabry, Sanogo.
      If Jenkinson is moved on Chambers kept on. If not one of the two will be loaned out.
      Arteta will be kept on with limited appearances with the intention of moving him in to a coaching role.
      Lastly Diaby will be kept at the club for a fraction of his former wage. A squad player if he can find fitness.

        1. Szcz might want game time.
          If Theo is on the bench
          here paid 90k might as well
          sit on the bench at City
          and get paid 150k like Sagna.
          Might be worth cashing in on
          Cazorla now 15 mill rather than nothing next summer.
          Wilshere will get injured so logic says take the 25 mill now
          but the emotional fans are saying he’s our boy and he played well
          v a useless tired Hull for 15 mins.

          1. Ergh… I tried David. I tried to have a rational convo.
            Theo – Blew his ACL. One of the worst injuries an athlete can have. Absolutely zero reason to rush him back when the league was all but wrapped up and in the form the current XI was in. It’s the same fans calling for his sale who were saying cash in on Ramsey start of the season. Ridiculous.
            Cazorla – No response… Doesn’t deserve one. Actually f#@k it. You claim we don’t show ambition in the market but then claim we should ‘cash in’ on one of our best players this season? how does that work?
            Wilshere… 25mil? Errrrr no.. Just no. Not for sale. His injuries this season haven’t been muscle related. He’s had the better half of a season to condition with a newly improved medical staff. The kids gonna be a star.

  6. Draxler has gone up…

    this shows that getting injured and warming the bench can improve a player

    1. He’s gone down.. His previous evaluations were closer to 40mil, which we were reportedly willing to pay

  7. forget about William Carvalho.Coquelin is better.Also bring back Jenkinson who is now officially the fastest player in PL.He is far better than Chambers , can also play at CB and DM as well.

    1. Personally I think Chambers has more potential upside.
      Purely as a RB I think Jenks will be better, but it’s so hard to evaluate Chambers while he can play in so many positions. He’s like Ox and Jack. Hard to really picture where their final position will be

      1. Jenks just has more pace I know people would disagree with me but he hasn’t improved like everyone has been saying. Id take chambers he seems like he’s gonna be a beast CB

        1. I like Jenks and he looks a good fit at WH. But anyone who has watched him will tell you it hasn’t been plain sailing and he has had a few shockers to go with his better performances. Chambers is a better all round footballer and is not competing ultimately for the RB berth. His CB outings were decent for a 19 year rookie – he will become a very decent CB in my opinion.

    2. I would take jenki all day long.
      You wonder what is the best position for chambers.he is too slow for rb.not technical enough for dm and seems clumsy at cb.
      At least jenko is a real rb.

  8. Anyone dat hav actually seen carvalho play wud know he is highly overated, slow n not a great passer

  9. I dont see y chambers should play RB or DM, he was rilli gud wen he played CB early season, n he is english (the produce rilli good central defenders) he shud be groomed by the experience of bould per n lorient…trust in few years he just myt be englands best CB

  10. Sell arteta flamini diabi walcot sanogo podolski

    Loan campbell akpom hayden gnabry jenkinson bielik zalelem

    Buy morgan reus cavani

  11. These are all good rumours. Of course one or none of them might materialise. But I am relaxed for the first time in a long time about transfers. Just keeping this group together will be our biggest triumph during the window. And if we manage to get a solid defensive midfielder and an equally solid striker, one couldn’t ask for more. And then we can take our time and decide on what to do about Ospina’s back up. If Wojer leaves, we can promote martinez or get a Begovic or some solid goal keeper willing to be number two.

    1. The fact we haven’t been linked is surely a good sign don’t you reckon Fred? A young French hot-prospect – we can be sure Wenger already knows what he eats for breakfast, what bands he listens to, his favourite colour and his inside leg measurement.

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