Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Icardi, Gustavo, Isco & Chilwell latest

The Premier League has crowned a new champion in Leicester City this week, which is likely to lead into a hugely active transfer window.

The Foxes will be keen to keep a hold of their impressive crop, but N’Golo Kante and Ben Chilwell are believed to be likely departures.

The young defender is now claimed to have told his club that he wants to join Liverpool this summer, which will come as a blow to Arsenal, who tried to sign him during the previous window.

Another target is said to be slipping away also, with Jose Mourinho claimed to have first dibs on talking to Isco this summer. The Real Madrid midfielder is linked with the exit door, but I’m hoping that he would much rather Champions League football over a reuniting with his former Portuguese boss…

One former target who is believed to be on the move is Luiz Gustavo, who we are said to have tried to sign in 2013. The Brazilian is believed to be keen on an exit, and may well be offered the chance another chance to join our beloved club.

Mauro Icardi is also tipped to head for the exit door in the coming window, although the Inter Milan captain has previously ruled out such a move. Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United are also believed to be keen on his signature, but Arsene Wenger is believed to be a fan of the star.

We know that we need a new striker, and there are very few top quality strikers out there, and I’m not overly sure that the Argentine forward would be able to fulfil his potential in the Premier League.

I don’t think Icardi will leave regardless, and don’t actually believe we will land any of these players. Isco would be a nice addition but should we take Ozil, Sanchez or Iwobi out the starting line-up for him?

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  1. Why is Wenger going for has beens ? I don’t want Gustavo because he’s already won it all and won’t have the same motivation as the likes of Kante, Xhaka or Krywochiak. And don’t believe every transfer rumour because it’s a ploy for Arsenal fans to renew their season tickets. The Isco rumour sounds like a joke because he was about to join City before Madrid came calling and after seeing the way we failed to challenge for any trophy this season he would choose to play under Guardiola over Wenger.

    1. dont know many WC players will want to play for a team whose owner has flatly said he’s not too interested in winning trophies.

      OT: seeing today a chart of all the salaries of EPL managers (pochettino on 2M, ranieri was 1.XM) made me think about wenger’s famous value for money quest: that he only wants players that represent good value. pity he doesnt apply that same principle to his own salary.

      i’m worried about his legacy now. it’ll be clearly divided into the time when he did a lot, and then the 2nd epoch when he did almost nothing (2 FA cups over 12 years). he’s really hurt his legacy by refusing to let go of his 8M [and all the power he has at AFC]

  2. I believe Webger does want Kante, he went into great detail of the lad, knew of him since a ten year old boy. I think he’s a little sick that he didn’t listen to his friend, who raved about the lad. Kante is 25, so he was doubtfully pulling up trees before his prem move. He has looked awesome on the backfoot, I’d say he’s a similar player to Coq but better, looking at this season.

    I read a few rumour articles which bugged me a little. Higuain is said to be chased by Che now aswell as manu. That mourinho one for Isco. Conte after Manolas now too. City want Alexis. There were a couple more hijack rumours. I know it’s all probably BS but if these clubs are targeting the same players as ourselves, I can only see one outcome. I know we have CL football to offer, or should have it. However, money talks, with agents pulling the strings.

    1. Wenger simply must buy another defensive midfielder, especially as he seems to have lost faith in Coquelin lately, and Flamini and Arteta will be gone. I want Kante and a striker or two

      1. And that’s the real question we all have to answer. It’s hard to be Arsenal fans these days.

  3. Oh, it has started again, I mean rumors and rumors. We will bee linked with every known striker in the world. I really don’t know who feeds these rumors. Is it a trick to lure fans to buy season tickets? Nothing will change till some drastic changes are made at the top level. we will once again have a average team, will have a dramatic run in the middle of the season, then get beaten by average teams and at the end glorifying ourselves for making it in top four.

  4. The transfer talk has already started wow. saw Robbie on arsenal fan tv talking we should buy kante and mahrez in the summer.First of all Leicester has just won the league, why would their top players want to leave for other team when they could play champions league with leicester. I think only barca real or Bayern can tempt those players away from leicester, they would give at least a year to the club, but season after that they will move onto other club depending on their form next season.As for arsenal transfer i wouldn’t want to listen to rumours as most of the times these rumours are just utter garbage.i want a certain rumour about Wolfsburg signing giroud to be true.Anyways if our idiotic manager has some sense left in him after an embarrassing season he should get a premium striker which the club needed for past 4 years.He need to put his ego aside and his old philosophy of waiting for players to develop.We need already established players in every department of our team.Penny pinching has cost us just pay the damn money get the players.I get the feeling next season is going to be harder and we have less chance of winning cause man city have had 2 seasons without premier league and guardiola is gonna bring more quality and hunger to that team. chelsea already have an advantage as they will not play in Europe and they will invest regardless.And ofcourse we will play for 4th place trophy as usual. Wenger’s last summers transfer policy has screwed us for at least three upcoming seasons.Get him out as soon as possible.

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