Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Iturbe, Schneiderlin, Martinez and Dybala

As the season starts to wind down, the transfer mill is picking up speed at a rapid rate, so I have rounded up a few rumours to tell you about.

Arsenal are said to be ‘ready’ to launch a £22 Million move to bring Roma winger Juan Iturbe to the Emirates this summer. Liverpool are also believed to be interested, but in reality, unless we are looking to sell any of our current crop, a winger is the last position we need to strengthen.

We are also said to have agreed a £15 Million deal for Morgan Schneiderlin to join from Southampton, with the Secret Footballer having previously claimed it was a done deal also. The Frenchman is a top player who I would love to see come to the club, but I find it hard to believe that a deal has already been agreed.

Porto striker Jackson Martinez has stated that he will be leaving his current club this summer, so of course that means that we could be set to sign him for £40 Million, although his agent has made it clear previously that he wants to move to Italy, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.

Last but not least, Paulo Dybala has been linked with a host of top European clubs, and his club president Maurizio Zamparini has named us as having made an offer for his signature in recent weeks. The public eye is not something Arsene Wenger normally likes involved in his transfer activity, and that could well hamper us moving forward for his signature. Zamparini said his sale would be complete by the end of the month, but his destination is still unclear.

I would love to see the Saints midfielder come in to play a key role for us next year, and I must admit that the hype created by Zamparini has got my attention, and I would quite like to see Dybala live up to that hype at the Emirates. Who would you like to join? Who do you believe is most likely to join?

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  1. Schneiderlin and Arsenal look destined to be, I would be massively disappointed if that doesn’t go down and he leaves for another top team instead.

  2. REALLY hope we sign schnederlin and Dybala. I would sell walcott rotate Dybala and Oxlade on the right next year and then wen Giroud gets too old he can go main striker.

    1. really hope we can get Cavani, Isco, Reus, Gundagan, Draxler, Hummels, Bender Bros and Varane….

      We can release Walcott, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Sanago, Diaby, Poldi, BFG, Ryo, Gnabry, Zalelem and Rosick….

      they are hardly contribute to the team this season anyway

      1. i agree hafiz…
        we should use fifa 15 purely for scouting purposes. sell everyone and buy only the highest rated players or the ones who develop best in your career mode!!
        Either that or the most impressive highlight reels on youtube… Who needs players who don’t score impressive goals. Tap-ins?? nah no way, i’m sure you could score them!!!

        You’re right lets release Wilshere, Walcott, Gnabry and Zelalem.. Players who have been at the club since a tender age. They’ll never be any good!! It’s not like players like Bellerin and Coquelin have proved how valuable our young players can be this season.. Lets just get rid of them all!!!!!

        And FFS let’s Axe Giroud already!! Falcao, Balotelli and Cavani!! Let’s get them in already! Who cares if Giroud scores more goals than them??? What’s a goal anyway??

      2. Wake up dude! You’ve been playing FIFA 15 too much!
        Did anyone notice that Santi expressed his regard to comeback to Spain in the future? I strongly hope he will retire at Arsenal, but we’ve to prepare his successor. We’ve Jack on his spot, but we can’t rely on him due to his injuries problem. And so, only one name pop in mind, ILKAY GUNDOGAN! He and one more CDM who has Coquelin bad ass characteristic should be our top priority this summer if Arsenal wants to retain our salivating attacking style into next season. The CDM (I admit that I loose taste on specific name after Coquelin emerged) could be Schneiderlin or even Kondogbia.
        Striker? I hope we sign a different style from Giroud, besides we have Wellbeck as deputy target man. So, Dybala will be welcome.

        1. It would be great if Santi did… but a desire to finish your career elsewhere is different to the club you want to succeed at while in your prime. He’s the kind of player who will be playing till his late 30’s and by that stage there’s Jack, Zelalem Gnabry, Ox and Crowley who i dare say a minimum of one of those names will be playing a similar big role in midfield. (I know it’s not the best to hype youngsters.. but crowley with the ball at his feet is quite dazzling at times..)

          We have so many different options for striker I highly doubt Wenger will go for a pure striker (Like Higuain, Cavani or Martinez) and the versatile attacker in Dybala looks destined for Juve which is a bit of a shame but understandable for a player so young.
          Wenger does seem to rate Sanogo highly… And with all the players who have emerged and had break-out seasons lately who knows.. He may see something a lot of us don’t!
          But i personally think it we are to sign a marquee attacker it’ll be someone versatile who can fit our style of play.

      3. Yeah sounds reasonable…. And then we can register half of the new guys in a FFP reduced Champions league squad…

    2. Why bother with Scniederlin,we have excellent players in the squad his games with Southhampton have been ordinary so far and at 26 next season Wilshire will be just as good + he is English. Remember the team has not had the best of playing together. And Wenger Knows best am looking forward now to the games left to see if he is right. CB

  3. I hope we get Klopp, Klopp >>>>>>>>>>>>> Wenger 🙁
    I want Wenger gone 🙁 I hope we miraculously win the epl and the FA so Wenger can go in peace and honour like Ferguson did.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. I agree Pi we should get Klopp.
      Despite being a very rich club
      over the last 7 years
      Arsenal has failed to win the EPL
      or make the ECL final.
      In the same 7 years Dortmund won
      two Bundesliga titles and made the ECL final.
      Thats a very high strike rate.
      Arsenal lost top players
      Fab ,RVP Clichey Toure Nasri
      who won titles else where.
      Titles are not part of the Arsenal DNA any more 🙁
      Klopp has not won the Bundesliga for
      3 seasons so steps down.
      Wenger could manage Arsenal for the next
      500 years and not win a big trophy but never be replaced.
      Does Arsenal want to remain a small club for ever or what?

      1. Haha David so all i’m getting from this is you prioritize instant success over longevity and competing at the highest level consistently…
        Sure a title would be nice. But if the following season mid-season we had no hope of finishing top-4 and our main goal was finishing above Spurs and Liverpool purely for bragging rights you’d be whinging like a 5-year old who’d spilt her ice-cream…

        No Klopp, No CL, smaller budget, what do you think Dortmund’s chances of retaining their top players and attracting talent will be next season??
        If we were in that position it’d be ‘bye-bye’ to our best players, with more Chamakh’s, Gervinho’s and Squilacci’s like you constantly feel the need to remind us of on a daily basis on the way in and we’d never hear the end of it…

        Small club?? We’re second in the table, hopefully will retain the F.A. Cup and there’s only really one other club in England who can claim to have had a more successful campaign than ours so far.
        You say ‘ohh look at Klopp’ and yeah i’m a big fan. But i’m looking at Dortmund and it’s going to be mighty tough for them to get back anywhere close to the CL or title.

        1. we should get Klopp….

          Klopp is a world class manager that guarantee titles and successs….

          lets get Klopp

          Wenger OUT!!

          1. you know…
            other than this season where he’s had to step down at a club because their season has been that disappointing?
            is that your definition of success?

            1. Its not really about Wenger
              v Klopp its about securing
              a top manager for the future.
              Klopp at 47 is 20 years younger than Wenger.
              He played top flight football has managed for 14 years the last 7 at Dortmund winning titles
              and playing a grand brand of football.
              Young experienced successful passionate.
              That sound like what we need.
              Wenger is 65. Yes Sir Alex was 70 when he retired
              but Sir Alex was winning titles through his 60’s not Wenger though.
              Its about weighing up your options and for me
              Klopp is a damn good option and he’s available.
              We let Ronaldo Yaya Toure and Ibrahimovic
              slip through our fingers. Lets not make the same mistake with Klopp.

              1. Sir Alex and Klopp also had the financial backings of their club to be successful in the transfer market but more importantly hold on to their star players. A few exits and key injuries to key players and Dortmund were in relegation for a large portion of the season.. And that was WITH heavy investment over the summer.

                People whinge and moan about Wenger but the fact is he kept us a top-four club through a period of transition with a mid-table budget and the sales of our top players as a result. A few seasons retaining our top players and some star additions and we’ve moved from 4th to 2nd and are looking a solid favourites for consecutive F.A. Cups.

                IF Wenger was retiring, Klopp would be one of the first names i would love to see as his successor. But as you seem a fan who’s main concern is top honours and completely disregard anything other than winning the league or CL. I’m incredibly sceptical and how patient you would be throughout a most likely couple of seasons transition.

              2. Oh damn now it’s on to youth players we missed out on??
                If they were injured at all before their 20th birthday at all you’d be suggesting we release them so who cares…

                1. @ josh

                  I agree I can’t stand this worshipping of klopp. He’s not as good as everyone is making him out to be. I’ve actually heard from some bvb fans that they thought klopp was going to get fired at the end of the season but they obviously respected him to much to publicly fire him and I can kinda believe it

          2. @Hafiz
            Careful what you wish for…..The EPL is not Bundesliga or Serie A, not at easy for managers without EPL experience.

  4. Lets see what happens in the summer! But i wouldn’t mind us bringing dybala and schneiderlin to the emirates in summer transfer window!

  5. Love to have both Schneiderlin and Dybala.
    However, I think only Schneiderlin is realistic among the players listed in the above rumour mills.
    I don’t see Wenger buying any winger even if Walcott leaves. Ox and Wellington are the future owners of the wings.

    1. i do see Wenger buying wingers…

      if we could sign quality wingers to strengthen the team…why not??

      Sterling, Reus, Draxler, Isco are quality wingers which we need….

      we dont need anymore Wingers, ACM and CM yet Wenger grant the fans wishes and sign Ozil and Sanchez…

      we need to spend and sign quality players and strengthen the team

  6. 25 man squad.
    Ospina Szcz
    Bellerin Debuchi Gibbs Monreal
    Mertz Kos Gab Chambers.
    Coq,Ramsey Wilshere Arteta
    Cazorla Ozil Sanchez Chamberlain Gnabry
    Wellbeck Giroud Akpom

    Buy 3 players.
    Schneiderlin, B2B ?, Reus.

    Martinez, Hayden, Bielik,
    Niles, Zelalem, Crowley, Graiciar.

    Flamini Diaby Rosicky
    Ryo Podolsky Sanogo Campbell.

    1. Why do you want Rosicky???? He should retire at Arsenal. he is still a class player that never gets old! I hope he is still here till we lift the EPL title

        1. yes hes old ageing and do not have the legs anymore…..

          he hardly play and contribute this season anyway….

          we dont need another deadwood or pensioner

    2. Wenger said 95% will be the same which means only one player coming (maximum 2). I expect Schneiderlin will be that one because we need proper cover for DM and because he can challenge for a CM place as well.

      Rosicky is staying, Akpom/Gnabry don’t count for 25 man squad, you didn’t include Walcott, Campbell and Sanogo (even Bielik) will probably slot in as well or at least go out on loan in the PL.

      I expect Podolski, Diaby, Flamini to all leave but it’s not guaranteed.

  7. Dybala and Schneiderlin hands down as replacements for Podolski and Flamini. Dybala can play as a winger or a striker while Schneiderlin can play as a defensive midfielder or a central midfielder. Versatile ball players and right up Wengers’ alley.

    1. dont like how dybalas agent and his clubs president is turning this into a blatant bidding war.
      reminds me of the eden hazard transfer. the difference?
      eden was already winning player of the year awards.

      1. Eden was winning POTY awards in France.. Serie A has quite a bit more talent this year than when Hazard was destroying the french league.
        I do agree though, the agent pimping him out’s a bit of a turn off. But a lot of it is down to the club as well being very public about the sale months in advance, obviously trying to get the most for their most valuable asset… Sort of out of the players control.

        But there’s a big difference between media speculation and the club’s speaking openly about our interest and offers. According to Schalke we offered them roughly the same fee for Drax as we did for Ozil before Ozil was available.
        We were very uncharacteristically open about our desire for him as a player… I personally think the bundesliga’s where we’ll do our shopping if we are to bring in a marquee attacker.

  8. I’m so confused on where Schneiderlin will play?? He’s a defensive midfielder sure, but you really think he’s gonna replace coquelin who has been just as much of a beast? No way. Also we have too many midfielders and there’s no way Ramsey ozil cazorla will be on the bench instead. So unless coquelin and Schneiderlin rotate (would be useless) considering they’re top players then I don’t see him coming. Maybe get an old defensive mid to cover for coquelin and can retire when beilik is ready. Also I don’t think we’ll get dybala, we have enough wingers and atm a great forward and solid back up in welbeck. Not to mention akpom will be a beast in 1-2 years. And to people saying we need a LB, wtf are you talking about? We have 2 great ones in Monreal and Gibbs!

    1. Ramsay Ozil and Carzola will be benched when neccessary….that shldnt be a prob…

      Coquelin and Schneiderlin can rotate….around 20 games each…to keep them fresh…

      we do need a LB….Monreal at 29yo is ageing and soon will not have the legs anymore

  9. Iturbe is known as the “New Lionel Messi” but his stats don’t reflect this. He scored 1 goal this season. Anyway, do we need another winger?
    If we did get one, I’d prefer Reus, Draxler or Shaarawy.

    We all want Schneiderlin. I will be very happy if we got him. Alternatively, Kondogbia, Sven Bender, Gustavo, Carvalho.

    I wanted Jackson Martinez two years ago. He has been Arsenal fan his whole life BUT now at 28 he is NOT worth £40 million. We should go for Lacazette or Dybala.

    If we got Schneiderlin, Reus and Lacazette I would run in the streets naked. But getting Scneiderlin and Dybala I would still be extremely happy

    Wenger take out the wallet and make it happen please

    1. The way it seems to be heading i doubt dybala will be the option we get.. His comments always suggested he wasn’t completely for playing abroad. He’s still young, knows the Italian league and Juve looks likely.
      Plenty of talented players may be available though. Schalke and Dortmund have no CL to offer their top players. Dortmund’s in shambles.. If ever there was a window to go for the likes of Reus or Drax I think this is the one…

    2. We need Santi’s alike to keep our recent attacking style. And he’s ILKAY GUNDOGAN. One more CDM that has Coquelin characteristic will be require too. We must have depth squad at this “hart section” to sail seasons. The CDM colud be Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, or else.

    3. Iturbe has been underperforming like crazy. He’s got great attributes but he’s sucked all year at Roma.

  10. Wenger did say that 95% of our squad will remain next season, so not sure how many will leave this summer, coming to signing players, I am a firm believer that it has to do more with the style of play that the club has, rather than a player himself, so standing by my faith I think Schneiderlin would be a perfect fit for us and since Silva now, has the right to play, we might see him play for us.

  11. for the right wing let us not forget that wellington is now elligible to play for us and im sure Arsene will give him a chance next seaason, that means we wont go for iturbe

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