Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Kolasinac, Gaya, Lacazette, Bellerin exchange

The season is nearly over, and with Spurs pretty much handing the Premier League title to Chelsea last night, it makes sense to look partly at the coming campaign.

One player who has already been claimed to have agreed terms with our club is Saed Kolasinac, but the latest reports claim things are not completed. We have supposedly offered him a £119K a week contract to try and tempt him to join on a free transfer from Schalke this summer when his contract runs out.

We are also claimed to be targeting another left-back in Jose Luis Gaya, who has been excelling at Valencia this term. but Man City are also believed to be interested, and his fee may also be inflated by his contract which has three years to run. He would be an exciting addition if we could make it happen, and Kolasinac would not have to spell an end to this deal, with both Gibbs and Monreal failing to impress this term.

One player we may face strong competition from is Alexandre Lacazette, who is now believed to be eyed by Atletico Madrid. The Spanish giants are claimed to be leading the chase, and are willing to meet Lyon’s valuation, which could leave the Gunners struggling to bring in the needed striking addition come the summer.

One player linked with the exit door this summer is Hector Bellerin, and Real Madrid are the latest name to be thrown into the hat. The Galacticos are claimed to be trying to tempt us with a swap deal involving Danilo, but with Hector under contract until 2023, we have no need to sell.

Should we further our interest in any of the above? Has the Ox taken Bellerin’s first-team role?

Pat J

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    1. Wow hold on there brother, 119K for a Left Back or any other player is a lot of money even Mancity or Chelsea may not offer him that kind of money.

      1. @ Quantic Dream
        Don’t forget that his a freebie ?? so his wage demands will be a lot higher than normal.

        1. Xhaka has recently started to follow Kolasinac on Twitter, so there’s a clue that he will be joining us.

    2. Stupid endless of obnoxios pile of horse crrap wenger would pay that ridiculous amount of salary to unproven player while rejecting to break his stupid socialist bolllllocks structure to keep sanchez?

      Wtfff? If you can rid 140k useless walnut and combined that with this kolasinac dude, almost 300k that sanchez demands.

      I am so angry right now.

  1. – Kolasinac : Maybe Arsenal will get him.
    – Gaya : I don’t think Arsenal will be willing to spend millions for him.
    – Lacazette : Too many competitions to get him and I don’t think Arsenal will be willing to spend more than fifty millions for him.
    – Bellerin : If Real Madrid are willing to pay twenty five millions for him, he can go.

    Keown already said that Arsenal need a midfielder that is able to dictate the game. I think Arsenal need more midfielders like Cazorla, Isco, Modric, Rakitic, Mousa Dembele, Yaya Toure, etc. Also defenders with good technical abilities that can help Arsenal build the attack from the defensive line.

    I wonder why Arsenal are not looking for players that can dictate the tempo and build the attack from the back? Instead they always look for players with strong physical attributes. Players like Sigurdsson, Joe Allen, Mahrez, etc are still available.

    1. Mahrez is world class…we should pay the 45m

      Same for Joe Allen a very pacy player 35m wld be a bargain

      1. Himself and Ozil can pick dandelions when Alexis Oxlade Coquelin and them are trying to win a match. Or they could rest their precious little heads on the bench until the opposition agree to allow us to play a “fluid” game.

  2. Halt rounding up transfer rumours…..
    The only players we ever gonna sign under Mr. Potato Head are “mediocrities”
    We are a sham!

    1. What evidence of this please?

      Wenger has signed many top players and Alexis himself said it was Wenger who convinced him to join us.

      Wenger isn’t perfect and there are better managers than him out there, arguments to sack Wenger undermines itself when the argument includes BS!

  3. You never know which rumours to believe if any, esp Arsenal rumours. I’d be very surprised if we offered Kolasinac that money, Bellerin who we are trying to keep from Barca and who’s been with us for years isn’t even on that money. Not sure if Koscielny or Mustafi are on much more than that, I wouldn’t think Mustafi is getting that.

    Lacazette, I’d be very surprised again if that Madrid rumour is true. Not saying he won’t go there but I believe he will speak with everyone and weigh up his options when all the football is over as he comes across as that type of lad.

    The Gaya rumour I believe. He’s young and exciting and that is prob why I believe it. I prefer to have a little more experience in defence but like they say ..if their good enough etc.

    Gotanidea, where are you going with your 25m?? Sure City have offered 50 and Barca have offered 35 and are expected to make a bigger one.

    1. His a freebie, God Dammit ?? so it’s normal for his wages to be higher than most.

      1. Good spot, forgot all about that, and you’re right, it makes a huge difference.

  4. Mbappe looks set to join Real Madrid for 100 million euros ?
    The club has already held talks with the players parents who are also his agent.
    Munich to offer £50 million for Sanchez and Ozil has had work done to his front drive, which supposedly indicates that his not moving from his London home lol

    1. Ozil must go…..cant see us wining the title with him even with a new manager

      He doesnt defend or press…and this will cause xtra stress and burden on other team players..which will burn them out

    2. Maybe ozil has had work done to his driveway to add value to his house before putting it up for sale ? ?!!
      If RM want Bellerin ,Danilo and Isco straight swap would sound better to me .wishful thinking but if you dont ask you dont get…it worked for me at the discos in the 80s lol !

      1. lol ?? Disco Wafflebury Dan, I bet you talked their ears off? Anyways, the 80’s clubs were mainly full of the shag for a fag ? kind of slags ?? back then you were considered a playboy if you had a packet of 20 B&H ??

        As for Ozil’s drive, I doubt that he is money motivated, otherwise he’d be off to China, along with Chelsea’s Costa. ?

        1. wasnt there ears i wanted to talk off !…and imagine what was possible with a soft pack of 20 marlboroughs and a mk2 capri !!!
          I still think both ozil and sanchez are off…so isco and reus as replacements…isco in midfield and reus in the treatment room lol

      2. 80s was best era after the 60s. 50s seemed a bit cool but a bit weird too, I liked the way the woman dressed though, they looked like them gals off the truck flaps like a figure 8. The first two were great party eras, love and rebellion.

        Had an autographed Charlie George poster above my locker, a big human sized one, he looked like he could party with the best of them.

        1. Am now worried about you…most guys had either a picture of wonder woman or olivia newton john in those tight black slacks on their wall in the 80s…but i did have a curly perm ffs !

  5. We don’t know 100% if the manager will still be there in a month’s time (Although let’s face it, it’s looking 99.999% likely, which is not good news)…. We don’t know what’s happening with the “Director of Football” idea… We don’t know if our best / Most high profile / Most sought-after players will still stay (Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin)… We don’t know what’s intended with the supposed “£200m war-chest” or with “Strengthening the squad” (We’ve heard that one before!)… We don’t know what dead-wood and perpetually injured players will be cleared-out to make room in the squad… Will we be playing Europa League next season?….

    Let’s face it… Any speculation on transfers (Especially those regarding genuine top-quality players) is just pie-in-the-sky at the moment. It’s going to be a long & painful month Gooners!

  6. Breaking.. ??
    Utd to offer 45 million + the 3 points in tomorrow’s game for Ozil ????

    1. Good one. Can we offer wenger for free plus mints to be their DOF and the boss of jose?

  7. Belloti, Mahrez, Kolisinac, Isco,Gueye,Van Dyke, and a new manager and we can win everything. Sell the deadwood Giroud, Ramsey, Bambi,Wilshire,Wallcot,Debuchy and Montreal not that he is dead wood just getting old raise $80-100mil and a $140,000,000 mil investment and we can win everything. Any manager other than Wenger can win the league with the player I have mentioned up top combined with players left after the others I mentioned are sold.

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